Disappearing Vkontakte messages: how to send

The messenger of any social network is an important tool for it, because it is with its help that users can communicate directly. That is why VKontakte pays such attention to the possibilities of sending messages. Now disappearing and silent messages appeared in the branded application. How it works?

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In their mobile app, users will be able to discover a couple of new types of apps: silent and disappearing. The peculiarity of disappearing messages is that after some time they disappear. This is very convenient for sending important and confidential data that should not be stored for a long time in chats, or for extraneous replies in professional chats.

The peculiarity of silent messages is that they come silently. This allows the recipient not to be distracted from important matters or from rest. Such messages can also be useful, with their help it is convenient to report unimportant matters and low-priority tasks. The recipient can deal with them when he finds at that time. To change from one view to another, you just need to hold down the send button – similar functionality is already available in Telegram. Users will not have to wait long for this feature to appear, it will appear within 24 hours.

How to send disappearing or silent Vkontakte messages?

Go to the desired chat, create a new message, press and hold the blue button Send message

In the pop-up menu that appears, select the type of message you want to send: Message without sound or Disappearing message

How to send disappearing Vkontakte messages?

When sending, the opportunity to choose the time for the disappearance of the message is provided: it ranges from 15 seconds to 24 hours.

How to send disappearing Vkontakte messages?

A disappearing message will be marked with a special icon in the chat.

After the message disappears, the corresponding entry will appear – “The message disappeared”

How to send disappearing Vkontakte messages?

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