How to pin and unpin a WhatsApp chat

While using WhatsApp, you may have many chats, but only a few are important. In order for the necessary correspondences to be constantly visible, they must be fixed in the chat list. Moreover, this process itself in Android and iOS looks a little different. Pinning a chat on WhatsApp is pretty easy anyway. We’ll show you how you can do this on iOS and Android.

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How to pin WhatsApp chats to iPhone

To pin a WhatsApp chat on iOS, do the following:

1. Launch the WhatsApp application.

2. Scroll through the list of chats to the desired correspondence that you want to pin.

3. Swipe right across the chat line.

4. Click the “Anchor“.

How to pin and unpin a WhatsApp chat

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How to pin WhatsApp chats on Android

If you have an Android device, you will need to follow these steps to pin a chat to WhatsApp:

1. Open the WhatsApp app.

2. Scroll down to the chat you want to pin.

3. Press and hold your finger on the chat you want to pin.

4. A pin icon will appear above the chat list, which should be clicked. You will see the message “Chat is locked” if the operation is successful.

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What happens when you pin a chat on WhatsApp?

When you pin a chat on WhatsApp, it automatically rejects being pinned at the top of your conversation list. But you can only pin up to three separate chats at a time.

A pinned chat is marked with a pin.

How to pin and unpin a WhatsApp chat

After pinning the second chat, it will appear above the previously pinned one. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not provide the ability to manually reorder the list of pinned conversations. As a result, the desire to form a certain order will force you to play a little with pinning and unpinning chats. If you immediately know which specific three chats you want to place at the top of the list, then add them there in reverse order.

The WhatsApp client has the ability to customize notifications for both pinned chats and unpinned chats.

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How to unpin a WhatsApp chat

If you need to unpin a WhatsApp chat, then repeat the instructions above, but at the final step instead of “Fix” click “Unpin”

How to pin and unpin a WhatsApp chat

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