How to know if you are wasting your life: 13 signs

As a child, each of us dreamed of becoming a person of an unusual destiny. It is no coincidence that most of us imagined ourselves now an astronaut, now a traveler, now a famous singer. It must be said that, alas, few people manage to realize their childhood dreams.

But these people can say with confidence that their life is a success, and it is exactly what it was initially imagined. The rest have turned into ordinary salespeople, managers, engineers … We hardly think about the fact that our lives are wasted. It is difficult to admit this even to yourself. Here are some signs to help you recognize this.

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Spend a lot of time on unnecessary things that you don’t need to do

If you take a serious look at our life from the outside, you can find many unnecessary things in it. These are computer games, surfing the Internet, watching reality shows, sitting with friends in front of the TV. Everyone will have their own, and not small, list of such activities. But it is on them that we spend most of our time. But is it beneficial from a global point of view? Can these deeds improve our lives? How do these activities affect the future? If there are no answers to these questions, then you should think about your studies and either give them up partially, or give them a specific meaning.

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You complain too often

If you listen to those around you, then each of them has too hard life and work. People often share this by complaining about everything around them. Who among us doesn’t like to share our problems with others? Some have irregular working hours, others have an oppressive boss, and still others have low wages. People complain about neighbors, children, relatives, social services … But doing this is wasting your energy on negative emotions. This cannot change the state of affairs. Concentrating on the negative leads us to a dead end. It is worth putting in order your attitude and more often talking about what you value in your life, what you like about it, and not vice versa.

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No stress on the brain

Graduation from school or university should not mean the termination of studies and development. A personality frozen at one level is a sentence. Stagnant water builds up dirt and plants proliferate. The same will happen with our brain, which will not be in a state of activity. There is always something new to learn, even at work. A new challenge will help mobilize your mind and broaden your horizons. There are many interesting entertainments that will help even an adult not to degrade. These can be intellectual games and quizzes, work on articles, thoughtful reading of serious literature.

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Having a lot of negative self-talk


All of us talk to ourselves from time to time. But this tool is capable of both improving the quality of our life and finally breaking it down. It’s no coincidence that Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, or think you can’t … either way, you’re right.” You can convince yourself of the lack of talent in getting a new position or organizing your own business. It will be true. We do not have time for ourselves when we assert about the lack of strength to change our lives. Any thoughts turned to themselves become reality. It is worth keeping an eye on this. After all, our life is a reflection of what is happening in our head. The general situation invisibly adjusts to our ideas about it.

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Lack of inspiration

Many people bitterly report that they have no interest in anything. In fact, this does not happen. Each of us likes to do something. You just need to look around and discover your interest and what can excite and inspire. And then it will be possible to devote more space and time to this in your life.

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Lack of plans for the future

You can often hear calls: “Live here and now, appreciate the current moment!” Nevertheless, it will be useful to review the near future in order to understand the direction of its movement and development. Without purpose and plan, we are like a boat swinging aimlessly on the waves of the ocean and relying on the will of fate. Nobody knows where it will take it. You can only hope for luck. But in the case of a person, this cannot be done. We have to act step by step according to a predetermined plan. This is the only way for sure and you can find yourself in the desired place. And if a motorist is guided along the track by his GPS-navigator, then plans for the future can become our internal compass.

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Waste of time with people who are not helping you grow

It is not so difficult to immerse yourself in the environment of people with whom you can spend time pleasantly. Just what does it give us? Do we feel better, do we grow from such communication? Staying with them is like wallowing in a swamp. In the best case, it will be possible to remain at the same level, and in the worst case, the quagmire will tighten deeper. Such people can be considered energy vampires. They take our energy, but they do not give anything useful in return. It is worth finding a company of growth-oriented people. Being with them will help you grow as well.

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Strong phone addiction

The capabilities of modern smartphones are truly amazing. For a couple of decades, this could only be dreamed of. We were lucky to get such cool gadgets that can become assistants in many things. But more often than not, smartphones are a convenient way to take our time. Yes, surfing the Internet with them, watching movies, social networks is very convenient. But it is worth considering – how much of our time do we spend on this gadget? You can dig even more – the phone also affects your personal life. We pay attention to the screen even while eating, without communicating with our loved ones. This happens to many of us. Phone addiction interferes with live communication and making plans for the future.

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Waste money on useless things

useless things

The task of marketing is to convince us that we want to purchase this or that product. But do we really need him in reality? There is a big difference between what is desired and what is required. Even in kindergarten we are taught this, but modern life with its own cult of consumption has successfully blurred the boundaries.

Increasingly, people live on credit, showing off fashionable gadgets. But are they needed to achieve true goals? In fact, there is not much in life that we really need. The basic things are: food, water, shelter, love. The rest are bonuses to this. It is worth reviewing your spending and changing the direction of spending. Perhaps, instead of another gadget, it is worth investing in your education and future?

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Lack of sleep

You don’t have to be a certified professional to understand the importance of sleep in our lives. A quick overview of the Internet will give you a wealth of information on this topic. Good health is impossible without quality sleep. Most often, we complain about the lack of time for a rash. Sometimes it even forms a habit of sitting up late to work or walking until dawn. It is worth taking a closer look at your lifestyle and changing it for your own sake.

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Lack of caring for your own body

Morning work-out

The state of health is influenced not only by sleep, but also by the food we eat, as well as by physical activity. This will hardly be a revelation for anyone. A balanced, moderate diet or diet, along with even and regular exercise, is very important. They directly affect the overall well-being and psychological background. Think about what you eat and how active you are. Perhaps this part of life should be slightly adjusted in order to clearly improve it.

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Permanent stay in your own comfort zone

The comfort zone is called this way because it is simple and pleasant to be in it. We go to the same establishments, eat the same dishes. It’s not about the fear of trying something new, we just like the habitual choice. This is also a comfort zone, but not so important. Take a bigger look at your life. Is there enough risk in it? Moreover, it can be both reckless and calculated. Non-standard decisions and actions can be fatal. That is why the risk should be calculated in order to minimize possible negative consequences through a balanced plan. But only risk will allow you to hit the jackpot!

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Live a life you don’t like

The measure of our success is the level of happiness. If you do not fully experience this feeling, then you need to change something in your life. Does it have enough pleasure and a sense of satisfaction? Only with them will life be really interesting. Without enjoying everything that is happening around, you will not be able to fully feel the taste of what is happening. Small changes in life can clearly make life better.

With a certain probability, some of these points apply to you. You should not despair over this. It is in your power to change your life. And it’s worth starting by giving up the idea that this is impossible. The main obstacle that stands in our way from time to time is our thinking. It is worth changing your attitude towards life, and it will definitely change for the better!

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