Apple TV Control Center: How to Open and Use?

With the release of the tvOS 13 Update, Control Center is available for the first time on Apple TV. Although this feature is not as advanced for a set-top box as for an iPhone or iPad, the concept remains the same: give users direct access to the most important device settings.

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How to use Control Center on Apple TV

As with other Apple devices, Control Center for Apple TV can be invoked anytime you use an app or interact with the tvOS interface.

To open Control Center, simply press and hold the “Home»On the Siri Remote for a second or two. The Control Center should appear at the right edge of the screen.

How to bring up tvOS Control Center on Apple TV

To close Control Center, click the “Home” or “Menu»On the Siri Remote.

As on iOS, this element is a semi-transparent matte panel that appears over the image on the screen. Unlike iOS, where Control Center takes up the entire screen, the Apple TV version is a vertical shutter located at a quarter of the screen width.

The following sections of the Control Center are available:

  • date and time… The current date and time is displayed at the top of the overlay, based on the format associated with your language. To change, you need to go to Settings → General → Region
  • Apple TV users… A scrollable list of users that you can quickly switch between.
  • Dream… Put Apple TV and all connected devices to sleep.
  • Performed… This menu shows what kind of music the STB is currently playing.
  • AirPlay… Access to the AirPlay menu.
  • Search.

A detailed description of each section will be given below.

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Apple TV Control Center widgets

date and time

Apple TV Control Center widgets

Many users would always like to have an extra small clock in the corner of the tvOS interface. For the time being, Apple did not pay attention to these wishes. But the tvOS Control Center resolved this issue – a clock with a date appeared there.

User switching

Apple TV Control Center widgets

Each user account on Apple TV is represented by a circle with an image and username. To quickly switch to another Apple TV user account, use the remote to highlight it, then press the touch surface.

In fact, the Control Center has a shortcut for the new user switching feature in tvOS 13 and newer software versions, which can also be accessed via Settings -> Users and Accounts -> Current User (in detail).

Multiplayer support on tvOS

How to enable multiplayer on Apple TV

How to enable multiplayer on Apple TV

Sleeping mode

Apple TV Control Center widgets

Before tvOS 13, you put your Apple TV to sleep by invoking the menu “Dream” by long pressing the button “Home»On the Siri Remote on the home screen. In tvOS 13 and newer versions of the software, this action has been moved to Control Center as a shortcut “Dream”… Just highlight this widget and then press the touch surface to put the device into sleep mode.

This will also disable all devices connected to the Apple TV’s HDMI port, such as your TV and hi-fi equipment. You can do it differently by choosing Settings → Sleep

To wake up the device from sleep mode, simply press any button on the remote control.


Apple TV Control Center widgets

As in Control Center for iOS, the “Performed“In tvOS Control Center displays basic information about the song currently playing on this Apple TV through the”Music“. It is about the title of the song, the album, the name of the artist, as well as the cover.

In the widget “Performed»Any multimedia information other than music is not displayed. Do not expect the title of the currently playing movie or TV show to appear there. Highlighting the widget and pressing the touch surface will take you to the “Performed” in the application “Music“.

AirPlay access

Apple TV Control Center widgets

You can now access the AirPlay menu using Control Center in tvOS 13.

Unfortunately, this is a fairly simple widget that takes you to the AirPlay selection menu. We first saw it in the tvOS 11 software update. While you won’t be able to choose between AirPlay sources from tvOS 13 Control Center, Apple still lets you hold down the Siri Remote play button on the home screen to bring up the detailed AirPlay menu.

If you have used this functionality before, then you already know what to do: swipe left / right on the remote control to move between AirPlay 2 devices in your home and up / down to turn on or off individual devices: Apple TV, AirPlay 2 speakers in the kitchen, HomePod in the living room, etc.

You can also press and hold on the source that is currently playing audio. This will adjust the volume. If you have AirPods, this menu is where you can switch audio from Apple TV to headphones.


Apple TV Control Center widgets

If you prefer to browse search results (found in content categories such as movies, apps, TV shows, etc.), then the app will definitely help you with this.Search“.

In tvOS 13, the shortcut “Search“Is the last option in the lower right corner of Control Center. Highlight the icon and click on the touch surface to open the “Search“.

Apple TV Control Center widgets

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