How to pin Safari tabs on macOS

Only in 2015 with the release of OS X El Capitan browser Safari learned how to do a wonderful thing – pin tabs with interesting web pages. However, unlike the same feature in Google Chrome, in Safari this function works a little differently.

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How to work with dockable tabs in Safari on Mac

Right click on the tab – a context menu with the item “Pin tab“. How to pin Safari tabs on macOS

You can fix a tab by dragging it to the left of the line. To unpin a tab, drag it to the right.

Pinned tabs appear in any Safari window and do not disappear even after closing the browser.

Content syncs across windows (including video).

To unpin a tab, right-click on the pinned tab and select “Pin Tab” or just drag the tab to the right.

How to pin Safari tabs on macOS

As is often the case, Apple took an already well-known function, built it into its product, and at the same time came up with several simple but very convenient scenarios for its use for the user. As a result, tab pinning literally took on a second wind.

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