Blek game for iPhone and iPad – a masterpiece of minimalism

In the App Store, puzzles like “match three”, “put the word”, “tetris”, etc., similar to each other like drops of water, are added every day, but there are too few original games of this genre. However, if you dig deep enough, you can find some very fascinating applications.

Download Blek for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (App Store)

Puzzle Blek is able to make the user spend hours running his finger across the screen, sincerely rejoice at success and massively destroy nerve cells after failures.

Blek game for iPhone and iPad is a truly original puzzle

As usually happens in such cases, to get a great result, the developers did not have to draw stunning graphics, order soundtracks from renowned composers and think over each level to the smallest detail. In the puzzle, the game and the process are exclusively important, and in Blek a simple but rather interesting mechanism is used for this.

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So, at each level there are balls of different colors and “black holes”, which, of course, must be avoided. The goal of the user is to collect colored balls by drawing an arbitrary curve with his finger, after which it will move around the screen like a snake, repeating the figure created by the player in cycles.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

It is quite difficult to explain the principle of the game in words, so we recommend everyone to personally try Blek on your iPhone or iPad.

Download Blek for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (App Store)

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