How to improve immunity: the main rules that work

Winter is the time when people’s immunity weakens most of all. And now, in the era of a pandemic, health issues are becoming especially relevant. Our immunity is the first to fight infections and viruses. The result of a difficult battle largely depends on the state of the body’s natural defense system, in which life may even be at stake. However, it’s not worth talking about the importance of immunity once again – this is generally known information. But where does it hide and form? The TV says something about the intestines, someone thinks the lymph nodes are responsible for it … In any case, the immune system must be strong.

Advertising constantly tells us about miraculous drugs that can improve our immunity overnight. But scientists propose to trust not magic, but boring, but effective measures.

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How can you improve immunity?

Thinking about immunity, one must understand that we are not talking about a single organ, but about the whole system. And this is not a system of organs, but their complex interaction. It is believed that the work of the immune system is much more complicated than even the cardiovascular system. Our body’s defenses are formed at the cellular level. Whatever the advertisement claims, science has never been able to find a magic herb or create a pill that directly improves immunity.

But years of research on this topic has generated a lot of valuable information. Experts have come to a simple conclusion – a healthy lifestyle in itself helps the formation of strong immunity. It remains to understand what exactly is called this most healthy way of life. In fact, eight commonplace rules define it.

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Quit smoking

vape with nicotine

This bad habit is therefore bad because it forms a permanent inflammatory focus in a person’s mouth. The immune system constantly spends its resources on it. It is no secret that smokers are generally more susceptible to diseases, including such serious ones as tuberculosis. But there are many other unpleasant moments, most often smoking is associated with cancer. The reason is simple – the habit of inhaling tobacco affects the immune system. Quitting smoking will immediately increase the body’s defenses.

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Give up alcohol, or at least do not abuse it

refuse alcohol

Scientists have long figured out the role of alcohol. This substance is known to suppress tumor-fighting immune functions. This increases the risk of colon cancer and bowel disease. If you have a natural fear of cancer, then alcohol consumption should be limited – do not destroy your anti-tumor immunity.

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Eat more vegetables and fruits


Once you’ve quit smoking and drinking, it’s time to rethink your diet. Eating only fruits and vegetables seems boring, especially since we are not talking about exotic goodies. You can include garlic with ginger and lemons in the diet. Of course, vegetables alone will not go far, but making them a side dish for white meat is a great option. In addition, fruits and vegetables are known to help the body withstand vaccinations better.

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Pay attention to sleep

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This simple recipe for boosting immunity is also enjoyable. Get in the habit of getting enough sleep. If you are constantly sick: then your head hurts, then your throat, the reason may be in a bad dream. Studies show that people who are well-rested at night even tolerated the flu shot better than those who do not get enough sleep.

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Go in for sports

womens fitness

Sports can help you in several ways. It is common knowledge that athletes do get sick less. Exercising will help bring sleep back to normal, and it is very important, as mentioned above. And overweight athletes are hard to find. And obesity will be discussed further.

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Maintain a healthy weight

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Fat isn’t just funny wobbling creases on your belly or sides. This tissue also covers the internal organs, but most importantly, it produces hormones. Even if they are few, but they sometimes underlie the inflammatory processes in the body. Excess weight puts a strain on the immune system. As a result, he fights not only with external factors, but actually with the organism itself.

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Be less nervous

Yes, it’s hard not to get nervous when life is raging around, and the news is often bleak. Nevertheless, you should take care of your emotional background. If you feel that what is happening around you begins to overly affect you, switch your attention: read a book, calm down. Thus, you will give the body additional resources to build immunity.

Stress hormones actively attack the immune system. You should not give the world around you the opportunity to influence your health with simple news. We must learn to relax and let go of dark thoughts. And this is a very effective way to maintain immunity.

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Avoid infections


This advice will not directly help improve immunity, but it can save it. And the proposed measures are simple: to make timely vaccinations, wash hands, ventilate rooms, treat teeth and other places that disturb you, do not eat questionable foods. You yourself can determine your weak point and protect it from viruses, this will reduce the burden on the immune system.

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