Checking traffic fines online for free: sites and applications

There are different situations on the road. Probably, there are no such drivers who have never violated the traffic rules. The traffic police strictly monitors the order, issuing fines to violators. Today, this is most often done automatically, which excludes corruption. And fines can be paid online, having learned about their existence using electronic services.

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Why check traffic fines?

Vehicle owners should find out about their unpaid fines from the traffic police for several reasons:

  • In fact, 70 days are given to pay the fine. 60 – this is directly for the payment of the fine, and another 10 – for its appeal. If no repayment occurs within this period, then, according to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, Article 20.25, the amount of recovery will double.
  • During the first 20 days from the date of issue of the fine, the traffic police allows you to pay it with a 50 percent discount, so there is no need to delay the resolution of the issue.
  • Sometimes you have to deal with technical errors. It is possible that you have an unpaid fine that you repaid in due time. You will have to figure out why the money did not reach the addressee, and how you got into the number of debtors.

Given these factors, it is better to regularly monitor the situation for outstanding penalties from the traffic police. And free electronic services will help in this, the most popular of which we will present below.

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Where can you check fines at the traffic police?

Traffic police website

Traffic police website

This option is the most obvious, but for some reason many people forget about it. Meanwhile, the website of the traffic police offers a service for checking fines. To obtain the necessary information, it is enough to enter into the form the state registration number of the car, as well as the number of the certificate of its registration.

Check the fine on the traffic police website

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Portal “Gosuslugi”


This portal was created in order to provide citizens with a wide variety of services. Among them is the payment of fines. You just need to enter the driver’s license number and registration certificate into your profile, and the system will automatically pull up the data on fines. If this information does not come to you, then check the correctness of the information entered into your personal account.


Check the traffic police fine on “State Services”

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Mayor of Moscow website

Mayor of Moscow website

Few people know that the website of the mayor of Moscow also has a service for checking traffic fines. Apparently, the authorities decided not only to inform citizens about their activities, but also to help them with the help of electronic services. The advantage of this option is the ability to check fines tied directly to Moscow services. For example, the “Administration of the Moscow Parking Space” may impose a financial penalty for unpaid parking.

Check the traffic police fine on the website of the mayor of Moscow

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Bank sites and applications

Large banks organize their own services to pay fines. And there, too, you can check the penalties imposed by the traffic police. Usually, it is enough to enter only the driver’s license number or registration certificate to obtain information about the availability and amount of fines for violation of driving rules.

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Service “YuMoney”

Now Yandex.Money is called YuMoney. But with the renaming of the payment system, its main services have not disappeared. Other facilities include the ability to check traffic fines.

Check the traffic police fine on the website “YuMoney”

This can also be done in special free UMoney applications for mobile systems:

Traffic police fines: check, payment (Android)

Traffic police fines of the Russian Federation – check with photo and online payment (iOS)

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Service “@fines” on


Another large domestic IT company,, has its own service for checking unpaid traffic fines.


Check traffic fines on

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Mobile applications

And if you are not satisfied with the options proposed above, then you can use mobile applications from other developers. There are many options for both iOS and Android. And when choosing, you can focus on the rating of the application.

How to check traffic fines online for free: the best sites and applications

RosFines: check fines (iOS)

RosFines Traffic police fines with photo payment online (Android)

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