Apple’s Rules for Success: 11 Principles Employees Must Follow

Former Apple employee Huxley Dunseny shared his experience at the company and posted a photo of his work badge, on the back of which is posted 11 rules of success by the vice president of business development of the European office of Apple John Brandan, designed to inspire and motivate employees of the corporation.

“It [Джон Брэндон] was a great guy in communication, despite his high position compared to my then low status. It seemed that he really lived by these rules and made his organization feel like something special even during the period when Apple was just beginning to rise, ”wrote Dunseny.

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In 2004, Apple’s position was nowhere near as strong as it is now. At this time, the company had just unveiled its first iPod Mini, and work on the project for the first iPhone was only in its early stages.

According to a former Apple employee, his favorite rule was # 5, “Everyone sweeps the floor.”

“This means that there is no unimportant or insignificant work. In other words, you don’t need to be arrogant just because you work at Apple or got a promotion, or your salary is an impressive amount – the basic foundation matters and you should always help, no matter how high you have taken off or how important you think you are, ”explained Dunseny.

Dunseny worked as a product consultant for Apple, but the rules apply to other areas as well.

Apple rules

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Apple’s rules of success

one… Let go of the past and make the most of the future;

2… Always be honest, we want to hear bad news sooner rather than later;

3… We expect the highest level of conscientiousness, if you are in doubt – ask;

four… Learn to be a good entrepreneur, not just a good salesperson;

five… Each person sweeps the floor;

6… Be professional in your style, communication and commitments;

7… Listen carefully to clients, they do not always understand what is at stake;

eight… Create mutually beneficial relationships with our partners;

nine… Back up each other, it is always useful to exchange information;

10… Don’t take yourself too seriously;

eleven… Have fun or it won’t be worth it.

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