How to create reminders with notifications in Telegram

At one time, paper diaries became a real salvation for business people, where they could enter and plan tasks. Since then, everything has changed a lot – today this task is taken on by numerous mobile applications. In addition to the reminders built into modern operating systems, dozens of scheduling programs, reminders and various motivators are placed in the Apple Store or Google Play.

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Each program has its own characteristics, it is not so easy to find the ideal option for yourself. And to understand all the features of the application and adapt them for yourself will take time. Sometimes you want some simpler, but no less effective option.

For those numerous users who simply do not have time to deal with numerous Internet planners, Telegram comes to the rescue. This popular messenger has a number of little-known features. If you already use it, then you should know that the service is also able to send notifications at the right time. And it is very simple to set up Telegram for these purposes.

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How to set up notifications via Telegram?

In order for your messenger to learn how to send you notifications, you need to do the following:

1. Go to Settings and open Favorites

2. Enter the text that appears as a reminder.

3. Hold down the send button and select the option “Set a reminder”

How to create reminders on Telegram

4. Now all that remains is to insert the time when this message is displayed to you.

How to create reminders on Telegram

That’s all. Now the messenger will send you this reminder exactly at the specified time. And although the message will look very similar to the usual one, Telegram will still mark it with the “calendar” icon.

How to create reminders on Telegram

To simplify the formation of reminders, you can pin the Favorites chat at the top of the list – this will provide quick access to the desired function.

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