Does rice help if you wet your iPhone? All the truth

A mobile phone is an indispensable accessory for any modern person. It is not surprising that these or other accidents regularly occur with these gadgets. Phones fall, break, ignite, and regularly fall into water. Some users drop their gadget into the toilet, others wash it with their clothes, and still others bathe with it.

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There are many tips on how to recover a drowned iPhone on the Internet. One of the simplest and most popular recipes concerns the use of rice. It is believed that the phone should be placed in a container with dry and uncooked grains. Then the rice will draw moisture out of the phone by itself, which will help restore it to working condition. In fact, moisture damage to electronics is similar to working with pancake dough. It is relatively easy to assemble it on Sunday morning, but it gets a lot more complicated in the evening.

Of course, the latest iPhone models are not afraid of short-term immersion in water, however, Apple warns that over time (even after a year), the water resistance of the smartphone decreases. Moreover, even a warranty iPhone that breaks due to contact with liquid will be deprived of the official Apple warranty.

For information on how to determine if the iPhone has had contact with water, see the link below:

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Do I need to keep the “drowned” iPhone in the rump?

IFixit is the recognized authority on electronics repair. Service specialists argue that rice not only will not save the smartphone after being flooded with liquid or drowning, but it can completely deprive it of its chances of recovery. Placing the phone in the croup is tantamount to giving up the fight to save it. A person creates a false illusion of active actions being taken. Corrosion starts immediately when the phone gets into water. Sometimes it hits important elements, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Corrosion iPhone

A simple and obvious action in this situation is to turn off the phone and keep it in this state until it dries on the table or even in the same rice.

But it is not the croup that saves the apparatus.

Even a phone that has worked dry after drying will have damaged components and oxidized fragile contacts on the motherboard. Corrosion will continue to spread inside the phone. Regular drying is a lottery in which the prize can be used only temporarily.

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Can rice absorb moisture at all?

Inquisitive experts decided to test how well rice can absorb moisture in general. The following substances took part in the testing: cat litter, couscous (wheat grits), oatmeal, boiled and raw rice.

In an attempt to absorb moisture from a damp sponge in a day, dry rice took the last place.

Moreover, the sponge left in the open air has lost more moisture than surrounded by any “desiccant”. So instead of rice, it would be wiser to just leave your wet phone on the shelf for a while.

IPhone and rice

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Why can’t you hesitate

In fact, professional recipes for saving the phone do not involve drying it for a long time. The longer the water stays inside the case, the more likely it is to rust. This will only diminish the chances of a full recovery. Water may not evaporate completely, remaining in hard-to-reach places and causing gradual corrosion there. The smartphone can work, but it will freeze, overload and work unstable.

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Real phone rescue recipes

It is necessary to displace the liquid as soon as possible, or, more precisely, all the conductive substances in it. This will require 90% isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush. Open your device as quickly as possible, remove the battery and start cleaning. The entire motherboard must be immersed in alcohol and removed from there. Only then should it be dried. The best strategy for repairing a wet phone is to flush out the liquid before it dries. In fact, it’s like peeling that same pancake dough on Sunday morning.

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Rescue in service centers

You can hardly find an experienced technician who doesn’t roll his eyes over advice on using rice to dry your phone. Service centers constantly receive devices that have been in banks with cereals. Rice is not a panacea – professionals should be involved in salvaging wet phones. It is difficult at home to accurately carry out painstaking work – to disassemble the device, take out the motherboard, soak it in alcohol so that it penetrates into all the holes and dry. The specialist will have at least a set of required non-standard screwdrivers. But this is the only way to minimize the destructive effects of water exposure and save electronics from corrosion.

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Life story

The journalist of the portal The Verge Michael Zelenko decided to swim in a lake near New York. He entered the water right in his shorts with an iPhone in his pocket. After “bathing” the smartphone showed no signs of life. It was then that the reporter thought – how about reanimating the gadget using the usual rice?

iPhone 5s, water, rice

This method was recommended by everyone, from friends to parents. It doesn’t matter which rice, Mikey, just do it, save your iPhone! So Zelenko did: he found an empty box from under Uncle Ben’s, put his smartphone in there, covered it with rice and decided to answer the question: who and when said that the “rice” method works?

In the case of the iPhone, rice was first mentioned in July 2007. A user of one of the MacRumors forums under the nickname jorsuss opened a discussion in which he wrote: they say, he accidentally dropped the iPhone 2G into the sink and flooded it with water, and to save it, fell asleep rice… Did not help.

A month before jorsuss, a Washington Post journalist, getting ready for a date, “drowned” his BlackBerry in the toilet. This method helped the pen shark, the date was saved, and the reporter advised everyone in his article on the well-known LifeHacker website – if your smartphone drowned, “treat” it with rice! And even before him, in 2000, some user saved his Nokia 5130 with the help of the Chinese people’s favorite cereal.

iPhone 5s, water, rice

In the 20th century, the media actively advised users of rice as a way to save photographic equipment in humid and hot climates. Yankee Magazine 1996 advised keeping the camera and film in raw rice, and Popular Photography in June 1946 added that although the moisture content of rice is low and it will take a lot to achieve the desired effect, the effectiveness of the cereal in combating moisture in general is beyond question.

So does rice “work”? In 2014, the portal conducted a test, according to the results of which it became obvious: not… Raw rice absorbed water worse than any of its six competitors: cat litter, couscous, oatmeal, and instant rice. And an experiment by TekDry has shown that simply leaving your smartphone outdoors to dry is even more effective than putting it in rice.

Meanwhile, Michael’s own iPhone had been drying in rice for a whole day – and it was time to test the “rice theory” in practice. Zelenko took out his smartphone, charged it (it is impossible to turn on an iPhone that was not completely dry in any case) and pressed the power button. And – lo and behold! The gadget turned on and asked to enter the Apple ID again. Camera, microphone, speaker – everything worked. Only drops of water were visible under the screen, but in the end most of them dried up – after three days it was generally difficult to say that the iPhone had been in the water.

In the office, colleagues, having barely heard about the “death” of the smartphone and its miraculous resurrection, immediately asked: did Michael put it in rice to dry? Hearing a positive answer, they just shrugged their shoulders – it is logical, because rice always saves in such situations, everyone knows.

iPhone 5s, water, rice

But two weeks later, the iPhone suddenly started to slow down and stopped responding to touch. One evening he finally lost his cellular network: in the upper left corner of the screen there was only the inscription “Search …”.

Michael went to his cell phone operator who sold him the gadget. For 45 minutes, a sweet girl tried one thing or the other to bring the smartphone back to life. Desperate, she finally asked: “Sir, did you drop it into the water?” …

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