GaN charger for iPhone, iPad and Mac: 5 best models

More and more smartphone manufacturers are no longer putting chargers in their gadget boxes. Apple became a pioneer in this matter, abandoning charging and headphones bundled with the iPhone 12, motivating it with environmental concerns. And then Samsung and Xiaomi followed the same steps. Now there is nothing left for us, except to just accept it and buy the missing charging blocks on our own.

And then AliExpress comes to the rescue, where you can find high-quality and optimal in terms of price / quality ratio power supplies from third-party manufacturers, which are not inferior in functionality to the original ones, and somewhere even better, but at the same time they are much cheaper. We have compiled a selection of 5 of these proven chargers that will be useful to everyone, because good charging at home is never superfluous.

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What are GaN chargers?

Recently, GaN technology has become widespread in the field of chargers. Its main feature is that it is based on gallium nitride and power adapters made using this technology are much smaller and at the same time much more powerful than their predecessors, which use silicon in their basis.

What are GaN chargers?

GaN chargers are less susceptible to heat, can withstand noticeably higher temperatures, deliver solid power, and are also modest in size. Today this is the most modern development in the world of chargers, so all accessories from our selection are made with its use.

Also, all adapters support fast charging standards USB Power Delivery, Quick Charge and many others, so you can quickly charge gadgets of any brand with them. In addition, we note that the declared power in all chargers is provided by the USB-C port and in order to provide real fast charging of devices from Apple, which we talked about in detail here, you need a compatible USB-C to Lightning cable. We recommend paying attention to such a cable from Baseus and one from Ugreen.

USB-C to Lightning cable for fast charging iPhone

All chargers have certificates confirming that they are protected from overheating and overvoltage, you should not worry about this.

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Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1

Anker PowerPort Atom PD1

Let’s start with an Anker charger. PowerPort Atom PD 1, with its small size, comparable to standard versions of 10-15 W adapters, produces an output power of 30 watts.

Anker PowerPort Atom PD1

It is ideal for charging smartphones and tablets, but at the same time it will be able to charge even a MacBook 12 ″ in two hours. And to charge the iPhone 12 Pro by more than 50%, the adapter from the Chinese manufacturer will take only half an hour. A worthy alternative to Apple branded chargers.

Buy Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1 charger

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Let’s move on to several adapters from Baseus, which is very popular among users in the Russian market for equipment and accessories, and has also established itself as a manufacturer of gadgets that are excellent in terms of price / quality ratio.

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Baseus 45W GaN Charger

Baseus 45W GaN Charger

Let’s focus on 45W GaN charging with two ports to choose from: USB-C and USB-A, as well as USB-C and USB-C. When ordering, you can choose the version of the power supply that you need. Both USB-C and USB-A outputs can deliver 45W of power. If both ports work simultaneously, then the ratio is divided by 30 + 18 watts. In the variant with two USB-C connectors in shared mode, the total power is distributed as follows: 30W + 18W or 18W + 30W.

5 best fast GaN chargers from AliExpress for iPhone, iPad and Mac

For its power, the adapter is very compact, it is convenient to take with you. This is important if you often work outside of your home. If you need a decent accessory to charge your laptop and smartphone on a daily basis, then this 45W power supply would be the right option.

Buy Baseus 45W GaN Charger

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Baseus 65W GaN Pro Charger

Baseus 65W GaN Charger

The older brother of the previous power supply. Bestseller among chargers from Baseus. The power of this charging is already 65 W, while there are three ports, two of which are USB-C and one is classic USB-A. When using one of the USB-C connectors, we get a full 65 watts of output, which is perfect for charging a MacBook Air, for example.

5 best fast GaN chargers from AliExpress for iPhone, iPad and Mac

If you use two USB-C ports at the same time, then the total power will already be 63 W: one will have 45 W, and the second 18, which is also enough to quickly charge an iPhone and some not-too-power-hungry laptop.

When ordering, you can choose the version in which the kit immediately comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, this is convenient.

Buy Baseus 65W GaN Charger

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Ugreen GaN 65W PD Fast Charger

Ugreen GaN 65W PD Fast Charger

Charger from another popular Chinese company Ugreen. The charger from this brand has the same power of 65W as the adapter from Baseus, but there are already 4 ports.

Ugreen GaN 65W PD Fast Charger

Two USB-C ports with a power of up to 65W for charging laptops, another USB-C with a power of up to 18W, which is suitable for connecting smartphones, and a 22.5W USB-A, which is more than enough to charge another a necessary accessory, such as headphones.

In our opinion, this is the best option both for one main charge for home, and for travel and travel. We took one such power supply unit and it will be enough to charge the devices of all family members. Do not forget to just get an adequate supply of cables.

Buy Ugreen GaN 65W PD Fast Charger

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Baseus GaN 120W Charger

Baseus GaN 120W Charger

The top-end GaN charger from Baseus in terms of power output and in our selection. Significantly larger in size compared to previous chargers, the 3-port adapter (two USB-C and one USB-A) is capable of delivering a gigantic 120 watts of total power. The maximum power for each USB-C connector is up to 100W, and USB-A up to 30W. When using two USB-C at the same time, each will have up to 60 watts. If you connect 3 devices at the same time, then we get the following distribution: 60 W + 30 W + 30 W.

Baseus GaN 120W Charger

Thus, from such a unit, you can charge together and at the same time very quickly, almost any gadget, for example, a laptop, smartphone and tablet. Of the minuses, it can be noted that due to its elongated shape and rather solid dimensions, the adapter does not quite confidently hold in sockets without grounding, especially when you need to fix the charger sideways.

Baseus GaN 120W Charger

We recommend such an accessory only to those who know exactly how it will use such impressive possibilities for charging devices, for example, owners of a MacBook Pro 16 ″ or other powerful laptops that support charging via the USB-C port.

Buy Baseus GaN 120W Charger

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