Father and Son: review of an awesome free game for iPhone and iPad

Father and Son is an adventure game with unusual roots. In particular, it is a one-of-a-kind game that the National Archaeological Museum of Naples contributed to. For the most part, Father and Son is a short story told in a simple yet beautiful 2D side-scrolling style. This game may not make a very strong impression, but it is worth downloading it, especially considering that it is completely free.

Free download game Father and Son for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

Dig into the past

Father and Son game review

The protagonist Father and Son is a man who arrived in Naples in an attempt to better understand his late father. For the character, this becomes a whole test, since he was not close to his father, who seemed to prefer archaeological excavations to everything else, including his family. All that remains of the character from his father is a note and his work, exhibited in the archaeological museum of Naples.

As the game progresses, the player will move from the character’s apartment to the museum, where several rather interesting plot points await him. Without going into details, it’s safe to say that these little stories are woven together in very unexpected ways, quite interesting and leaving room for interpretation, as well as giving the player a choice at certain points.

Father and Son game review

Walk through the museum

Father and Son game review

From a technical point of view, Father and Son is a simple adventure game. There are almost no puzzles in it, there is also interaction with items in the inventory. Instead, the player controls movement, interacts with objects, and also communicates with rare characters and chooses answers in dialogues.

The lack of any difficulty allows the player to go through Father and Son quite quickly, which may be an intentional move by the developers. The main storyline can be easily completed in one evening, but exploring other parts of the museum can take longer. But in order to open access to additional content, you will need to register at the real National Archaeological Museum of Naples in Italy.

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Simple and beautiful

Father and Son game review

The game may seem quite straightforward in terms of the plot, but do not forget that it is made in a beautiful style. The graphics look hand-drawn with a fantastically wide color palette that literally adds color to the painted world. When the player just walks around the locations, what is happening in the background is almost always pleasing to the eye.

Other than that, the game feels extremely fluid. Scene transitions are almost instantaneous, and the user interface is designed so that the player never has to deal with pixel hunting.

Father and Son game review

There is no reason not to download Father and Son. This is a great free game that tells an interesting story. And if the player is impressed, he can always visit the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

Father and Son is available on the App Store. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 9.0 or later. There is a localization into Russian.

Download game Father and Son for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

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