A cloudy camera on an iPhone (front or main) or why the optics stopped focusing

The camera is one of the most demanded modules of any modern smartphone, so the problems with it are especially upsetting for users. At the same time, complex electronics and optics are practically not amenable to serious repair, but, fortunately, in most cases, the deterioration in the quality of images occurs for easily eliminated reasons.

If we talk about problems with iPhone cameras, then most often users complain about a blurry image or incorrect autofocus. There may be several prerequisites for blurring the picture, and, naturally, the complexity and cost of restoration work directly depends on the diagnosis.

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Blurry photos due to dirt and scratches on the camera

Cloudy camera on iPhone (front or main)

Let’s start to analyze the reasons for the appearance of a cloudy iPhone camera with the most common cases.

Even a little dirt on the lens can affect autofocus performance, and for older models (especially the 4-inch iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c / SE), debris in the camera is almost inevitable over time. It is quite easy to remedy the situation if there is external contamination, which can be removed with a special cloth or an ordinary napkin and alcohol. If dirt gets inside the case, the device will have to be disassembled, and in the most difficult situations, when the module matrix is ​​dirty, you will need to completely replace the camera.

In addition, the lens of a smartphone over time becomes covered with small scratches, which may well cause deterioration in focus and blurring of the image.

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Cloudy camera on iPhone: check the condition of the case, protective glass or film

Protective glass on the iPhone camera

Another common scenario is when a user complains about a cloudy iPhone camera, and the problem is low-quality accessories. For example, during shooting, the edge of a case that is not quite suitable in size may fall into the camera lens and interfere with autofocus, or the protective glass of the front panel that loses transparency may negatively affect the operation of the front camera. In rare cases, autofocus may also not work correctly due to the influence of the magnetic elements of some cases.

In this case, it will not be difficult to solve the problem – just remove the cover, protective glass or other accessory from your iPhone and wipe the camera with a soft cloth.

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Software glitch

A rare but likely reason for iPhone camera degradation. To eliminate the factor of software failure, you should get rid of third-party applications that replace the standard camera viewfinder, and also reset iOS settings.

Mechanical breakdown

The worst situation that occurs when there is damage as a result of falling or getting liquid inside the case. In this case, most likely, you cannot do without a visit to a service center and a complete replacement of the camera.

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Manufacturing defects

Cloudy camera on iPhone (front or main)

In 2015, Apple determined that the iPhone 6 Plus series of smartphones had been improperly manufactured, resulting in blurry photos from the cameras of the defective devices. In such cases, the company launches advanced programs for the return of gadgets with their replacement free of charge. You can get acquainted with the current replacement programs at this link.

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