How TNT, STS, NTV, HBO, REN TV stands for?

Our TVs offer a choice of dozens or even hundreds of TV channels. They differ in subject matter, presentation, language … Often the very name of the channel makes it clear what kind of content it offers. For example, on Football, you will hardly see programs about repairs or about cosmetics. And some channels have abbreviations in their names. The most famous of them are in the viewers’ list of preferences or on the first buttons: TNT, STS. But what these letters mean remains a mystery. Let’s solve it together.

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The TV channel began broadcasting on December 1, 1996. Its owner is the CTC Media holding. And these three letters are deciphered as the Network of Television Stations. True, initially, until 2002, the meaning of the abbreviation was somewhat different – the Commonwealth of television stations. The classic entertainment channel really became the first Russian television network.

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TNT channel successfully competes for the viewer with STS channel. It began broadcasting on January 1, 1998. Until November 11, 2001, the channel was owned by Media-Most, and Gazprom-Media became the new owner. The family entertainment channel was also originally built on the principle of a television network, and its name stands for “Your New Television”.

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This TV channel has a rich history. It began broadcasting on October 10, 1993 in St. Petersburg, and from January 17, 1994, Muscovites were able to watch NTV. Until 1997, the channel was owned by the Most group, in 1997-2001 – by Media-Most, now the channel is managed by Gazprom-Media. It is interesting that the abbreviation is not officially deciphered in any way. The first director of the channel, Igor Malashenko, said that he was trying to give the letter “N” a clear meaning. Independent Television sounded too pretentious, “our”, “non-state” – did not fully reflect the essence of the channel. As a result, it was decided not to choose the right words.

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Initially, this Russian federal channel was a television company that creates content for other channels (ORT, NTV, RTR). But on January 1, 1997, its own television channel was launched under the name REN-TV. Today, 82% of its shares are owned by the National Media Group, and another 18% are owned by SOGAZ Tower. The company was founded by Irena Lesnevskaya together with her son Dmitry. Part of the creator’s name became the name of the new project. And the word “ren” is successfully associated with the Renaissance (revival).

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The channel began broadcasting relatively recently – on November 12, 2015, its owner is the CTC Media company. The “Che” particle unequivocally refers to the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara, although it is not entirely clear how he is connected with the channel’s content. In fact, “Che” is a particle of the word “Man”. There are other interpretations of the name of the channel – entertainment, man, chekhov. In the Russian language there are many words with this particle, you can look for the meaning yourself. But the concept of a brand is risk, strength, challenge and movement. Under the name of the channel, slogans are periodically issued: “Live brighter!”, “Stanislav Che” (in honor of the coach of the Russian football team for the period of the World Cup).

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The name of the Netflix channel comes from the words “net” (network, Internet) and “flicks” (colloquially for the British means – cinema). Further, flicks was simplified to flix and it turned out – Netflix – movies on the network, the name speaks for itself.

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The acronym for the American cable and satellite television network HBO, part of the WarnerMedia Corporation, stands for Home Box Office.

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