Apple Watch Series 7 review

In September 2021, at California Streaming, Apple unveiled a slew of products, both software and hardware. Among other things, a new watch was shown, which received the predictable name Apple Watch Series 7. And although analysts expressed timid hopes that the watch would receive a completely new design with clear chopped edges, corresponding to the current iPhone or iPad Pro lines, this watch model did not receive a revolutionary appearance …

Nevertheless, the Apple Watch Series 7 has noticeable improvements (including external ones). We will talk about them in more detail below.

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Apple Watch Series 7 display

Apple Watch Series 7 display

The watch screen is what falls at first glance. And significant changes in the appearance of the Apple Watch Series 7 are associated with the new, enlarged screen. The watch received new dimensions, now with a height of 41 and 45 mm, whereas earlier they were versions with 40 and 44 mm. It seems that the changes are almost minor, but according to Apple, the screen size has grown by almost 20% relative to the Apple Watch 6.

Comparison of display sizes of Apple Watch 7, 6 and 3

The screen size has grown with thinner bezels that are now only 1.7mm wide. The design of the display has been rethought specifically for this. And so that users can better experience the benefits of the larger display, WatchOS 8 introduces two new watch faces designed specifically for the Apple Watch Series 7. The larger display is more comfortable for the eyes and more comfortable to use with your fingers.

Apple Watch Series 7 display

The screen resolution of the 41-mm model is 352 × 430 pixels, while the 45-mm model has 396 × 484 pixels. The area, respectively, is 904 mm2 and 1 143 mm2… It’s still always-on, bezel-less OLED LTPO Retina display. Only now this “framelessness” has become even more obvious. The touch sensor is integrated directly into the OLED panel, forming a coherent whole with it. This, in turn, allowed both to reduce the thickness of the display and to make the bezels thin. The manufacturer believes that it is much easier to handle pressing with a hold than pressing with force (as was the case with the use of Force Touch technology). Display brightness is 1000 cd / m22

The display is protected by a tough, crack-resistant Ion-X front glass. The front glass received a new design, with a flat base, which made it possible to provide the very same protection against cracks.

Apple Watch Series 7 display

This glass is twice as thick in the center area as in the Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 7 display

The watch has an Always-on display function. In fact, the Retina display is always on and displays basic information. You can see it even without a pronounced hand movement. Indoors, the display now glows 70% brighter in this inactive mode. Apple has been able to optimize the performance of its watch so that this mode has little effect on the overall autonomy of the device.

Apple Watch Series 7 display

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Apple Watch Series 7 case

The watch comes in two case versions: 41 × 35 × 10.7 mm (41 mm) and 45 × 38 × 10.7 mm (45 mm). In the first case, the device weighs 32 g, and in the second – 38.8 g. The main body material is recycled aluminum. The shape remains compact, but the screen has been enlarged. Ceramic and sapphire crystal are used to create the back panel.

Apple Watch Series 7 has received new colors, which is also a way to draw attention to this product. Now the watch is offered in colors: blue, green, dark night (black), red (PRODUCT)RED and a shining star (white).

Apple Watch Series 7 colors

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Digital Crown Wheel

It seems that when Apple decides, for some reason, to abandon the proprietary Digital Crown on its watch, it will be a real revolution for this product. In the meantime, this element has not gone anywhere, it still has a tactile response – when you scroll the wheel, you can hear the characteristic classic clicks. The wheel is important, as it also serves as a sensor when taking an ECG. In general, this item has not received any updates.

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“Iron” Apple Watch Series 7

Modern electronic watches have long since departed from the function of showing only time. Today it is a complex computing system that requires adequate hardware power. For its watches, Apple creates a proprietary system that is narrowly specialized for solving specific problems. For example, Apple Watch Series 7 runs an S7 system with a dual-core 64-bit processor. It is a relative of the Bionic series found in the latest iPhones. So there is no doubt about the speed and economy of this solution. The new system is 20% faster than a similar one hosted in Apple Watch SE. But there are practically no differences from the S6 system watches installed in the previous model.

Inside the Apple Watch Series 7, there is a 32 GB drive, which is more than enough for the watch (do not forget that it works in conjunction with other Apple devices, much more capacious). The device has a Bluetooth 5.0 module and proprietary chips U1 (for spatial awareness) and W3 (for wireless communication). The watch can work with Wi-Fi 802.11 b / h / n at 2.4 and 5 GHz. The models presented in Russia will receive a GPS / GLONASS module, but the Wi-Fi + Cellular model will also be available in other markets.

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Protecting Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 water resistance

Since a device of this class is constantly on the hand, it is exposed to an increased risk of damage – it is easy to hit the watch on something or hook it, put it in the water. This is why Apple Watch Series 7 security is so important. The manufacturer claims that this model is the most durable of all produced. And it’s not just about the improved screen protection we mentioned above. The robust front glass is part of the system.

The watch has received protection from dust, having IP6X certification. And the water resistance is WR50 for swimming. This allows the watch to sink to a depth of 50 meters. So in them you can safely swim in the sea or control the distance covered in the pool. But the manufacturer warns that when diving, water skiing, and others involving diving to great depths or contact with water at high speed, it is better not to use the watch.

Apple Watch Series 7 water resistance

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Apple Watch Series 7 features

Apple Watch Series 7 did not receive any new functionswhich were available, for example, in the Apple Watch Series 6, but we will briefly describe the most useful ones.

To be fair, it should be noted that a really useful feature still appeared in the Apple Watch Series 7 – a real on-screen keyboard, with which you can reply to messages directly from the watch. But! Unfortunately, the keyboard does not work with Russian yet.

Competitors may release their own watch models, which may be lighter, thinner or with a large screen. But the main feature of the Apple Watch is its rich functionality, which other manufacturers simply cannot implement. This device meets all the needs of the modern active person.

Apple Watch Series 7 features

Paired with your iPhone, Apple Watch Series 7 gives you quick access to all the information you need. It will be easy to read it from the big screen. You will always be aware of news and events. The watch will help you call back to the office, answer an urgent message, determine the direction of movement using a compass.

The Wallet app stores valuable information. Now you can pay for purchases right from the clock, use bonus cards, show your boarding pass at the airport.

Wallet app on Apple Watch

And the built-in Siri helps you find answers to important questions and even translates words and phrases into another language.

Siri on Apple Watch

The Maps app will help you navigate, as the watch’s built-in tactile drive will lightly tell you the direction of turn.

The function of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood over the past year not only has not lost its relevance, but has become even more necessary – the coronavirus epidemic does not even think to subside. The watch measures this important indicator, which is directly related to the general state of the body. The oxygen level in the blood shows how well our lungs oxygenate the blood. The Apple Watch Series 7 smart sensor and dedicated app allow the wearer to get the information they need, day or night, as measurements are taken in the background. The sensor consists of four LEDs and four LED clusters located on the rear panel. The measurement itself lasts no more than 15 seconds and does not disturb the person in any way.

Apple Watch Series 7 sensors

The ECG application plays an important role. The Apple smartwatch can capture an ECG comparable to a single lead electrocardiogram. For a wearable device, this is an important opportunity, with its help, medical specialists can obtain additional data about a person’s health, and he himself will gain additional peace of mind. Indeed, at the first unfavorable symptoms, you can immediately consult a doctor. The ECG app uses electrodes built into the Digital Crown and the back of the watch to operate. From the owner of the watch, you just need to put your finger on the wheel for 30 seconds. This will allow you to take a cardiogram and present it in the form of a graph. And the smart app will automatically analyze the results for heart rhythm disturbances.

ECG on Apple Watch Series 7 in Russia

Even when a person is asleep, his Apple Watch Series 7 is doing invisible work. The Sleep app doesn’t just keep track of how long you sleep. With its help, a person can adjust the regime of day and night, form a set of actions that should be performed before falling asleep. The watch will help you go to bed on time and get better rest. In a dream, Apple Watch Series 7 will track your breathing rate. Directly on the watch, you can get information about your dream, how it deviated in one direction or another from the norm.

Apple Watch Series 7 helps you fight stress. The clock seems to recommend taking a short pause in the middle of a busy day, taking a breath. The “Mindfulness” application now has the “Reflection” function, which will help you to put your thoughts in order. This is facilitated by beautiful animation. Another way to relax and focus is meditations, accompanied by video and audio, which are present in Apple Fitness +.

Apple Watch will continue to perform well in fitness. The watch allows you to choose dozens of workout options; to start them you need only one tap on the screen. Apple Watch Series 7 generally tracks all physical activities of a person. The Apple Fitness + app will be helpful to help you upgrade your goals. With the help of the enlarged display, it will be even more convenient to monitor your performance. The list of workouts on the Apple Watch is amazing, with exotic activities like squash, rock climbing, Pilates, and Taijiquan. There is an opportunity through Share Play to train together with friends.

Apple Fitness +

The Fitness + service will finally come to Russia. New workouts of various durations appear in it every week. With the help of the watch, you can choose one of the available 11 types of workouts and practice them with music. And the dynamically changing personal indicators of the watch will be transmitted to the screen of the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

For cyclists, Apple Watch Series 7 offers a new opportunity. The watch will automatically detect that the person has started pedaling, prompting you to start a workout.

Cycling with Apple Watch

The fall detection function has been optimized for this type of training, as well as for others. The function of audio feedback will be appropriate, which will inform by voice about changes in important indicators: distance, speed, etc. Those who are engaged in e-bikes will be pleased to learn about the improvement of the algorithm for calculating the calories burned.

Activity on Apple Watch

The level of motivation is supported by the activity rings “Mobility”, “Exercise” and “Warm up”. They show how you moved throughout the day. At the same time, the indicators of your activity can be exchanged with friends or you can challenge them in a competitive challenge. All this only increases the level of motivation, because it is always interesting to score more points than others.

Apple Watch Series 7 is a useful guide to the world of music. You can find tens of millions of songs in Apple Music, and the watch allows you to listen to audio podcasts and audiobooks directly from you. With them, it is so convenient to play sports and listen to fascinating stories through a speaker or wireless headphones.

The watch is also equipped with a compass, an accelerometer that reacts to falls by sending signals to emergency services, a gyroscope, a light sensor and an always-on altimeter. It helps you track descents and ascents.

For Apple Watch Series 7, you can create your own watch faces based on your style and hobbies. So, if you love snowboarding, then why not place air temperature, wind strength and humidity on the watch screen as additional widgets. Created watch faces can be sent to other users.

Apple Watch faces

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Apple Watch Series 7 battery life

Apple Watch Series 7 battery life

Increasing the screen size and resolution, increasing the brightness in idle mode and Always-on Display did not affect the autonomy of the watch. The lithium-ion battery installed in the Apple Watch Series 7 allows you to work in active mode for up to 18 hours (as in the Apple Watch Series 6). The manufacturer describes this mode with the phrase all-day or all day.

The charging system has been completely reimagined for the Apple Watch Series 7. The corresponding components received a new architecture. With a USB-C cable with fast charging, you can replenish 80% of your battery in just 45 minutes. This is one third faster than the previous model. Just 8 minutes of charging is enough to track the next 8 hours of sleep.

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Apple Watch Series 7 Package Contents

Recently, Apple has embarked on a policy of reducing the number of accessories supplied with devices in a bid to reduce its environmental impact. This also affected the Apple Watch. The watch now comes with a magnetic charging cable and an R-size sport pin-and-tuck strap, painted to match the case. But Apple Watch Series 7 now ships with a meter-long USB-C cable instead of the previous USB-A. This will help speed up charging, and the transition to a new universal standard cannot be denied. And the power supply can be found in the kit only with luxury options, which in Russia are unlikely to appear on the official sale.

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Do the old bands fit the Apple Watch Series 7?

It is no secret that for the owners of any watch it is also important which bracelet or strap will be on the wrist. After all, this largely determines the comfort from using the device. Apple offers a wide variety of watch accessories that vary in colors, materials and textures.

It is important that despite the slight change in the size of the watch, it retain compatibility with previous series accessories… In other words, you can wear the Apple Watch Series 7 on a monobracelet too (6 colors available, two options: smooth and braided, and 9 sizes).

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Specifications (specifications) Apple Watch Series 7

Specifications (specifications) Apple Watch Series 7

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Apple Watch Series 7 price in Russia

In fact, in Russia there will be two variants of the Apple Watch Series 7 in an aluminum case. The 41 mm model is suitable for a wrist with a girth of 130-200 mm, it costs 36,990 rubles. The slightly larger 45mm model will fit well on a 140-220mm wrist. These Apple Watch Series 7 will cost 39,490 rubles. Unfortunately, in our market there will be no models with the ability to work in cellular networks or luxury models with a different body material.

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