How to hide a number in Telegram

The Internet is a global network that is built on the exchange of information. It is not surprising that the issues of its safety and confidentiality are gradually coming to the fore. The largest companies are doing this, promising users to keep their data from unauthorized access.

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Privacy is gradually becoming the cornerstone of most Internet services, which is why Telegram is actively involved in this issue. New functions constantly appear in this messenger, which are aimed at ensuring the privacy of its users. First, the developers made it possible to delete any messages, and then they allowed to block their transfer in part or completely. Not so long ago, another interesting function appeared – to hide the user’s phone number. Not sure how you can do this? We will help!

Telegram emphasizes that it does not provide the Russian authorities with confidential information of its users and does not provide an opportunity to associate a user’s name with his phone number. Nevertheless, many still link the phone to their account. First of all, it simply makes it easier to register with the service. And this approach helps to strengthen the security of the account, using two-factor authentication. But you probably shouldn’t show your phone number to strangers.

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How to hide a phone number in Telegram

1. To hide the display of the phone number associated with the Telegram messenger account, you need to start the client itself and go to it “Settings”

2. In the section “Confidentiality” go to tab “Phone number”

How to hide a number in Telegram

3. In this window, you can select those who can see your number. It can be generally all Telegram users, only your contacts, or no one at all.

4. Here in the section Exceptions you can add those who can always see your number or never at all.

How to hide a number in Telegram

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Who can even see your Telegram number?

Only in the summer of 2019, thanks to the next update, Telegram got the opportunity to hide a user’s phone number. Nevertheless, it will not be possible to completely hide it from everyone. If someone already knows your phone number, they can still see it. But you, in response, will also be able to see the phone numbers of other users, if they are present in your address book.

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