70 Interesting Facts About IT Technology You May Not Know About

In our selection you will find a lot of interesting information from a wide variety of industries – computer technology, smartphones, social networks, games and more.

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70 interesting facts about IT technologies

one… In the Himalayas (southwestern China), there is a red panda (red panda). In English it is called “Firefox”. This word inspired the creators of the popular browser … only for some reason they put a red fox on the logo, not a panda.

Red panda

2… The very first Apple logo featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. An apple hangs over him, about to fall.

70 Interesting Facts About IT Technology You May Not Know About

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3… In 2009, Google Corporation rented … goats from California Grazing! What for? They are very effective in controlling weeds on the lawn laid out around the headquarters of the “corporation of good”.

Goats on Google

four… Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a dropout student who was dropped from Harvard. That, however, did not prevent him from creating the world’s most popular operating system for computers and one of the richest IT companies on Earth.

Schoolboy Bill Gates

five… … But the Gates house was designed with a Macintosh computer.

6… The word “robot” comes from the Czech “robota” (work).

7… Compact discs (CDs) are read from the inner circle to the outer and written exactly the opposite.

eight… You cannot reverse a transaction via Bitcoin. On the other hand, no one can make you pay either.

nine… The average computer user blinks 7 times per minute. The normal rate is 12 times per minute.

10… The world’s first tape recorder was created in 1956 and was comparable in size to a piano.

eleven… A typesetter’s fingers “run” 20 km a day on average.

12… The world’s first alarm clock was able to ring only at 4 o’clock in the morning.

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13… World Computer Security Day is celebrated on November 30 each year.

fourteen… On April 1, 2005, NASA told the world that it had found water on the surface of Mars. The trolling was a success.

fifteen… It took radio 38 years to gain a market audience of 50 million listeners, television 13 years, iPod 3 years.

sixteen… A picture taken by the very first camera in the world would have had to wait 8 hours.

first camera

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17… The creators of the PNG photo format wanted to be called “ping”.

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eighteen… Skype is officially blocked in China.

nineteen… The Apple II computer received a 5 MB hard drive.

apple II

twenty… Text from the screen is read 10% slower than from paper.

21… The name of the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu is taken from one of the African languages. It means “I am because of you.”

22… In 1932, University of Washington professor August Dvorak created a keyboard of the same name. The Dvorak keyboard is more comfortable than the traditional QWERTY – it does not get tired hands and type faster. But it never became a standard. However, if desired, it can be included in any modern OS.

23… The QWERTY keyboard was invented by Christopher Scholes in 1868.

24… The computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1964.

first computer mouse

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25… The first commercial computer with a graphical user interface and mouse was the Apple Lisa (June 1983).

apple lisa

26… The first computer (calculating machine) was created by Charles Babbage in 1822.

Charles Babbage's car

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27… 1,024 gigabytes equals 1 terabyte, 1,024 terabytes equals 1 petabyte.

28… 1 petabyte can hold 13.3 years of HDTV video.

29… According to statistics, 86% of people try to insert the USB cable upside down.

thirty… The last game for the Sega Mega Drive console was released in 2010. It turned out to be so popular that it sold out even before its release.

31… Since 2008, video games have been purchased more often than DVDs.

32… The average age of a gamer in the United States is 35.

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33… In 2010, the US Air Force used 1,760 PlayStation 3 to build a supercomputer. Why not computers? The military said the PS3 is a more economical and environmentally friendly option.

34… The first console to offer real-time online gaming was the Sega Dreamcast.

35… Video game surgeons make 37% fewer mistakes.

36… The company Nintendo (the creator of Pokemon Go) was founded in 1889 and for many decades produced only playing cards.

37… Email predates the Internet.

38… In 2004, the @ symbol was added to Morse code. Before that, nothing had been added to it for several decades.

39… The very first Internet domain (site name) was called www.symbolics.com and was registered on March 15, 1985.

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40… According to the Message Anti-Abuse Working Group, 88 to 92% of all emails sent in the first half of 2010 are spam. Today the presence of spam in online correspondence has grown to 97%.

41… The first person in the world to be arrested for spreading spam was Anthony Greco, and this happened in 2005.

42… The first Internet browser was called Netscape Navigator. It was released in 1994, and at its peak of popularity, up to 90% of Internet traffic of those years passed through it.

43… All letter combinations from aaa.com to zzz.com are already registered.

44… Every second on the Internet site eBay.com there are transactions in the amount of 680 dollars.

45… Spammers receive only one response for every 12 million emails sent.

46… The domain www.YouTube.com was registered on February 14, 2005.

47… Amazon sells more e-books than it has paper books in its catalog.

48… Amazon’s first name was Cadabra.com. Service founder Jeff Bezos changed the name after he noticed that his lawyers often confuse the words cadabra and cadaver (corpse).


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49… The very first Internet service provider in the world was CompuServe.

fifty… The name of the once popular Internet service Yahoo (since September 14, 1995) is consonant with the characters in the book “Gulliver’s Travels” by writer Jonathan Swift. In it, “yehu” or “ehu” were disgusting humanoids who inhabited the country of virtuous horses-guygnhnms. In the image of ehu, who did not like people in general, Swift reflected all human vices.

51… The first banner ad appeared in 1994.

52… In 1984, 1,000 devices were connected to the Internet, in 1992 – 1 million, in 2008 – 1 billion.

53… In 1999, PayPal was named one of the ten worst business ideas of the year.

54… 97% of people type words into Google just to see if they are spelling them correctly.

55… Google processes 35 billion searches every month.

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56… Only 4% of Arab women use the Internet.

57… Phantom Vibration Syndrome is a new disease that emerged in the era of smartphones. This is when it seems to you that the phone vibrates, but in fact nothing happens.

58… There are magnets in the headphones.

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59… The first ever mobile phone call was made by Motorola employee Martin Cooper in 1973. He called from a New York street.

60… Nokia, a popular company in Russia, was founded in 1865 and for a long time was engaged in the production of paper (later rubber products).

nokia foot

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61… The first Nokia mobile phones appeared in the 1980s. last century.

62… The first commercial SMS was sent in 1992.

63… Every second inhabitant of our planet has never called a mobile phone in his life.

64… The mobile phone number 666-6666 was auctioned for $ 2.7 million.

65… Initially, Apple wanted to release the first iPhone with an apple-shaped body.

Steve Jobs presentation

66… Facebook got its interface in blue because its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, does not distinguish between red and green.

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67… Roughly 20% of all YouTube videos are related to music in one way or another.

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68… If you find a bug in Facebook’s security system, you will be paid $ 500.

69… Members of every eighth family in the United States met online.

70… Google’s first tweet to Twitter was posted in February 2009. It says: I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010 “, which means” I’m lucky. ” (“I’m feeling lucky”).

Google's first tweet

71… Domain name registration was free until 1995.

72… In 1956, 5 megabytes (5 MB) of data weighed a ton.

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