Free stock photos, videos and music: 5 sites

In recent years, much more attention has been paid to copyright protection than before. In the digital age, the use of images that you do not have the legal rights to publish is fraught with negative consequences. There is always the possibility that someone will stumble upon an illegally published picture. At best, you can be chided for piracy, and at worst, you can be sued for copyright infringement.

If you want to find a suitable ready-made image, for example, for your site, we advise you to turn to resources that offer images that are allowed for public publication. The same goes for videos, music, icons, etc. Where can you find all this? We bring to your attention five sites from where you can safely take stock images and other media content without worrying about the copyright of their creators.

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Pexels: Free Photos & Videos

Pexels: Free Photos & Videos

Pexels is one of the best stock image and video sites that you can download for free and without registration. Importantly, each photo or video is accompanied by clear instructions explaining exactly how it can be used. In addition, Pexels is an aggregator that collects stock images from multiple sites in one place.

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Bensound: Author’s Music for YouTube Videos

Five sites with free pictures, videos, footage and sound effects

Surely you have hardly ever heard of the Bensound project. However, when you visit this site, you will be very surprised why it is still not being trumpeted at all angles. Bensound provides copyright music for anyone involved in creating videos for YouTube and other media projects. You don’t have to pay for music, the main thing is to indicate in your work its author.

The site interface is very simple and straightforward. Filters allow you to search for music by several parameters: date added, genre and keywords. Each audio file can be listened to before downloading.

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Vimeo Free HD: High Definition Video Editing Footage

Five sites with free pictures, videos, footage and sound effects

Vimeo has long been regarded as YouTube’s main competitor. Professional video creators prefer to publish their creations there because Vimeo attracts true video art lovers.

There is a whole group of videographers on the site who are ready to share their footage with anyone. The group is currently not as active as it used to be, but it still has a whole collection of short videos.

For something a little more fresh, check out the groups on Vimeo that offer Creative Commons-licensed footage. However, please read the Creative Commons terms carefully before using the video. Among other things, free video content can be downloaded from The Public Domain Project website. The resource provides a large collection of videos, the license for which has already expired.

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Flat Icon: Free Icons

Flat Icon: Free Icons

If you are looking to update the display of your computer or mobile device, there is nothing better than downloading new icons. In addition, various icons can be used to design flyers, business cards, letterheads, and more.

Flat Icon: Free Icons

Currently Flat Icon is arguably the best site to offer a large collection of free icons. All images are available in several formats – SVG, PNG, EPS and PSD. The resource allows you to download both individual icons and entire packages.

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All The Free Stock: Free media content for every taste

Five sites with free pictures, videos, footage and sound effects

If you do not want to waste your time visiting all the above-mentioned sites, you can safely use only one. All The Free Stock offers all kinds of stock images, videos, layouts, sound effects, fonts, icons, and more.

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