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Exactly 12 years ago, Google went public, i.e. became a public company. How much money would those who bought shares of the “corporation of good” at the end of August 2004 have and have held them to this day?

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In the immediate aftermath of the IPO, Google executives banned stockholders from buying BMW cars and checking stock prices in the workplace. As it turned out, this was very good advice.

In 2004, one Google share was worth $ 85 immediately after being listed on the stock exchange. Today, one piece of “good corporation” is already worth $ 1,575 (excluding the crushing of 2014) by 1.752%, or 18.5 times more.

What if you bought more shares?

  • Buying $ 1,000 shares (11.76 shares) in 2004 would net you $ 18,522 today.
  • $ 10,000 would turn into $ 185,384.53, i.e. the net profit would be more than 175 thousand dollars.
  • And an investment of $ 100,000 would make the brave investor a millionaire – $ 1,853,022.6.

By the way, what did Google look like in those distant times? Reminds The Internet Archive:

Google search engine in 1997:

Google in 1997

The first of the two links would take you to this page:

Google in 1997

And the second one is here:

Google in 1997

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By December, it became the official home page of the service. In particular, this is what appeared when clicking on the “Help” caption:

google help 1997

Users could submit their version of the Google logo:

Old Google logos:

David Travis logo

Old Google logo

Joe Williams logo

Old Google logo

Jesse Rios logo

Old Google logo

Other Google logos previously used by the company:

Old Google logos

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Larry Page and Sergey Brin made their first doodle in August 1998. They drove to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert and wanted everyone to know where the Google team would be in the coming days. As a result, the festival logo appeared on the Google logo.

First Google Doodle

By mid-1999, Google had simplified the home page noticeably:

Google home page in 1999

In October of the same year, the service came out of beta status:

google non beta

Mid 2000. Outwardly, there are no big changes, only a couple of new links have appeared. But what – it was then that Google Maps was born!

Google maps

By the end of the year, Google sorted out its logo and started promoting the AdWords advertising service:

google adwords

At the same time, translation into 25 different languages ​​appeared. Russian by that time was already in the beta testing stage. Today Google offers translation into 80 languages.

google language

In 2001, the home page looked pretty much the same as before. But other pages were more detailed. This screenshot of the Culture section also captures young Google founder Larry Page.

google in 2001

Tabs appeared in the same year:

Google Search Tabs

In 2004, the home page interface became more compact:

Google in 2004

The tabs have moved from the search bar to the upper left corner of the screen:

Google Tabs in 2007

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It wasn’t until 2010 that the blue border was dropped by Google:

Google got rid of the blue border in 2010

In 2011, the sections at the top were highlighted with a black bar:

google in 2011

2013, transition to a simpler and more elegant logo:

Google updated the logo in 2013

In August 2015, shortly after the reorganization into the Alphabet holding, Google carried out another redesign:

Google updated the logo in 2015

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