How to make an emergency call to emergency services using Apple Watch

The media periodically reports that the iPhone has once again saved a person’s life. Fortunately, Apple’s smartphone not only serves as a means of communication, but also allows you to call for help if necessary. If you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need emergency assistance, but you can’t get your iPhone in any way, you can use your Apple Watch.

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How do I call for help (make an Emergency Phone Call – SOS) using my Apple Watch?

To make an emergency call, iPhone must be near Apple Watch.

In order to make an emergency call, you need to press and hold the button on the side panel of the gadget until a slider appears on the display. Drag the slider “Emergency call – SOS»To the right and the watch automatically dials the regional emergency number (eg 112).

Panic Button (SOS) on Apple Watch
Then Apple Watch will contact the subscribers added to emergency contacts (see below) and notify them of your current location (a message indicating the location). If location services have been turned off, they will turn on automatically.

When you change your location, Apple Watch will send updated data to emergency contacts.

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Activation of automatic dialing of the Emergency call – SOS (without the need to move the slider)

You can call the rescue service using a smart gadget without touching the corresponding slider. To do this, you need to press and hold the side button (after the sliders appear, you need to continue to hold the button), and the Apple Watch will begin a countdown, after which the device will dial the emergency number. However, if circumstances do not allow a beep to draw attention to yourself, use the slider without beep.

Panic Button (SOS) on Apple Watch Emergency call (SOS) on Apple Watch, or how to make an

If suddenly you accidentally pressed the emergency call, first tap on the screen, and then confirm “Hang up“.

Panic Button (SOS) on Apple Watch

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How to turn off the automatic dialing of Emergency Call – SOS by long holding the side button of Apple Watch

In order to turn off the countdown when you press and hold the side button, you need to deactivate auto calls. You can do this in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Go to the application, click on “My watch“And select”Emergency call – SOS“And deactivate the option”Hold the side button to call“. Although the countdown will be disabled, emergency calls will still be possible.

Emergency call (SOS) on Apple Watch, or how to make an

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How to add an emergency contact

1. To add an emergency contact, go to the application “Health“On your smartphone, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and go to the section”Medical card“.

Emergency call (SOS) on Apple Watch, or how to make an

2. Press the button “Edit” and scroll to the section “Contacts in case of emergency”

3. Tap + to add an emergency contact.

4. Select the contact you want and enter your personal relationship.

5. Press the button “Ready” to save changes.

Emergency call (SOS) on Apple Watch, or how to make an

Up to 3 SOS contacts can be added to the Medical Card.

You cannot add emergency services as an SOS contact.

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