Find Android by geolocation for free: sites and applications

When we lose our smartphone, we are faced with an extremely unpleasant event. After all, this device has long become both an indispensable assistant and a repository of valuable information. But no one is immune from misfortune. It’s good that more and more services appear that can help find a lost gadget or protect information from access by strangers. Most of the security work is done by linking your smartphone to your Google account, which is common on Android devices.

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This operating system implements a reliable and fast system for detecting a device when it is lost by the owner. However, the search operation is impossible without observing a number of conditions. They will require the owner of certain actions that will help protect your data.

  • the device must be linked to Google services through the owner’s account;
  • the smartphone must be turned on and have Internet access;
  • geolocation must be enabled on the device;
  • the function must be enabled in the security settings of the smartphone “Find device”… But if you are already logged into your account, then this feature will be activated automatically.

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How do I find my phone’s location using my Google Account?

It will not be difficult to find your device, here’s what you need to do:

1.From any of your other Android devices, go to the dedicated section of Google

How to find Android by geolocation for free: sites and applications

or download the free service application Find My Device.

How to find Android by geolocation for free: sites and applications

How to find Android by geolocation for free: sites and applications

2. The site must be authorized using your Google account. If you use two-factor authentication, then take care of using a backup phone number to enter. You may need emergency codes. You can get them for further use on this page. You can also add some devices to the trusted list. This will prevent them from going through the second stage of verification.

3. Select a device from the list linked to your account. This will allow you to locate your lost phone using your Google account on a map. And although the location is not entirely accurate, in this case, being near the desired point, you can make the devices beep. The signal will sound for 5 minutes, even if the smartphone is in silent mode.

In case your device is found by someone, and you clearly see the movement of the gadget on the map, then you can try to remotely lock the smartphone. It is also possible to remotely send a message to the screen for those who found it, for example, you can specify the owner’s contact number and ask to call him back.

If your device was not linked to a Google account, then this service will not help you. But there is also an alternative – registration on the manufacturer’s website will allow you to use its help. The largest companies have similar services:

How to find Android by geolocation for free: sites and applications

To search for your device, you need to go to the specified section of the manufacturer’s website, log in there using the previously entered registration data, and then press the button “Track position”

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How to find a switched off phone?

And even if your phone turns off due to a dead battery, you can try to find it. This will be facilitated by the Google Timeline service. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to the timeline of places from Google and set the desired date;

2. On the side panel on the left, you can see all the movements of the device, indicating the addresses and time spent there. And on the fragment of the map on the right, you can visually track these movements.

How to find Android by geolocation for free: sites and applications

This system has its advantage – if Find Your Device uses only GPS satellite data to determine the location of the device, then cell tower data is also used to create the timeline chronology.

The “Offline Search” feature will help you track a disabled phone linked to your Google account. It forces the smartphone to transmit its location data every 15 minutes. As a result, the service will show you where the device was located shortly before it was turned off.

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Finding your phone with a Wear OS watch

If you lose your smartphone, your smart watch will help you find it. To do this, you will have to call for help from the standard Wear OS application called “Find phone”… To perform a search, both devices must be turned on, and also paired with each other via Bluetooth. The app will make the smartphone beep even if the device is in silent mode.

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Losing your phone is bad news. Nevertheless, linking the device to Google services can help you quickly find the loss. But we must act as quickly as possible. As long as the device stays turned on and has access to the Internet, the chances of finding it are high.

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