Can I connect missing (stolen) AirPods to someone else’s iPhone? Will Apple protection work?

Apple AirPods have already become something of a status symbol, thanks to its premium value and recognizable design. But such qualities of the gadget make it an attractive bait for potential kidnappers.

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Obviously, AirPods are more vulnerable to theft than other Apple devices, because the device is not protected by iCloud Activation Lock. This means that an attacker can easily connect stolen AirPods to his device.

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Lost (stolen) Airpods, is it possible to bind missing headphones to someone else’s iPhone?

If you lost or someone stole your AirPods, then it is not difficult to connect the headphones to another iPhone.

All that is required of the finder or attacker is to put both AirPods in the charging case and hold the settings button for a few seconds.

AirPods headphones

But the rightful owner of the device does exactly the same when resetting their settings to solve software problems.

After the reset procedure, your AirPods will no longer be tied to any of any Apple devices. There they can still be displayed in the settings, but this will not prevent the new owner from using the headset.

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What should I do if my AirPods are stolen (lost), but I still have a case from them?

It may seem to you that the thief or finder will not be able to use your AirPods if you still have a charging case. This makes some sense, since the headphones must be placed in a case to connect them to another iPhone.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to use any other case for AirPods for these purposes.

Headphones AirPods work with any case for charging, provided, of course, the compatibility of models. The case for the Pro model will only work with AirPods Pro.

Thus, if a thief has stolen your AirPods, you can still connect them to another iPhone just by using a different charging case. Perhaps a separate case stolen from someone else will be used for this.

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And if only one of a pair of AirPods headphones was stolen (lost)?

One earpiece from a pair of AirPods is certainly less useful to a thief than a pair. But if the offender stole a second earphone from someone, then you can pair the pair together to form a complete set and use it with a case for charging. The owner can only console himself by the fact that he can still listen to music with one remaining earpiece.

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Can I track stolen or lost AirPods?

application Locatorformerly known as Find iPhone is a very useful tool for tracking many of your missing Apple devices, including AirPods.

Open app Locator on a connected Apple device or open the section Find iPhone on If your AirPods were connected to a device using Locator, you should see them on the list along with your other devices.

Can I track stolen or lost AirPods?

You can track AirPods when they have an active connection to one of your Apple devices. This happens when one or more of your AirPods is out of the case and located in the Bluetooth range of your device. Headphones must have a residual battery charge.

application Locator Marks the location of your AirPods on a map and plays sound as an aid to search. This will be useful if you lost your AirPods somewhere in the apartment or among the furniture, and not someone stole them. But this method can still help you find a thief in a small room.

Can I track stolen or lost AirPods?

If your AirPods are dead, then Locator shows only their last known location and offers no other tracking options.

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Is it possible to block stolen (lost) AirPods?

On most Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can use the app Locatorto block them when they go missing. This stops anyone who finds your device from setting it up and using it as their own.

Combined with an activation lock, this is a great way to scare away potential thieves, as using stolen Apple devices becomes an incredibly difficult task.

Unfortunately, none of these features are available for AirPods.

You cannot block missing AirPods or do anything to prevent the new owner from connecting them to your iPhone. Combined with the high price of the device and its lightness with compactness, this makes AirPods an attractive target for potential thieves.

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Can I buy a left or right earphone and an AirPods charging case separately?

If someone stole your AirPods, the first thing you should do is report it to the police. If your home or property insurance affects AirPods, then you can use the police report when applying to the insurance company. Without insurance, you will have to pay to replace AirPods.

Fortunately, Apple offers a partial replacement service, so you can only replace separately the headphones or charging case that you are missing.

This service is not cheap, so having lost the whole set, it may be easier to buy new AirPods in the store.

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Apple AirPods replacement cost:

How to identify fake AirPods?

AirPods (1st or 2nd generation): from 5,000 rubles for each headphone

Case for wireless charging AirPods: from 6 000 rubles.

Case for charging AirPods: from 5 000 rubles.

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Apple AirPods Pro replacement cost:

AirPods Pro Water Protection

AirPods Pro: from 7,000 rubles for each earphone

AirPods Pro Charging Case: From 8,000 For Each Earphone

Silicone ear pads AirPods Pro: from 400 rubles per pair

You can order a replacement pair of AirPods online using the Apple Support website. To do this, you need to indicate the serial number of your AirPods, which you can find on the box printed on the AirPods case or on the page Basic → About This Device in the application Settings iPhone

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