How do you know which app is using the most battery on your iPhone or iPad?

You have included Power saving mode have lowered the display brightness, turned off location services and push notifications in applications, and also made many other basic settings aimed at saving battery power, but the cherished indicator is still quickly approaching zero?

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It is possible that a gluttonous application has settled in the system. In this manual, we will explain the method of determining which applications are best not to use when the nearest charging is far away.

The issue of battery life of any smartphone is the most acute one, and the iPhone is no exception. For many years now, users have been asking to increase the battery life on a single charge in a new smartphone model, even if this negatively affects the thickness of the device. After all, why a beautiful gadget that barely lasts until the end of the working day. But Jonathan Ive himself (the former chief designer of Apple) dashed all hopes by publicly declaring that the company’s priority is aimed at design, not battery life. So we stock up on external batteries and other accessories that increase this low figure, or resort to software diagnostic methods for gluttonous applications. Even partially stopping the use of some of them will have a positive effect on the battery life of the iOS device.

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How to determine which apps you don’t need to use if you want to maximize your iPhone and iPad battery life

1… Run the standard application Settings and go to section Battery

2… Scroll down the section and click on the link button Battery in applications

3… This menu displays the usage and standby times of the smartphone since the last charge, as well as the battery usage by applications in the last 24 hours. Battery usage is displayed as a percentage of the total charge consumed.

Link button with caption Activity turns on the display of the duration of use and the type of activity (screen or background).

How do you know which app is using the most battery on your iPhone or iPad?

Thus, in the event that there is no opportunity to recharge the iOS device, the best option would be to refuse to use the energy-intensive applications specified in the section Battery applications Settings

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