FaceTime audio or how to make free calls from iPhone or iPad

For a long time, the function Facetime in iOS is a popular and very convenient means of communication. Many users appreciated the opportunity to make video calls to their families and friends around the world for free. However, do not forget that in addition to the video, Facetime also implemented the function of audio calls.

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It is noteworthy that it can be used to make voice calls in order to save money, for example, for calls to “other” networks or while in roaming.

What is FaceTime Audio?

This useful feature allows you to make voice calls using your iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod touch using Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G with an Internet connection. The technology known as VoIP has been around for quite some time in telecommunications, however, Facetime it is optimized for a better communication experience among product fans Apple

To make voice calls, it is enough to activate on your device Facetime and connect to the internet. In this case, it is not even necessary to know the subscriber’s phone number – the function uses his email address (if the service Facetime activated on his device).

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Why Use FaceTime?

First of all, the service is completely free. This means that you can save paid minutes of the tariff plan by using it to make calls over Wi-Fi while at home, at work or in a cafe. It is noteworthy that in this way you can even call abroad for free.

It is impossible not to note the high quality of the connection. Used Apple AAC-ELD codec provides high resolution audio but low bit rate and minimal latency. Thanks to this, with Facetime audio the voice sounds much richer and clearer than when using a regular telephone connection.

The unlimited data plan for iPhone and iPad (with cellular data transfer) allows you to communicate even without a Wi-Fi connection. Plus, you don’t need an iPhone to make voice calls – iPod touch or iPad owners can also take advantage of Facetime

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Is FaceTime paid or free?

FaceTime is completely free. Since the connection is carried out via the Internet, it must be sufficiently stable for a good connection. In addition, when using 3G / 4G, you need to remember about the tariff plan, unless, of course, it is unlimited.

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How to turn on Facetime on an iOS device?

1… Open the Settings app and go to the section Facetime

2… Click on the item “Your Apple ID for FaceTime“, Enter your account details and click”To come in“.

FaceTime audio or how to make free calls from iPhone or iPad

FaceTime audio or how to make free calls from iPhone or iPad

After option Facetime will be activated, you can safely choose subscribers (device owners Apple, with the option enabled Facetime) you want to contact. In this case, to make a call, you can specify both a phone number and an email address.

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How do I make audio calls using FaceTime?

It is very easy to activate the function. This usually happens immediately when setting up the smartphone settings (requires entering Apple ID information). To check, just open the card of any contact who has an iPhone or iPad.

1… Find the option Facetime under the subscriber’s phone number – there should be two icons on the right (camera and phone).

2… Click on the phone icon to make voice calls. Accordingly, for a video call, you must click on the icon with the camera.

FaceTime audio or how to make free calls from iPhone or iPad

In addition, you can make voice calls using the app Facetime… To do this, you need to open the program, then click on the New FaceTime button to add a contact or find it through the search function.

How to make a FaceTime audio call

Click the handset icon to start a FaceTime audio call.

How to make a FaceTime audio call

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Turn off the camera during a FaceTime video call

In case you have already started a FaceTime video call, but want to turn off the video image from your device (so that you cannot be seen), click on the video camera icon during the call.

How to make a FaceTime audio call

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