5 Ways to Make iPhone Speakers Louder

Many have found themselves in a situation when, during a trip, it turns out that they have forgotten the Bluetooth speaker at home. Or, for example, while preparing lunch, the user tries to listen to a podcast, but nothing is heard due to the gurgling of the tap and the hiss of the frying pan. There are many situations where you need to turn up the volume on your iPhone, but there is no way to use a bluetooth speaker or headphones.

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Here are five free and easy ways to make your iPhone a little louder.

1. Flip iPhone

5 Ways to Make iPhone Speakers Louder

The speakers on iPhone are at the bottom of the device. To increase the volume, simply turn the device over so that the sound is not drowned out by any surface or object, such as a table top. This will make the sound a little louder and cleaner. With your iPhone propped up, also make sure that the speaker is facing up.

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2. Roll your palm around the iPhone speaker

5 Ways to Make iPhone Speakers Louder

This method is good if you hold the iPhone in your hands, for example, to watch YouTube. Just curl your palm in a semicircle near the speaker and sound waves can bounce off your hand towards your ears.

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3. Mode “Late night” in the equalizer

Late Night Mode in Equalizer

Please select “Settings”“Music”“Equalizer”and then the mode “Late night”

Late Night Mode in Equalizer

Of all the EQ modes available on the iPhone, this is the loudest. However, if the sound on the iPhone is at its maximum, you can hear slight distortion when operating in this mode.

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4. Place the iPhone in the bowl

5 Ways to Make iPhone Speakers Louder

This trick has been around for many years. Just place your iPhone in a bowl with the speaker facing down. Sound waves will bounce off the bottom and sides of the selected cookware, thereby increasing the volume.

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5. Make the iPhone speaker yourself

The bowl trick works great, but you can even better channel the sound waves. All you need is a toilet paper roll or roll of paper towels, a couple of plastic or paper cups, and scissors. Make a slot in the sleeve large enough to fit the iPhone. Then make holes in the sides of each glass and slide them over the grommet.

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