Applications for school on iPhone and iPad: an overview of useful programs

The training has begun, which means that it is time for schoolchildren and students to think about preparing for classes. In the process, it will not be superfluous to supplement the training on textbooks by downloading useful applications to a smartphone or tablet that can significantly make life easier during the study period.

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In this collection you will find five useful Russian-language programs, thanks to which it will be easier for a student or schoolchild to cope with the organization of the educational process, work on difficult-to-master subjects and save time searching for the necessary information on a particular discipline.

Applications for school and university students on iPhone and iPad: an overview of useful programs



Another organizer, but already designed for schoolchildren and has the corresponding functional features. In addition to scheduling lessons and monitoring your own progress, using the program, you can quickly record homework using a camera or voice recorder, and then share it on social networks or via Bluetooth, receive notifications when the beginning and end of a lesson is approaching, make notes on subjects, etc. etc.


The developers also took the trouble to create a widget and a version of the app for the Apple Watch.

Download iSchool for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch (App Store)

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Castle quiz

Castle quiz

An intellectual quiz, created primarily for high school students who plan to take the USE or other exams this year. An uncomplicated game is designed for two players (selected at random) who try to capture each other’s castles, answering questions from the school curriculum in various subjects: mathematics, chemistry, literature, history, etc.

Castle quiz

You can install Castle Quiz on iPhone or iPad for free, there are no in-app purchases.

Download Castle Quiz for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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Knowledge app for iPhone

Knowledge is a kind of social network for schoolchildren and students, created as part of the project. Thanks to the service, students can quickly exchange relevant information regarding the learning process and help each other with laboratory work, homework, coursework and diploma projects.

Knowledge app for iPhone

According to the developers, most of the questions can be answered here in a detailed and, most importantly, correct answer in a matter of minutes. This was achieved due to the rating system – the more benefit one student or student brings to another, the higher his rank and position in the rating.

Download Knowledge app for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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Foxford Textbook

Foxford Textbook

Unlike the previous application, the Foxford textbook contains materials not only for mastering the school curriculum, but also for in-depth study of one of eight disciplines. In addition to 3000 topics from the standard school course for grades 5-11, presented in an easy-to-understand form, there are more than 500 video lessons from teachers of Moscow State University, MIPT and HSE, which deal with the most problematic nuances for most schoolchildren in certain subjects.

Foxford Textbook

The Foxford tutorial is free to download and use, but you will need a premium subscription for full access to the content.

Download Foxford for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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Photomath iPhone app. Learn math step by step

“Calculator with a camera” – this is how the developers themselves call their application. The program has become quite popular among schoolchildren and allows you to solve mathematical problems (arithmetic operations, equations, inequalities, etc.) without even entering data using the keyboard. Simple enough point the camera at a task, even if it is written by hand in a notebook or on a blackboard, and the application will recognize the text with a high degree of probability and then give the correct answer.

Photomath iPhone app. Learn math step by step

Download Photomath for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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iStudiez ProiStudiez Pro

A student organizer that will allow you to streamline the flow of events taking place in each educational institution – lectures, seminars, laboratory work, workshops, tests and exams in this application can be easily arranged on the shelves, marked with the desired color, add a thematic icon, duplicate, etc.

iStudiez Pro

There are also special sections for entering information about teachers and fellow students (reception hours, contact details, etc.).

Download iStudiez Pro for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch (App Store)

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