How to find compass bearing on iPhone

Active recreation in nature has recently been very popular, more and more people prefer various activities to the banal consumption of cholesterol and alcohol. At the same time, most of such entertainments or competitions (hike, quest, competitions in the technique of hiking) imply the ability of the participants to navigate the terrain. In addition, this knowledge can help preserve life and health in an emergency.

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The easiest thing he can do Compass app for iPhone Is to determine the direction to the north. Many people who have not encountered the problem of orientation naively believe that, if necessary, they can easily recognize the cardinal points by the moss on the trees or the sloping side of the anthill, but in practice this is extremely difficult to do. As for the compass on your smartphone, it will easily point you in the right direction if, before entering an unfamiliar forest or mountain range, you at least glanced at the map out of the corner of your eye.

The second important function of the compass is to determine the bearing. In theory, azimuth is the angle between north and toward the target, in practice it is a specific direction indicator. Below we will figure out how to determine the azimuth using a map and how to subsequently move along it using an iPhone.

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How to determine the bearing on the map using the iPhone and the Compass app

Let’s analyze the following situation – you need to coordinate the actions of the group, which must move from control point A to control point B at a distance of 1.5 km. You have a map of the area where the objects you are looking for are marked, as well as an iPhone with the standard Compass application (it even works in Airplane Mode). We carry out the following algorithm of actions:

one… We put the iPhone on the card so that the right side of the smartphone connects the necessary control points;

2… Expand the map so that the north arrow on the compass and the north-south lines on the map are parallel;

3… The searched azimuth (in our case 150º) will be displayed in numbers at the bottom of the screen.

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How to navigate iPhone Compass knowing bearing and distance

Now that you have the azimuth (150º) and distance (1.5 km) data, you can start moving, for this:

one… Align the zero value of the angular scale (vertical bar on top) and the north arrow in the Compass app on the iPhone;

How to navigate iPhone Compass knowing bearing and distance

2… Touch the compass face and rotate iPhone to the angle of the specified azimuth (the angle of deviation will be highlighted in red).

How to navigate iPhone Compass knowing bearing and distance

3… Follow the direction of the dash from above (in our case, 150º) for a given distance (in our case, 1.5 km)

In such a simple way, knowing the distance to the checkpoint (in our case, 1.5 km) and determining the direction, the group will easily get to the desired point.

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