How to end emails correctly for a better chance of a positive response

Emails have long been an important and integral part of modern life. Whether you’re sending emails to friends or to work, the fact remains that you have to deal with them often enough.

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This is why you need to pay attention to what your email is. You have to spend time on its design. You also need to think about how to finish writing your email properly.

Below we will consider the most successful email signatures that are best suited for professional communications support. We will also talk about why it is so important to have a signature in an email sent for business purposes.

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The need for a good email ending

There are several reasons why you need to end your email correctly:

  • The lack of a proper signature can seem rude or familiar.
  • If you send an email to the company that posted the job, there is a good chance that the email will end up in the hands of the appropriate HR manager. You need to show your professionalism to unknown third parties.
  • A good email signature can also increase your chances of getting a response. A call to action, such as “Thank you for taking the time to read my resume. I look forward to hearing from you, ”can act as a hint.

When you sign an email, the correct format should be something like this:

  • Closing string. It usually expresses some kind of gratitude or call to action.
  • A closing greeting such as “Regards”, “Yours faithfully” or “Yours sincerely”… The type of email signature you use depends on its context and the length of the email conversation.
  • Your full name under the final greeting. This will help you understand who is sending the email.
  • At the end of the signature, you must leave information about your contacts. This could be an email, website and social media link (if applicable), phone number, etc. This will give the person reading the letter information about additional ways to contact you.

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Note… Pay attention to what type of email signature suits your communication style. The closing phrases should reflect the situation in terms of professionalism and tone. They also need to sound authentic to you and your voice.

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The different types of email signatures and when to use them

Before choosing a more appropriate signature, use the following tips to figure out what tone you should set in your letter.

  • Are you in contact with a new business partner?
  • Does your recipient accept informal communication?
  • Do you know the person you are contacting directly?
  • Have you emailed him before?

Different types of businesses require different styles of email communication. It’s always safer to act professionally and formally, but on the other hand, you run the risk of sounding too dry and harsh and not making personal contact.

You also need to decide on the length of your email signature. For example, an introductory email will require a deeper call to action. Written communication with your colleagues can be informal.

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Versatile ways to end an email that work


  • Any use of the word “best” is usually a safe bet. This is a common electronic signature, suitable for both routine and formal occasions.
  • However, a study by statisticians showed that this signature has a lower-than-average response rate. So keep this in mind when you use “Regards”

In general terms, this kind of email signature would look something like this:

Best wishes, full name

Yours faithfully

  • Regards, this is another common way to complete an email. This signature works well in formal business situations.
  • Regards is a good way to complete an email if you are applying for a new job at the company. This emphasizes your sincere desire to cooperate.
  • You are also sincere in your hopes of hearing another person’s answer. So it looks natural.

In general, the letter will end with something like this:

Best regards, full name

Good luck

Goodbye runs the risk of sounding too harsh. If you are sending an email to someone in a formal business situation, then “All the best” (All the best) will be appropriate.

This email signature will look like

All the best

Best regards, full name

Other common ways to complete an email:

  • Have a good day
  • With thanks
  • With the warmest feelings

Once again, be sure to match the mood and tone of your correspondence when it comes to choosing the email signature that works best. These external factors can affect your success.

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About using the word “Thank you”

While simply “thank you” in the signature seems like a good way to get an answer, there are actually conflicting reports about the overall effectiveness of this option. In fact, “Thank you” may seem random and inappropriate, especially in an introductory letter. It is best to match the required speaking style and manner of communication so that your “Thank you” really looks appropriate.

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Common ways to complete an email that don’t work

We also need to share a few ways you should never end your email.

your friend or Yours sincerely

If this is not a personal letter or a message not to your friend at all, then such a signature looks insincere. “Yours sincerely” sounds very informal for most business correspondence.

Sent iPhone

“Sent from iPhone” may be perceived as either an outdated joke, or a desire to boast of having a status smartphone, or signs of technical illiteracy (laziness), which does not allow changing the personal signature set by default. Such a signature in any case looks tasteless and disrespectful.

Take care of yourself.

Communications professionals believe that the phrase “take care of yourself” can cause anxiety to the recipient of the email. Such words subconsciously inspire a person that something is wrong with him, he has hidden health problems. This will reduce the response rate.

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The importance of email signature

As we mentioned, a signature must be included at the end of a professionally composed email. We have already talked about what you should include in this signature, but we want to emphasize that this element of the letter is important. Essentially, your signature is your public face. It is on this basis that other people will form their first impression of you, especially if you work remotely.

Think of a good email signature as choosing clothes for your interview. You must do your best to pass it. The worst thing you can do in a situation like this is to look sloppy, both in appearance and in behavior.

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Emails are an important part of our professional life. Unfortunately or fortunately, we always have to deal with them. But with a common well-chosen template for emails, you can compose emails faster.

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