How to learn to make a decision so you don’t regret it later

Forks are constantly encountered on our path in life. They give you the opportunity to make a certain decision and change your life, or leave everything the same. We change partners, work, place of residence, lifestyle, clothes, and even our body. Unfortunately or fortunately, it remains a mystery – how could life change due to a different decision?

And does he exist, that very ideal and correct path? Psychologists advise not to hope for the right decision and not to wait for the right moments. You just need to evaluate your choice in terms of potential benefit or harm. You can give five tips that will help you not to miss the chance of your life and pay attention to it.

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There is no perfect opportunity

People often wait for the right moment to do a certain thing. However, everyone has their own idea of ​​the ideal. You can draw an analogy with the work of abstractionists, in which each viewer will find something close to himself. Is there an ideal moment or opportunity? Even speaking about the work and its conditions, people will name their different criteria. First, you need to understand for yourself what exactly the right decision is and what clear definitions it has.

When it comes to employment, then you can ask questions of workload, involvement, payment. It may turn out that the ideal job in general would seem to be caring for exotic birds on distant islands in the ocean. Psychologists believe that if the given chance is at least 60% in line with the given criteria, then it is worthy of consideration. In other words, if, for a decent payment, they invite you to look after the birds at the local zoo, you should agree, and not wait for the perfect offer.

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Define the limits of possible freedom

Life decisions tend to change the way we are used to. We can reassure ourselves that the change is clearly for the better, but it will also cause discomfort. So, dream job offers most likely implies maximum immersion in it. But will there be time for your family? Making the right decision can lead to frustration. To prevent this from happening, when choosing a job, it is worth identifying the following priorities:

  • distance to home;
  • wage;
  • type of occupation;
  • the degree of employment.

For each item, it is worth setting some framework that you do not want to break. This will make the decision easier. For example, a desired job should be half an hour away from home, a salary is needed at least $ 1,500 a month, live communication with clients is of interest and there is no fear of overworking until late. A clear definition of the boundaries for each of these points will allow you not to waste time considering inappropriate options. They violate the established framework of freedom and are not able to become the right decision.

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Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity – create yourself

Only in fairy tales a kind wizard suddenly appears to the heroes and fulfills all their wishes. In life, patiently waiting for your chance for an ideal job or for the right partner will most often lead to nothing but disappointment. It is worth getting up and taking steps towards your dreams. Have you always dreamed of becoming an artist? Why not get some brushes and an easel and sign up for a painting course? You can try to exhibit your work at least at small or avant-garde exhibitions. If you want to find your soul mate, then you should make friends of the opposite sex, go on dates and meet. This is more likely to achieve a result than simply waiting for a person whose image is a puzzle assembled from fantasy.

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Listen to your body’s signals

We may not always be aware of certain perspectives in the brain, but our body will already give signals of erroneous actions. So, sleepiness, weakness and fatigue do not necessarily indicate a busy work schedule. It is likely that this is a signal from the body about an inappropriate occupation for it.

On the other hand, if the relationship develops and the work is enjoyable, then the body will feel better. We have all experienced slight tremors and pleasant impatience before starting a new phase in our lives. This can be compared to the joyful anticipation of a child who will have another birthday tomorrow.

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Start small

Often people are waiting for a chance at something big, which will make them dive headlong into an important project. But before you get involved in the work of your whole life, you should first study it and start small. If you want to become an artist, you don’t have to try to create huge canvases on the whole wall. To prove yourself, you can start with small sketches, miniatures, portraits. Studying the intricacies of the skill will allow you to understand future steps towards the desired goal. If, at the very beginning of your journey, you are guided by high expectations, then this can only cause pain of disappointment.

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