How do I disable color change in the Safari bar in macOS Monterey?

Not everyone liked the function of automatically changing the color of the toolbar of the Safari browser depending on the “header” of the visited site, which appeared in macOS Monterey. It seems that most users are ready, albeit temporarily, to disable this feature.

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At first glance, this panel looks spectacular and bright, but on some sites it seems inappropriate. In addition, frequent changes in the color of the tabs when working with numerous sites can make your eyes tired. This is why you may need to revert to the old version.

How to turn off automatic color change in the Safari toolbar in macOS Monterey?

1. Open the Safari browser and go to its settings (Safari -> Preferences)

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2. Click the tab “Supplements”

3. Uncheck the box next to “Show color in tab bar“, Actually, that’s all!

How to remove the automatic color change of the Safari bar in macOS Monterey?

Now, when you browse the pages, the toolbar will remain in a light or dark version.

These steps also apply to the updated version of Safari (if installed) for macOS Big Sur users.

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