How to put stress in the plural of some words: 30 common options

Sometimes we laugh at foreigners who confuse the cases of Russian words or misplace the stress. But in our language there are many words that cause difficulties for the speakers themselves. As a result, we do not always correctly interpret the meaning of words, and in ordinary speech we use them incorrectly, including because of the stress. Let’s become a little more literate and learn how to correctly use some words in their plurals.

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Creams or creams

That’s right: creams.

Using this word in the plural, he tends to put the letter “a” – “cream” at the end. But this form is wrong. And even if the “Wiktionary” asserts that in professional speech there is a non-standard variant, dictionaries and encyclopedias do not agree with this.

Directors or directors

Correct: director.

Gathering directors or directors together? In fact, it is not so difficult to remember the correct spelling of this word. You just need to contact its derivative – the directorate. And then it will immediately become clear – you need to put the letter “a”.

Addresses or addresses

Correct: address.

If we are talking about the place of residence or the location of some institution, then the word should be used exclusively with the letter “a” at the end. However, Kuznetsov’s Explanatory Dictionary also speaks of the only exception – “addresses” may appear in case of congratulations or written greetings. However, in modern Russian it will be difficult to find such a combination of words.

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Agreements or contracts

Right: contracts.

By itself, the correct formulation of the stress in this word already causes a problem, and what its plural will be is an insoluble mystery for many. Meanwhile, the Dictionary of the Difficulties of Pronunciation and Stress in Modern Russian says that only contracts are concluded. It is preferable to use this option both in correspondence and in official speech. In conversation, we often use the word with an “a” at the end. This is perfectly acceptable, but only within the framework of vernacular.

Workshops or workshops

True: tséhi.

Despite the fact that in the conversation we most often mention the workshops, the rules prescribe the plural ending “and”. However, the dictionaries do not completely prohibit the other form, in some cases it is also acceptable.

Text or texts

Correct: texts.

On forums and social networks, you can sometimes find the slang word “text”. But Dmitriev’s Explanatory Dictionary uniquely defines the correct spelling – texts. It is worth listening to linguists and using this word correctly, besides, intuitively, this form is also obvious.

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Tenors or tenors

Correct: tenors.

The correct spelling has to do with both the characterization of the voice and the singers who own it. But in some dictionaries one can also find the popular variant of “tenors”. Still, most sources recommend using the shock “a” version.

Wires or wires

True: depending on the meaning of the word.

Remember the correct spelling and pronunciation of this word will help the phrase: “In the army, wires are cut off.” With its help, it becomes clear where a mistake can be made and how to avoid it. Yet “seeing off” is a completely different word.

Housings or enclosures

True: depending on the meaning of the word.

But with this word, everything is far from so simple. If it is used in relation to the body or shell of something, then the letter “s” must be put at the end. If we are talking about some buildings or structures, then in the plural they will sound like “building”.

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Cables and cables

Correct: cables.

The appearance of an error in this word is explained by a lack of understanding of the correct setting of the stress. But it should be put in the same place as in the singular (cable). It will be difficult to pronounce “cable” with the stress on the first syllable. With this in mind, it’s easy to figure out what the right option would be.

Trump or Trump

That’s right: bubbles.

If you often use the word “trump”, then it may seem natural to you the letter “I” at the end of the word “trump” in the plural. But dictionaries think differently – the only correct option has the ending “and”.

Camps or camps

True: depending on the meaning of the word.

Even if you enter the phrase “children’s camps” in the search engine line, we will be offered a huge number of options. The computer does not consider this spelling to be wrong. But you can remember the correct version with the help of a phrase with numerous “I’s”: “In the summer, all the children go to the seas for children’s camps”. And “and” is allowed by the rules in the spelling of the word in the meaning of “socio-political group or trend, direction”.

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Filter or filters

Correct: filters.

Some people still ask in stores for “filter” for one purpose or another. But this is a completely misused use of the word. If there are many filters, then you should put the letter “s” at the end.

Vectors or vectors

Right: vectors.

The correct spelling of this word will be helped by the constant stress in it, which is also preserved in the plural. As a result, it will be rather difficult to write “vectors”, which forces you to use the correct option – “vectors”.

Holidays or vacations

Right: vacation.

When it comes to vacation, many do not even think about the correct ending. But the plural of this word is also sometimes formed with an error. In order not to do it, you need to remember the funny phrase: “How longing tormented – go on vacation.”

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Chefs or cooks

That’s right: the cooks.

For many, the wrong form of the word – cooks – looks natural. But you need to remember the correct spelling of the word – cook. It is these people who prepare food for us.

Passports or passports

Correct: passport.

For a long time, the variant with the letter “s” at the end was considered quite natural. But today this form is frankly outdated, so practically no one writes or speaks. And the plural of an important document will be with the letter “a” at the end – “passport”.

Age or ages

That’s right: ages.

Love for all ages. Does anyone really want to say “age”? But in colloquial speech there is also such an option. But in this word the stress does not change depending on the number, which helps to choose the correct form, with “a” at the end.

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Bodies or bodies

That’s right: bodywork.

Both options seem perfectly valid, but most often dictionaries recommend using the option we mentioned. The word “bodies” cannot be considered unambiguously erroneous, but we want to make our language cleaner, for which it is recommended to resort to the literary version.

Sniper or snipers

That’s right: snipers.

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about well-aimed people or real professionals, at the end of a word you need to write the letters “y”. And this unchanging stress on the first syllable will help to understand.

Dispatchers or dispatchers

That’s right: dispatchers.

You can pronounce “dispatcher” only in informal conversation, this form is generally unacceptable. And the only correct option is “dispatchers”.

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Accountants or accountants

That’s right: accountants.

The form with the ending “a” is often found, but is colloquial. If the word is used in official documents, books or articles, then it must end with “s”. It is better to get used to and pronounce the dictionary version.

Passes or omissions

True: depending on the meaning of the word.

It seems that with this word it will be difficult to make a mistake, nevertheless it occurs constantly. If we are talking about some kind of document that provides an opportunity to go somewhere, then we need to say “passes”. In case of skipping classes or some things, you must use “omissions”.

Ham or hams

Right: hams.

As soon as you hear that you are offered to buy hams, then you should know that the seller is illiterate. There is no such word in nature. But the hams can be purchased, besides, the word is used without error.

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Counties or counties

Correct: districts.

Districts met for a long time, today this form of the word is no longer used. The “Russian Spelling Dictionary” clearly states that it is necessary to use it correctly with the letter “a” at the end and nothing else.

Tones or tones

True: depending on the meaning of the word.

It seems that the word is simple, but its plural is quite difficult to form. If the tone is related to sound, then the letter “s” should be put at the end. But in the case of using a color as a shade, then it is necessary to pronounce and write with “a” at the end.

Means or funds

Correct: means

If the word facilities used in the meaning of “income”, “funds”, “savings”, then this noun has only a plural form. The vowel sound of the first syllable is stressed.

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Farms or hamlets

Correct: khutorá

A farm is a settlement, consisting of one or more houses. When this word is changed in plural cases, the ending is stressed: khutorA, khutorOV.

Professors or professors

Correct: professor

The correct option is “professor A.” The “profEssory” variant was in use about 100 years ago.

Waves or Waves

Correct: both options

The word “waves” refers to those words in which the stress is variable, that is, it can fall on different syllables.

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Editor or editors

Correct: editors

The word “editor” currently has two meanings. A person doing editorial work and a program in which you can edit anything (music, lyrics, photos, etc.). Maybe it would be wise to fix two forms in dictionaries: “editors” (programs) and “editorA” (people), but so far only one option “editors” remains correct.

Sectors or sectors

Correct: both options

Both options are considered correct, however sectors more literary, it is considered the main one.

Tractors or tractors?

Both are correct

Both options are acceptable, but the “tractor” is considered the main one.

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Boats or boats?

Right: boats

Networks or networks

Correct: sit

To figure it out, you can pick up a word that is morphologically similar to the given one, and decline it. In this case, the stressed syllables will match. For example, the pair of words “net – death” is successful, but “net – children” is not, since nouns refer to different declensions.

So: (what?) Network, network; (what?) NETWORK, NETWORK; (what?) NETWORK, NETWORK; (what?) network, network; (what?) NETWORK, NETWORK (outdated network); (about what?) about networks, about networks.

And it doesn’t matter at all whether we are talking about computer, fishing or electrical networks. Unfortunately, some dictionaries are already beginning to recognize the stress on “and” – “in the network” as the norm. But this sounds as ridiculous as “in my death, and I ask you to blame Valentina K.”

Goose or goose

Both are correct

According to the orthoepic norm of the literary Russian language, in the word “goose” the stress can fall on both the first and second syllables.

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