Delivered Messages on iPhone: How to Fix Not Delivered Error in iMessage

In an era when more and more people are using the iPhone, there are things that can be very annoying. For example, when iMessage doesn’t say “Delivered” when sending a message. This can happen with several contacts. Frequent notifications “Not delivered” also does not appear. In such a situation, the user may not know if the message he sent has been received.

It is even more annoying when it says under the message “Delivered”, however, it never reaches the recipient. There are several solutions to this problem.

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What does “Delivered” and “Read” mean in iMessage?

First, let’s figure out the difference between “Delivered” and “Read”

What does “Delivered” and “Read” mean in iMessage?

“Delivered” usually means the other person received the message on their device. “Read” means that the recipient has opened it. Don’t panic if the recipient does not respond immediately. He may have clicked on the message notification, but was subsequently distracted.

Some people disallow the display of these flags for privacy reasons, although they are turned on by default in iOS 8 and later.

If you don’t want users to know when you read a message, turn off the option “Read report”on the way “Settings” → “Messages”… In fact, this subset of settings is very important if you are having problems with iMessages.

Read report in iMessage on iPhone

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Why does SMS or iMessage say the message is “Delivered” when it is not?

Sometimes it is written under the message that it was received, but the recipient insists that he never received it. Do not immediately suspect a person of lying.

It might just be a bug in iMessage, or the message might have been sent to another device. If your contact has, for example, an iPhone, iPad, and Mac using the same Apple ID, your message may have appeared on one of those devices, not a smartphone.

In theory, the message should be displayed on all devices, however, iOS is far from perfect and makes similar mistakes from time to time.

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The main reasons for such problems in sending SMS / iMessage

Not everyone keeps their phone on all the time, especially before bed.

If iMessage won’t write “Delivered”, the recipient could simply turn off their phone. Your message will arrive when he turns on his device again.

In addition, the recipient can activate Airplane mode and off Wi-Fi – This will pause receiving iMessages, SMS or calls.

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In addition, the device may have “Do not disturb”which turns off all notifications.

Do Not Disturb on iOS iPhone

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Troubleshoot sending iMessage

It’s hard to tell right away why iMessage isn’t writing a submit report. In order to understand exactly what the problem is, try the following steps:

Check internet access

The most obvious reason why your message will not be delivered is because the recipient is not connected to the internet. iMessage relies on an internet connection, so if Wi-Fi or cellular is not available, the delivery report will not appear until the phone reconnects. This is especially true in rural areas and underpasses or subways, etc.

If the message is displayed below “Not delivered”most likely you have connection problems.

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Make sure iMessage is turned on

Go to “Settings” → “Messages”… iMessage must be enabled. If it is not, turn it on.

iMessage enabled

Even if iMessage is already on, you can try restarting it. Wait a few seconds for the service to reactivate.

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Send SMS instead of iMessage

If the person you are contacting does not have an Apple device, iMessage will not work (the message will be written in green). This means that you need to use SMS to send messages.

This trick is not only useful when sending between different operating systems. You can turn iMessage text into SMS if your internet connection is not strong enough.

Open up “Settings” → “Messages” → “Send as SMS”… By default, your iPhone uses iMessage when communicating between Apple devices. The smartphone will send SMS when there is no internet.

Send as SMS to iMessage

You can also send a message as SMS if the report says “Not delivered”… Click on the exclamation mark and select the appropriate option.

Message not delivered to iMessage

Alternatively, try using a different messaging app. Popular options like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber work across all platforms and provide secure messaging.

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Restart iPhone

Restarting iPhone, stops any problematic software running in the background. All methods of restarting iPhone are described in this article.

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Sign out of your Apple ID account and sign in again

This is one of the most common fixes for this issue. You just need to sign out of your Apple ID account and then sign back in.

To do this, open “Settings” → “Messages” → “Sending / receiving” and tap your ID. Then you have to exit, after which all your data, except for the phone number, will disappear. Then log in again. This may take a few minutes.

IMessage settings

IMessage settings

If only one person is having trouble sending, check if the iMessage ID is either an email address or a phone number. The recipient’s Apple ID may have a different address. Ask him in person or through another messaging service, if possible.

To add an email address, open “Contacts”, select a name, then press “Edit”

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Delete messages with problems

Have you ever tried sending an email that is too large? It just stays in the mailbox, trying to go over and over again. In the end, all that remains is to delete it. A similar solution can be tried in this case.

You can delete all correspondence and start over by selecting “Delete” in the window on the left, but this is a last resort.

Go to the correspondence with the recipient. Click on your last message. You can copy it to “Notes” or Pages if you don’t want to completely lose the text. Then press “Yet»And select all messages sent since the problem occurred (that is, since the delivery messages stopped showing). Then click on the trash can icon bottom left.

How to delete a message in iMessage

How to delete a message in iMessage

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Update iOS

Apple regularly fixes minor issues with new iOS updates.

It is always recommended that you update your operating system at least to fix security issues. Check if the latest version of iOS is running by opening “Settings” → “General” → “Software update”

You won’t lose any photos or messages when you update, although some applications may require re-authorization.

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Reset all settings

This solution should be tried last.

Go to “Settings” → “General” → “Transfer and reset” → “Reset” → “Reset all settings”… Be careful as you can delete all data. You may need to sign in to your Apple ID again.

How to Reset All Settings on iPhone

How to Reset All Settings on iPhone

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What if iMessage still doesn’t say Delivered?

If you’ve tried all of the above and iMessage still won’t send delivery notifications, there are two possible options. First, the problem might be related to the recipient’s device. In this case, advise the user to take the above steps.

In addition, your number may have been blocked (blacklisted). In this case, iMessage will probably write anyway “Delivered”, however, the message will not appear on the recipient.

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