How to set up auto-delete unpacked ZIP archives on Mac

If you often download various archives in ZIP format from the Web, be aware that sooner or later they will take up a significant amount of space on your Mac. What to do? There are two ways – choose the time and manually remove unnecessary “zips” … or automate everything once.

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By default, macOS unpacks downloaded ZIP files into the same folder, but does nothing with the archive itself. And absolutely in vain – after all, in 99% of cases, after unpacking it, we no longer need it and only wasted precious disk space.

Fortunately, in the settings of the corporate Archiving utilities Apple has the ability to configure auto-deletion of unnecessary files.

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How to set up auto-delete unpacked ZIP files

1. Enter Archive in the Spotlight search bar (the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen).

In the results of the issue you will see Archiving utility… Open it.

How to set up auto-delete unpacked ZIP files

2. From the menu bar at the top, select Settings or press ⌘Cmd +, (comma) on your Mac’s keyboard.

3. In the settings window that opens, pay attention to the item After unzipping

How to set up auto-delete unpacked ZIP files

In the drop-down list, select the preferred option for actions with the archive: move to Trash or delete.

How to set up auto-delete unpacked ZIP files

The first option is suitable for cautious users who admit that, in theory, their archives can still be useful later, and would like to reserve the right to make mistakes. The second option is ideal for those who are 100% sure that they no longer need the unpacked archives. In this case, the archive will be deleted immediately, bypassing the Recycle Bin, and it will no longer be possible to access it.

In case you are using an old client, for example Keka, but in the settings of most of them, there is also a similar option.

How to set up auto-delete unpacked ZIP files

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