How to learn to read 5 times faster and better remember what you read

Reading is one of the most important human skills. And … unfortunately, undeservedly forgotten in recent years. We “scan” the texts, and do not read them in the full sense of the word – and we do not remember well what we saw. And according to statistics, one in four American adults in 2016 did not pick up a book at all!

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Today it is generally accepted that reading is spending too much time, it is easier to watch a video. But reading does not have to be slow at all – there is speed reading, with the help of which anyone can read 5 times faster and memorize what they read better.

For example, the average adult learns about 300 words per minute – and those who have completed special training are already 1,500! The first will read a book of 100,000 words in 5.5 hours, the second in just 50 minutes. The first will read 1.27 books per week, the second – 7 books. For a year, the ratio will be 66.18 against 365! As they say, feel the difference.

Usually speed reading is taught in courses and from books, and it takes a certain amount of time (several months). But you can increase your reading speed right now – for this, it is enough to clearly follow the tips below.

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1. Try popular speed reading techniques

If you want to study speed reading more deeply, check out Oleg Andreev’s fast reading technique (traditional, “book” version) or Spritz technology (you can learn directly through the browser. Russian language support is available).

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2. Always start with content

How to learn to read 5 times faster

Few people read the table of contents before a detailed acquaintance with the book – and completely in vain. Why? Because the content is your roadmap for the book. Those who own the speed reading method do not try to read and understand every word – and knowing what the chapter is about prepares their brains to receive information.

Plus, if you read the table of contents, you’ll know which chapter is about what. If you have a specific challenge, you just skip the chapters you don’t need.

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3. Always read with a goal in mind.

How to learn to read 5 times faster

Don’t read “just like that”! After you understand what the chapter is about, formulate the question you need – and look for answers to it. With technical literature, I think, everything is clear anyway, but in the case of fiction, you can always start with the question “what is the author trying to tell me?”

The brain will immediately start looking for answers to the questions posed. As a result, the likelihood that you will find the answer and that you will remember it (the answer) will increase.

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4. Understand the author’s point of view and do not be distracted by links

How to learn to read 5 times faster

Scientific literature most often contains a lot of links to other works. The author quotes and refers to the works of “senior comrades”. Don’t get carried away with links beyond measure – more often than not, you just need to understand the author’s point of view, and not track how he came to it. It’s like eating – your job is to satisfy your hunger, not to eat all the cool foods from the fridge.

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5. Never read aloud or to yourself (in your head)

How to learn to read 5 times faster

Reading aloud is a great way to get young, novice readers interested in this process, and nothing more! If you continue to read everything aloud or speak everything that you read in your head, you will read VERY slowly! With these methods of reading, the brain has to do more work than usual – “seeing” the words and trying to make out what we are saying (and we do not always speak and hear perfectly). As a result, all this negatively affects the reading speed.

Fast reading is like enjoying the view of the entire garden, and not every single flower in it.

Reading word by word, sentence by sentence is like taking a magnifying glass and looking at some detail in a painting for half an hour. Yes, you will see the whole detail – but you will not see the whole, the big picture.

This opportunity is just what speed reading gives you. With it, you will see the whole picture or the entire garden with flowers – and you can get more out of the ideas that you grasp while reading. Plus, you’ll be able to read more books – and become much smarter. And let the rest watch the video :).

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