IPad Air 4 (2020) vs iPad 9 (2021)

We can say that the tablet market is stagnating, or we can call it stable. At least one of the manufacturers feels very confident on it – Apple. While other companies are looking for meaning for themselves to release products of this class or are trying to interest them with their current models, Cupertino seems … Read more

Review of Evergarden for iPhone and iPad – a puzzle game unlike any game you’ve played before

Writing a review for Evergarden is not an easy task for several reasons. Firstly, I don’t want to immediately give out all the “goodies”, little surprises and pleasant things that make Evergarden such an amazing game. Secondly, even when you play it several times, you still do not fully explore. Download Evergarden for iPhone or … Read more

Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Series 6 vs. SE?

Traditionally, in September, Apple updates its smartwatch lineup. In 2021, the Apple Watch Series 7 was introduced, which received an enlarged screen. And its predecessor, Apple Watch Series 6, disappeared from sale on the official website. However, this model will still not be difficult to find from authorized resellers. ♥ BY THEME: Calibrating Apple Watch: … Read more

Review of Monument Valley 2 for iOS – the sequel to the popular puzzle game

The announcement of the sequel to the masterpiece puzzle Monument Valley 2 came as a surprise to many attendees of the WWDC 2017 Opening Conference. the release of the second piece of the puzzle has truly become an event in the mobile gaming industry. Download Monument Valley 2 for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Just … Read more

Apple Watch Series 7 review

In September 2021, at California Streaming, Apple unveiled a slew of products, both software and hardware. Among other things, a new watch was shown, which received the predictable name Apple Watch Series 7. And although analysts expressed timid hopes that the watch would receive a completely new design with clear chopped edges, corresponding to the … Read more

IPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro lineup hardly looks like a major upgrade. Of course, the new product surpasses its predecessor in almost all respects, but mostly only due to software “chips”. ♥ BY THEME: Comparison between iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 Pro (12 Pro Max). As it is already becoming a tradition, the … Read more

Mushroom 11 for iPhone and iPad is an addicting puzzle game set in a post-apocalyptic world

In literature, cinema and computer games that exploit the post-apocalyptic setting, the main character is almost always a person. And it is extremely rare for the authors to take a risky step – to allow a fictitious disaster to sweep humanity off the face of the earth. And this is not surprising – building a … Read more

Euclidean Lands game – original strategy for iPhone and iPad in the spirit of Rubik’s cube

An exciting game has been added to the range of the App Store online catalog Euclidean Landswhich combines the incredible architecture of Monument Valley and the turn-based gameplay of Hitman Go. Download Euclidean Lands for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Users will play as a miniature warrior traveling through worlds consisting of three-dimensional levels, something … Read more

How do birds know how and where to fly south?

Back in school, we were taught that with the onset of autumn, birds go south. In reality, this picture is far from so unambiguous. First, not all species migrate. It would seem that it is possible to tie flights with the onset of cold weather and a lack of food supplies, but there are birds … Read more

Drag and drop text, photos and videos between apps on iPhone: how does it work?

It’s no secret that drag-and-drop gestures have performed very well on iPadOS. Unsurprisingly, Apple decided to test this feature on large tablet screens first. But with the release of iOS 15, you can drag and drop content to the iPhone as well. ♥ BY THEME: Website tinting in Safari on iPhone and iPad: how to … Read more

Comparison between iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 Pro (12 Pro Max): what are the differences?

The Pro models in the last three generations of Apple smartphones clearly stand out. They are chosen by those who want to get a little more opportunities (especially when shooting photos and videos) relative to the basic models. With the release of the iPhone 13 series, the situation has not changed – the best and … Read more

Review of the game Euclidean Skies for iPhone and iPad: an impressive puzzle adventure game with support for augmented reality

The game Euclidean Skies, that is, Euclidean Heavens, is a continuation of the rather successful puzzle Euclidean Lands (respectively, Euclidean Earths), which, in turn, combined the mechanics of the Rubik’s cube familiar to everyone from childhood and something similar to the turn-based strategy Hitman Go from Square Enix … As for the sequel, much more … Read more

Make a caricature from a photo for free: an overview of the Caricaturer service

Recently, sketches, cartoons and friendly miniatures are gaining popularity again. But artificial intelligence doesn’t want to keep up with humans. Not so long ago, an online service appeared that, based on photographs of people, creates their caricatures. The name of the service is quite eloquent – Caricaturer. ♥ BY THEME: Old Face in FaceApp is … Read more

Programs for recovering deleted files on a hard drive or SSD of a computer: 10 of the best applications

For those working professionally at the computer, the loss of valuable information can be the worst nightmare. Various situations are possible that will lead to the loss of data. It can be a failure caused by damaged hardware, or files accidentally deleted by the user himself. ♥ BY THEME: How easy it is to learn … Read more

Impossible Road game – high-quality minimalist runner for iPhone and iPad

Runner, as a game genre, literally reborn with the development of mobile platforms – endless entertainment that does not require full concentration of attention and active mental activity, ideal as a time-killer during a long trip or boring lecture. Another representative of this family is a game Impossible Road by Wonderful Lasers. Download Impossible Road … Read more

Background of sites in Safari (tinting) on ​​iPhone: how to enable / disable

Shading websites in Safari in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is one of those controversial design choices that not all users enjoy. Many people think that it is better not to change anything in the design of the tabs than to take such steps. And although the function is considered additional, non-core, it is enabled … Read more

120Hz on iPhone display: how to turn it on or off?

Finally, Apple has equipped its smartphones with the much anticipated and considered important function for modern flagships. Starting in 2021, representatives of the Pro line received a screen capable of operating at a frequency of 120 Hertz. ♥ BY THEME: Which iPhone holds the battery better? Comparison of the battery life of all current iPhones. … Read more

How to quickly open any system preferences in macOS – 5 ways

The sophisticated, multi-faceted mechanism of Mac operating system settings comes with a native, friendly user interface. To get comfortable in MacOS System Preferences, a person needs to remember just a few rules. ♥ BY THEME: 4 professional tips for getting productive in Mail on Mac. Using the context menu in the Dock With the classic, … Read more

The program is larger than 200 MB: how to disable this limitation on iPhone or iPad: 2 ways

Surely every owner of an iPhone or iPad at least once faced a situation when an urgent need to download an application, but there is no access to Wi-Fi. Of course, you can use the mobile Internet, but in this case, iOS allows you to download a game or other program, the size of which … Read more

How to clear (delete) Telegram cache on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or Mac

Sooner or later, any active user of Telegram may face an interesting problem – the device’s drive turned out to be full, although no large files were placed. And it’s all the fault of our favorite messengers, which not only transmit us huge amounts of information, but also store it. This problem is especially critical … Read more

How to change the background of the Safari home page on iPhone and iPad

One of the biggest and most noticeable changes to iOS 15 (detailed review) on the iPhone is the completely redesigned Safari browser. The application has changed both externally and internally. The new Safari should make one-handed operation easier and more customizable. In particular, the user can now set their own background. Here’s how you can … Read more

Review of Incase accessories for Apple technology

Anyone who owns Apple technology quickly begins to appreciate the simplicity and convenience that accompany the work with these devices. And in order to protect them from various kinds of influences or even slightly improve their work capabilities, various manufacturers offer a considerable scattering of accessories. Some of them attract only by price, others focus … Read more

Full iPad mini 6 Review (2021)

The iPad mini line has its own interesting life. Some genuinely wonder why such a small tablet is needed at all, because the size of smartphones is constantly growing. Others enjoy the compact and powerful solution. It is no coincidence that Tim Cook emphasized the popularity of iPad mini among pilots and doctors at the … Read more

What’s the difference between the iPad 9 (2021) and the iPad 8 (2020)?

With the release of the new 9th generation iPad, Apple has discontinued the previous 10.2-inch tablet. However, last year’s device is still relevant in the aftermarket and unofficial retailers. ♥ BY THEME: 5 ways to make iPhone speakers louder The update of the line of 10.2-inch devices should be considered minor, noticeable improvements can be … Read more

Blue Screen Error (BSOD) Video Scheduler Internal Error in Windows: How to Fix it?

Errors are found on all computers, yours is no different from others. You have to understand that this is just a machine that faces a wide variety of hardware or software problems. ♥ BY THEME: How to bring iPhone or Android screen to Windows computer. The most critical error in Windows 7, 8, 10 is … Read more

What’s the difference between the iPad 9 (2021) and the iPad 8 (2020)?

With the release of the new 9th generation iPad, Apple has discontinued the previous 10.2-inch tablet. However, last year’s device is still relevant in the aftermarket and unofficial retailers. ♥ BY THEME: 5 ways to make iPhone speakers louder The update of the line of 10.2-inch devices should be considered minor, noticeable improvements can be … Read more

Thimbleweed Park for iPhone and iPad: the ultimate retro adventure game from the creators of Maniac Mansion and Secret of Monkey Island

Terrible Toybox, which is largely made up of former LucasArts employees, ran a crowdfunding campaign in 2014 to develop an old-school adventure game codenamed Thimbleweed Park. Download Thimbleweed Park for iPhone and iPad (App Store)Download Thimbleweed Park for macOS (Mac App Store) Then they managed to collect over 600 thousand dollars, which were then spent … Read more

5 Ways to Make iPhone Speakers Louder

Many have found themselves in a situation when, during a trip, it turns out that they have forgotten the Bluetooth speaker at home. Or, for example, while preparing lunch, the user tries to listen to a podcast, but nothing is heard due to the gurgling of the tap and the hiss of the frying pan. … Read more

IPad 9 Review: Apple’s Most Affordable Tablet in 2021

At the fall presentation of 2021, Apple presented, in addition to the new iPhone 13, an updated model of the company’s most affordable tablet – iPad 9 (2021). The main updates were expectedly the processor and camera. ♥ BY THEME: How to recognize text from photos on iPhone and iPad without installing third-party applications. 9th … Read more

1979 Revolution: Black Friday game for iPhone and iPad – immersive interactive historical drama

The Iranian revolution of 1978-79 is rarely remembered in our country. Nevertheless, this event influenced the course of world history, no less than in its time the Great French Revolution. Adventure game 1979 Revolution for iPhone and iPad suggests going back almost forty years to see firsthand that sometimes striving for the best leads to … Read more

Kenshō review for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac – an extraordinary adventure in a surreal world where nature, time and space intertwine

At the first glance at the trailer for the atmospheric puzzle Kenshō from the Russian developers FIFTYTWO, the magnificent animation and soundtrack are immediately striking, but it is difficult to judge the gameplay from the short video. Basically, the gameplay of Kenshō combines the mechanics of the well-known “tag”, “three in a row” and 2048 … Read more

IOS 15 Review: 50 Most Important Tips

This is not to say that Apple surprised everyone. At the presentation of iOS 15, the main focus was on the social capabilities of FaceTime and iMessage, which, frankly, very few people use here. But new features in iOS 15, of course, appeared. ♥ BY THEME: Can I charge my iPhone or iPad with a … Read more

Hidden calculator, or how to use Siri to solve examples on iPhone and iPad

The voice assistant Siri is well known to iPhone and iPad owners, but not everyone uses its capabilities to the maximum. As a rule, only basic Siri functions are very popular – often we ask the assistant to set a reminder or alarm. Another basic function is a calculator, but for some reason few people … Read more

How to take a screenshot on a Windows computer: 4 ways + the best programs to take screenshots

Windows users are well aware that there is a Print Screen button on the keyboard to take screenshots. But what if this key is not physically present, or is it labeled in an incomprehensible way? Then you need an alternative way to take screenshots in Windows. Moreover, as practice shows, the classical method using the … Read more

iMessage and SMS: why are iPhone messages blue or green?

Many iPhone owners regularly face the problem of separating the types of text messages in the standard iOS messenger, the Messages application. The iOS developers tried to make the application as convenient as possible by combining SMS / MMS and iMessage correspondence in one application, but as a result, they confused inexperienced users even more. … Read more

FaceTime audio or how to make free calls from iPhone or iPad

For a long time, the function Facetime in iOS is a popular and very convenient means of communication. Many users appreciated the opportunity to make video calls to their families and friends around the world for free. However, do not forget that in addition to the video, Facetime also implemented the function of audio calls. … Read more

How to disable Apple Arcade (unsubscribe before trial expires) so that money is not charged

Apple Arcade is a subscription service that offers an entire set of games for just $ 1.99 per month. At the same time, access to applications is open to multiple devices and is available to six family members through Family Sharing. ♥ BY THEME: How to transfer current call from iPhone to iPad or Mac. … Read more

IPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max review: what’s new?

Apple smartphones are creations in their own right, leaving little room for compromise. Here are the best cameras, great screen, the fastest processor. But for those who “want a little more,” the manufacturer recommends the iPhone Pro version. These models are in demand, including by professionals. After all, we are not just talking about extra … Read more

How to listen to Apple Music in a browser on Windows (or Mac) computer

The popular streaming service Apple Music doesn’t just run on iPhones and iPads. You can also listen to music on Apple Watch, Apple TV set-top box, as well as computers running macOS and Windows. In this post, we will share two official ways to allow you to use Apple Music subscription on computer. ON THIS … Read more

Bitcoin exchange rate: how to look at the iPhone in the Promotions application

In 2016, the cryptocurrency market noticeably reeled after the so-called “halving” of the main digital coin – bitcoin, but today virtual money has not only returned, but also increased its popularity. In this article, we will tell you how to track the rate fluctuations of the three most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) from … Read more

Search, no network or why the iPhone does not see the SIM card

Sometimes users face such a problem while traveling, using roaming, after reinstalling iOS, hardware repair (battery or display replacement) of the smartphone, or a long period of inactivity (without recharging) – the operator logo disappears on the iPhone and there is no connection to the cellular network. Let’s try to figure out what is the … Read more

How to work with documents Word, Excel on iPhone and iPad

It happens that Word, Excel, Pages, Keynote and Numbers documents created on Windows or Mac require urgent corrections, and only an iPhone or iPad is at hand. How to provide for the possibility of editing documents, as well as their synchronization between all iOS devices and computers, we will tell in this material. ♥ BY … Read more

How to enable dark theme on Apple TV

Starting with tvOS 10, the Apple TV set-top box has become available, among other things, in dark colors (Dark Mode). This mode is useful for those who like to watch a movie at night without light, as the dark mode makes useful information more visible (icons, menus, posters, etc.). How do I enable it? ♥ … Read more

25 useful products for studying on AliExpress, which are useful for schoolchildren and students

There is very little time left before the start of the new academic year, which means it’s time to think about whether a schoolchild or student has everything necessary to successfully confront the granite of knowledge. In the selection below, we have collected 30 useful products for school and university. Briefcases and bags Backpack with … Read more

IPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini review: what’s new?

Taking into account the three-year update cycle for Apple smartphones, the 2021 model was supposed to be a logical evolutionary development of its predecessor. They did not expect a revolution from the new iPhone, especially since the naming itself confirmed this – with the number 13, Apple was clearly not going to start the countdown … Read more

Delivered Messages on iPhone: How to Fix Not Delivered Error in iMessage

In an era when more and more people are using the iPhone, there are things that can be very annoying. For example, when iMessage doesn’t say “Delivered” when sending a message. This can happen with several contacts. Frequent notifications “Not delivered” also does not appear. In such a situation, the user may not know if … Read more

How to find all Internet accounts associated with your email or phone number

Since we started working on the web, most of us have created a huge number of accounts in various online services. But today we hardly use even half of them. And the email address or phone number is ultimately misused. Let’s try to find all the accounts associated with your email address. ♥ BY THEME: … Read more

Continuity Camera, or How to Take Photos on Mac with iPhone Camera

Starting with macOS Mojave, Apple’s desktop operating system has a useful new feature called Continuity Camera (Camera Continuity), designed for taking photos or scanning documents using the iPhone or iPad camera. In this case, the photos automatically appear in the document on the Mac. This happens without the need to additionally sync devices or manually … Read more

How to make a painted portrait from a photo for free

Recently, Internet services are becoming more and more fashionable, which allow you to change a person’s appearance. And if at first glasses and a beard were added to the face, then the development of artificial intelligence gave new opportunities. Not so long ago, users were carried away by transforming themselves in photographs into persons of … Read more

When a movie is better than a book: 7 examples of successful film adaptations

“The book is much better” – this is the kind of review received by 99% of film adaptations, and their creators are fiercely criticized for miscasting, deviations from the original plot, choice of locations, etc. There are, however, pleasant exceptions, which are listed below. ♥ BY THEME: TOP-10 popular but banned films. It is worth … Read more

Transistor is a futuristic action RPG for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Surely many mobile (and not only) gamers will easily remember the first major development of Supergiant Games – Bastion, released in 2013. Fans of such action-RPGs are strongly recommended to download another suitable product of the American studio – Transistor… Download Transistor for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (App Store) The game takes place in … Read more

Motorcycle breaks iPhone camera – Apple

In September 2021, an article appeared in the device support section of the Apple website that will certainly attract the attention of motorcyclists. The document states that powerful vibrations generated by motorcycle engines can negatively affect the performance of iPhone cameras. ♥ BY THEME: How to turn on flash (flashlight) on calls and notifications on … Read more

Review of the game Darkest Dungeon for iPad: Journey of Mad Thugs through Lovecraft’s Nightmare

At first glance, Darkest Dungeon for iPad may seem like the most ordinary work of art in the RPG genre with the addition of roguelike elements, but if you do not abandon the game at the very beginning, then soon the user will begin to discover all the advantages of this project. Download Darkest Dungeon … Read more

How to make an emergency call to emergency services using Apple Watch

The media periodically reports that the iPhone has once again saved a person’s life. Fortunately, Apple’s smartphone not only serves as a means of communication, but also allows you to call for help if necessary. If you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need emergency assistance, but you can’t get your iPhone in … Read more

How to find, download and change wallpapers on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Question “How to download and install new wallpapers?“One can often hear from newbies who have just recently acquired an iPhone or iPad. This problem becomes more relevant if there is an interesting image, either captured with a smartphone camera or sent by friends. By following the instructions below, you can easily set any picture you … Read more

[Игра года по версии Apple] Inside review for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV from the creators of Limbo

Following the success of the horror-platformer Limbo, developers from the Danish studio Playdead decided to keep the same dark style and structure in their next project. Inside also tells the story of a boy escaping the forces of evil and solving puzzles, but this is only at first glance, inside the game is not at … Read more

Xiaomi products on AliExpress: 15 best gadgets

Not so long ago, the Xiaomi brand was taken seriously only by connoisseurs of the Chinese market, while for most users it was just another “noun” from the Middle Kingdom. However, in recent years, the company has significantly expanded the network of branded stores and official retailers, as well as diversified its product line, moving … Read more

How to uninstall apps from iPhone and iPad: 3 main ways

Some iPhone apps look great in words. But once you install them, it turns out that it is only in reviews that the programs work so well. And often, annoying in-app purchases noticeably interfere with its functionality. ♥ BY THEME: Which iPhone holds the battery better? Comparison of the battery life of all current iPhones. … Read more

Is it possible to leave the iPhone connected to the charger overnight, or how to properly charge the smartphone

Today smartphones are an integral part of our life. We use them so often that we have to charge the batteries of our mobile devices almost every day, and sometimes even more often. Due to the fact that we leave smartphones alone at night, it is at this time of the day that the charging … Read more

How to uninstall apps on Apple TV: 2 ways

Often, after experimenting with installing various applications on Apple TV, many of them will eventually become unnecessary and will simply take up space on the set-top box. If you still don’t know how to uninstall apps on your Apple set-top box, this step-by-step guide will help you get there. ♥ BY THEME: How to restart … Read more

How to configure Windows to eject USB sticks and drives without using Safely Remove.

One of the first lessons in working with flash drives involved removing them from a computer port. Everyone knows that you cannot turn off a USB flash drive unexpectedly, while writing information to it. And at the end of the work, it is necessary to carry out Safe Removal devices. But in Windows 10, the … Read more

TOP 10 examples of ridiculous company logos

Marketers and designers are creative people, which means they are not always able to be critical of their own creativity. Together with the connivance of their leaders, this leads to various kinds of curious situations. In today’s review – the most ridiculous company logos. ♥ BY THEME: There are 16 circles in this picture, can … Read more

What the first logos of Apple, Playboy, Pepsi, Mercedes and other famous companies looked like

At one time, Steve Jobs did not skimp on a $ 100,000 fee for Paul Rand, the author of the brand identity of the newly minted company NeXT. After all, readiness for change is a wonderful quality, but the more successful the start, the longer they are not needed. A rewarding experience, illustrated by the … Read more

Yuri Hysterica is the best parodist of Russian stars on Instagram: 40 photos

Celebrities often post photos on Instagram in which they pose in extraordinary outfits and original poses, with unusual things, trying to amaze and impress their spoiled followers. It is these posts that are the goal of the blogger with the pseudonym Yuri Hysterica, who shoots funny parodies of stars. ♥ BY THEME: Who has the … Read more

Prohibited films: TOP 10 popular films banned in certain countries

It is believed that banning films only fuels interest in them and is often deliberately provoked by the creators. However, cinema without a license and a distribution certificate in the vast majority of cases loses almost all potential profit, and the reasons for the ban are sometimes so unclear that one involuntarily begins to doubt … Read more

Private Site on iPhone and Mac: What is a feature for?

Apple conferences are also interesting because in addition to the presentation of major products, for example, the release of new versions of operating systems, new functions and services are presented to the attention of developers and ordinary users. They are not always in the spotlight, but after a while more information about them appears and … Read more

Moshi iGlaze Hardshell Case: Sleeve for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

For many users, the MacBook is more than just a laptop. It is the main working tool, media center and communications center. Realizing the importance of this already expensive device, I want to look after and protect it. Of course, this is just soulless electronics, but scuffs and scratches on it can be frustrating. ♥ … Read more

How to turn off autoplay on Apple Watch

Most Apple Watch owners are familiar with the audio player app Running – it automatically launches by default whenever you play audio through the app “Music” or “Podcasts” on iPhone. A similar screen appears during audio playback through any third-party iPhone app that also has an Apple Watch extension. ♥ BY THEME: 3 types of … Read more

Thomas Was Alone is a poignant parable about friendship, loneliness and the desire for freedom

Indie projects are subtle and peculiar games that not every gamer can appreciate. Every year, developers put out a huge number of projects on the mountain, but only a few of them achieve recognition and commercial success. Minimalistic platformer Thomas was alone from Bossa Studios is just one of those cases. This game is a … Read more

Home button on the iPhone screen (Assistive Touch): how to turn it on and use

What is Assistive Touch (virtual Home button) for? The feature – one of Apple’s best practices for people with disabilities – allows you to quickly access specific applications and settings using gestures. This is useful when you do not have the ability to use the physical buttons on the iPhone (for example, the lock button … Read more

Moshi VersaCover iPad Review: Innovative Magnetic Folding Case

It is difficult for fans of Apple technology to ignore Moshi accessories. Its products are able to significantly diversify the scenarios for using gadgets, make working with them more convenient and simple. This time, our attention was drawn to the iPad case. The product is called VersaCover and has an interesting foldable cover fitted with … Read more

How to merge multiple videos into one on a MacBook, iMac, or other computer on macOS

If not everyone, then many people know that the macOS platform is perfectly tailored for creative people creating content. There are a huge number of exclusive applications, thanks to which a whole expanse is opened for the realization of even the most daring fantasies. In this article, we will tell you how to quickly use … Read more

How to combine multiple PDF documents into one using Preview on macOS

Quite often, when preparing a report, presentation or other document that includes a number of separate fragments, it becomes necessary to combine various files – texts, tables, PDF documents, etc. This can be done both using special programs and standard macOS tools. ♥ BY THEME: How to change the default app to open files on … Read more

Moshi Flekto miniature charger for Apple Watch

Moshi does not produce many accessories, but they stand out noticeably against the background of their faceless Chinese counterparts. These products are always in demand both at home and in the office, as well as on a walk or trip. Moshi accessories are distinguished by quality and ergonomics, which makes you pay attention to them. … Read more

What a mobile phone, laptop, player, game console looked like 50 years ago

Today we can no longer imagine our life without a variety of smart and not so devices. They provide our everyday life, entertain us, and are an instrument of access to the ocean of information. But this was not always the case. The first gadgets were bulky, noisy, and often uncomfortable. Far from everyone believed … Read more

TeraBox: 1 TB free cloud

Each of us gradually acquires certain information throughout our lives. And modern digital technologies only increase its volume. If earlier we kept commemorative films on one shelf, tapes and reels of audio on the other, and family photos on the third, now all this is perfectly coexisting in a computer. Moreover, even portable drives have … Read more

How Facebook rose: from a hostel to a global corporation

In a matter of years, Mark Zuckerberg went from a talented studio artist to a new Silicon Valley idol, and his company from an after-school craft turned into a business worth $ 1 trillion. Facebook serves 2.5 billion people and is one of the most significant social, cultural and economic platforms on the Internet. What … Read more

DISCOUNT (459p → 29p) Review of the game Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes for iPhone and iPad

Such games do not appear out of nowhere. First of all, beautifully drawn stories with the right characters and classic behavior, the separation of characters into good and bad, gradually went out of fashion. This can be seen even in those cartoons that have been popular in recent years not only among children, by the … Read more

50 universal tips for business success

Every successful businessman has his own secrets of achieving prosperity in business, but there are also universal recommendations that work for almost any person in any field of activity. Business Insider has compiled a list of tips for your success. ♥ BY THEME: Does IQ affect success, or what prevents us from becoming successful people? … Read more

Moshi Sette Q: Premium Dual Fast Wireless Charging

People have long dreamed of a time when it would be possible to completely switch to wireless technologies. And if it seems that everything worked out with the transfer of data, then with charging it is not so simple. The popularity of such solutions is growing slowly, albeit steadily. And the wireless charging function is … Read more

How to include YouTube lyrics next to a clip in any browser on your computer

Sometimes, when listening to songs of domestic artists, it is quite difficult to make out some of the words; there is nothing to say about foreign artists. Thanks to the expansion Lyrics Here for Google Chrome (and other browsers) on a computer, you no longer have to use search engines to “decrypt” a song you … Read more

Applications for school on iPhone and iPad: an overview of useful programs

The training has begun, which means that it is time for schoolchildren and students to think about preparing for classes. In the process, it will not be superfluous to supplement the training on textbooks by downloading useful applications to a smartphone or tablet that can significantly make life easier during the study period. ♥ BY … Read more

How to turn off GPS on Apple Watch to increase battery life?

Starting with the second generation, Apple Watch smart watches have received an enlarged battery, which significantly extends the operating time of the gadget. However, for some users this is not enough and they want to extend the battery life of the watch even more. It is logical to assume that for this you need to … Read more

How much time do you spend in each application on iPhone or iPad, how to find out

If you cannot live a minute without your precious mobile device and suspect that you are starting to develop an addiction, we recommend that you first calculate the exact amount of time you spend in applications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. ♥ BY THEME: Tags in Notes on iPhone, iPad and macOS: how … Read more

How to create an email in Gmail

Google Gmail is one of the most popular free email services, offering many convenient features, including massive storage, spam blocking, and more. If you’ve never used Gmail before, we’ll show you how to create an account in the instructions below. in the service, change the password or delete unnecessary messages. How to register with Gmail.com … Read more

What Remains of Edith Finch review: a touching tale of misfortune, curse and negligence

For most people, games are a time killer that allows them to disconnect from reality and pressing problems for a while. But there are also projects of a different kind. They, like elite alcohol, leave a unique and deep aftertaste. Some games throw up philosophical questions, so much so that you want to stop, think … Read more

Review of the game SteamWorld Heist – one of the best turn-based strategy games on iOS and Mac

Back in 2013, Image & Form studio declared itself as a promising game developer, presenting the SteamWorld Dig project. The creative method of developers is to borrow ideas from other games and rework them, complementing them with outstanding design and a balanced combination of all elements. This principle can be traced in the next hit … Read more

How to turn off headphone mode on iPhone: why iPhone thinks they’re connected

Both the iPhone and iPad have two different volume modes called Headphones and Ringer. These modes work separately from each other, allowing the smartphone to automatically change the volume level when the user unplugs or plugs in the headphones. ♥ BY THEME: How to recognize text from photos on iPhone without installing third-party applications. The … Read more

11 interesting inventions for health, home and recreation

People are cunning, persistent and lazy creatures at the same time. Faced with another problem, we prefer not to suffer and endure, but to find an alternative way to solve it. Often surprisingly creative. Vacuum bin Someone in the old-fashioned way sweeps crumbs under the carpet, others exploit robotic cleaners with might and main, and … Read more

DISTRAINT game – psychological adventure thriller for iPhone and iPad

The full name of the application is “DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror”, which means the presence of the original desktop version from which the game was ported to iOS and Android, as well as graphic design in pixel art style, which does not lose its popularity in the era of almost cinematic possibilities game designers. Download … Read more

Oddmar is one of the best platform games for iPhone and iPad from the creators of Leo’s Fortune

If you are a fan of platformers, by no means miss out on this great game Oddmar from Mobge. It has everything a great platformer needs – a wide variety of jumps that will require all your dexterity and skill to complete, a fair amount of villains that you need to destroy, and a storyline … Read more

13 unusual facts from the history of the IT industry

Sometimes technologies appear, develop and disappear for very strange reasons. The most interesting incidents “on the topic” are collected in our selection. Wi-Fi technology appeared thanks to the Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr is a famous Hollywood film star of the classical era. She is also a gifted mathematician and an expert on defense systems (she … Read more

How to receive SMS (iMessage) messages from iPhone to Mac or iPad

Starting with OS X Yosemite, there is a useful feature on Mac called SMS Continuity (Message Forwarding), which allows you to receive (forward) SMS messages from iPhone to Mac. The essence of the function is the ability to forward SMS messages from iPhone to Mac and vice versa. You can use Forward Messages only between … Read more

Bruno Catalano’s Torn Travelers: A History of Unique Sculptures

Anyone who has seen such works of art will certainly not be able to forget them. “Travelers” by Bruno Catalano are dozens of unusual sculptures, significant parts of which have been literally torn out. It’s amazing how the top holds up at all! However, this is the “trick” of the project. As a result, the … Read more

GPS and GLONASS: what it is, how it works and what is the difference

Today navigation is a necessary and very popular thing. Over the past few years, navigation chips have become commonplace in mobile gadgets and other electronics. There are GPS and GLONASS navigation systems, let’s figure out what each of them is and study the principles of operation. ♥ BY THEME: How to follow someone who was … Read more

How to quickly go to the top of the page (top) on an iPhone in any application

From the earliest days of the iPhone, it has a great feature – a quick “climb” to the top of the page from anywhere, for example, on a website page in Safari, correspondence in instant messengers, a note or any other application. To do this, just touch the upper part of the screen (status bar) … Read more

Review of Transcend JetFlash 930C – USB-C and USB-A flash drive

Flash drives have become our indispensable helpers for a while. It turned out that even a compact device can carry significant amounts of data. Flash drives turned out to be so popular that numerous manufacturers began to compete not only in technical capabilities, but also in the appearance of devices. And this accessory has become … Read more

DISCOUNT (1749r → 899r) Inspire Pro – one of the best drawing programs for iPad + case studies

The Apple Tablet is, without a doubt, the most popular mobile device among digital painting enthusiasts, and for good reason. In the App Store, you can easily find a lot of drawing applications, many of which have enough functionality to create full-fledged masterpieces. Download Inspire Pro for iPad (App Store) One of such programs – … Read more

How to protect WhatsApp from hacking with 2-step verification

Back in early 2017, the WhatsApp messenger received the option of two-factor authentication, which allows you to secure the data on the device from unauthorized people taking possession of it. It is not necessary to update the messenger to activate this option. ♥ BY THEME: 10 Useful WhatsApp Options Everyone Should Know How to protect … Read more

How to recover a deleted Downloads folder in the Dock on Mac

The Downloads folder in the Dock is extremely handy for quick access to downloaded files. If you accidentally delete it, or if it disappears from the Dock for some other reason, you probably want to return it to its original location. Fortunately, it is quite easy to return the Downloads folder icon to its original … Read more

How to return the Safari search bar in iOS 15 to the top

In early reviews of the iOS 15 beta, everyone noted significant and important changes to the Safari browser interface. Perhaps this is the most obvious rethinking of the program’s design since its introduction on the iPhone. The changes were obvious, but not everyone was happy with the option Apple proposed. ♥ BY THEME: How can … Read more

Review of the game Northgard for iPhone and iPad

The Northgard game appeared in Early Access in early 2016, and the final release took place in 2018. Nevertheless, this product remains relevant, which is facilitated, among other things, by constant updates. The harsh northern world lives, develops and offers the player new challenges. At the same time, the game has absorbed several genres at … Read more

Bitcoin vs Ethereum: What’s the Difference Between Cryptocurrencies

At one time, it seemed that cryptocurrencies were something fashionable and fleeting. Someone invested in them and managed to get rich, but many bite their elbows, having suffered a financial collapse. Today we can state that this phenomenon has already become an integral part of life. Cryptocurrencies make money, they pay with them, and someone … Read more

The Weather app in iOS 15: an overview

In 2020, Apple acquired the popular Dark Sky weather app, and in iOS 15, some of the program’s features were included in the official weather app. The Weather app’s design has undergone major changes in iOS 15, making it much more useful for predicting future weather. ♥ BY TOPIC: Safari Tab Groups on iPhone, iPad … Read more

The Bunker – interactive psychological thriller for iPhone and iPad

Interactive horror The bunker Is a joint project of two independent studios Splendy Games and Wales Interactive, in the creation of which the authors of The Witcher, Broken Sword and SOMA had a hand. The game takes place in an abandoned bunker in the context of the third world war, and the main role was … Read more

Daggerhood Review for iPhone and iPad: High-Quality Pixel Platformer with Unique Mechanics

Many people have developed their love for platformers by playing Prince of Perisa and its many varieties and clones on various platforms. The game is considered a classic, albeit outdated. Any fan of this genre knows that a successful game is a game with the ability to creatively use the time to complete it. Empty … Read more

Apple Watch activity rings: what do they mean and how do I close them?

Today, all technology strives to be smart. Smart functions have long been settled in our phones, today a modern person cannot imagine his life without an advanced assistant in the form of a watch. Moreover, they help to monitor activity and health, and not only provide convenient and easy access to time indication and notifications. … Read more

How to save Gifs (gif) to iPhone or iPad

Starting with iOS 11, Apple’s mobile operating system has learned to automatically recognize “gifs” and save them in a separate folder in the Photos app. ♥ BY THEME: How to add a voice notification when iPhone or iPad is charging. Where are Gifs on iPhone or iPad hosted The saved GIFs are displayed as animated … Read more

Self-deleting WhatsApp messages: how to send

In August 2021, WhatsApp introduced a new feature in its iOS and Android apps. With its help, users can exchange photos and videos that disappear immediately after opening. The very name of this function speaks volumes about its essence – “One-time viewing”. It removes content immediately after another person has viewed it, a similar feature … Read more

Adventures of Poco Eco for iPhone and iPad is a hybrid of a puzzle and an interactive clip

In 2016, an unusual project was released Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds for iPhone and iPad, a collaboration between Possible Games and Hungarian musician iamuank. Download Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Genre affiliation Adventures of Poco Eco cannot be strictly defined. At first, you may … Read more

How to disable autoplay of video and audio on sites in Safari on Mac

Sites on the Internet have long ceased to be text pages with rare inclusions in the form of pictures. Thanks to web technologies, multimedia has become an integral part of the web. ♥ BY THEME: How to enable Incognito Mode (Private) by default in Safari on macOS and iOS. Entering this or that page, we … Read more

How to drag and drop multiple icons on an iPhone or iPad at once

Starting with iOS 11, Apple developers implemented a multi-touch feature that allows you to move application icons in groups, collecting them in a group from the entire screen in an arbitrary way. It is quite simple to do this and, for sure, such an opportunity will be useful for many users. ♥ BY THEME: How … Read more

How to remove duplicate files (photos, etc.) and free up space on Mac: the best free apps

Many users have probably faced the problem of a large number of duplicate files. Copies take up a lot of Mac SSD space, slow down the installation of updates, and are confusing when looking for a specific file. ♥ BY THEME: How do I use Quick Notes on Mac and iPad? In most cases, duplicates … Read more

Quick Commands on Mac: How to Use

Commands are a really quick way to get things done in macOS. But initially, users are afraid to use this tool, because even the process of running prepared scripts is not easy for a beginner. ♥ BY THEME: How do I use Quick Notes on Mac and iPad? Even if you’ve never used the Teams … Read more

Short Notes on Mac and iPad: How to Use?

Short Notes is a new feature that first appeared in the Apple operating system update: macOS 12 Monterey and iPadOS 15. The name itself unambiguously hints at the ability to create quick notes without opening the dedicated Notes application. With the function on Mac and iPad, you can quickly save information without switching applications. ♥ … Read more

Gold Plated HDMI Cable: Will the Picture Quality Be Better if I Buy a Gold Cable?

If you recently purchased an HDMI cable, you could see firsthand how the prices for this product vary. HDMI cables with gold-plated contacts stand out from the total mass of proposals, and not only the price, but also the capabilities attributed to them. ♥ BY THEME: There are 16 circles in this picture, can you … Read more

How to add app shortcuts, folders, and files to the Finder on macOS

Users who have just recently switched to a Mac may not be familiar with all the benefits of the system at first. Compared to Windows, in Apple’s OS, a lot of the actions are done intuitively. However, not all operations are completely obvious, therefore, below we give an example of the interaction of folders and … Read more

How many iPhones and Macs can be linked to an Apple ID and how to delete unnecessary ones?

In order to fully use any device of the Apple company, you must have an Apple ID account and link to it. In this article, we will talk about what opportunities are opened after binding, how many devices can be bound, how to view associated devices and unbind them. ♥ BY THEME: Reminders on iPhone … Read more

How to delete music from iPhone manually and automatically

Perhaps any advanced smartphone owner can boast of his impressive music library. Most often, music is downloaded from the Internet (for example, using Apple Music) to the device so as not to waste mobile traffic during playback. Gradually, the iPhone storage fills up. The user is faced with the need to delete files, but the … Read more

Copy, paste and cut on Mac: all the ways

Moving files and folders is one of the main functions when working with a computer. Mac users also face this. But if you are just getting started with this computer and you are not familiar with macOS, then you may need information about the organization of files. This will be especially useful when moving from … Read more

DISCOUNT (579p → 379p) Eggggg game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV: colorful nausea platformer not for the faint of heart

Eggggg is a nausea-driven mobile adventure platformer developed by Norwegian studio Hyper Games. The game is based on the movie “Gilbert’s Terrible Revenge” and tells about the adventures of young Gilbert in the world of evil cyborg chickens. Download Eggggg for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (App Store) The main character is unlucky in life … Read more

How to change the icon of an application, folder or file on Mac (macOS)

Developers are far from always worried about creating a high-quality and modern icon for their applications in the macOS environment. Some apps not only do not really fit into the style of icons in the dock, but they also look downright terrible. ♥ BY THEME: Option (Alt) Key Features on Mac (macOS), 20 Tips You … Read more

QR Codes: 8 Interesting Uses

QR codes are slowly but steadily penetrating our lives. They no longer seem like a curiosity, however, it cannot be said that they are already playing a fateful role. In any case, these codes help in providing information. Moreover, they can be used not only profitably, but also fun. Here are some fun situations in … Read more

DISCOUNT ($ 479 → $ 279) Review of the game House of Da Vinci 2 for iPhone and iPad

Many small game developers, when creating their product for mobile platforms with a touch screen based on iOS / Android, are planning in advance the possibility of its future portability to PCs and game consoles. House of Da Vinci 2 has become one of these games. The desire of the creators of the game to … Read more

Top 10 unsuccessful Google products | Apple

Failures are behind every success story. It’s just that I don’t want to remember them against the background of victories and achievements. The story of Google’s rise and market conquest has become a classic. Today it is one of the most successful companies in the world, dictating trends in the development of information technology. But … Read more

Riptide GP: Renegade review for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – dizzying jet ski racing

Currently, arcade racing is not as popular as it used to be. They have been replaced by semi-realistic games or games like The Sims, and the result is a niche that small companies like the Vector Unit are looking to fill. The developer has such hits as the Hydro Thunder Hurricane and the Riptide GP … Read more

How to hide Apple ID email from apps, services and sites

With the release of iOS 15, Apple has added some new advanced features to iCloud to improve user security. In particular, we will talk about the “Hide E-mail” function, which allows you to hide the user’s Apple ID email address from the applications and services used. ♥ BY THEME: Green, orange, or red dot at … Read more

Review of the game Photographs – Puzzle Stories for iPhone and iPad

Any game fan will tell you that jigsaw puzzles don’t have to be accompanied by a deep story. Puzzles are attracted not by the plot, but by the need to solve a specific riddle, straining the brain. But Photographs tried to break the prevailing stereotype. Moreover, the game has five stories at once, each of … Read more

Wi-Fi speed: how to check on your computer, iPhone or iPad and how to avoid mistakes

Almost every Internet user faces Wi-Fi network problems from time to time. Perhaps the connection speed drops for no apparent reason, or it seems that it does not match the tariff you are paying. There are quite a few online services for testing Wi-Fi connection speed. They work in any browser and allow you to … Read more

External batteries (Power Bank) for iPhone and iPad: a review of the best options

If we compare a modern smartphone with an analogue of 14 years ago (for example, the first iPhone and the current flagship iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max), then it will be possible to easily determine the weakest component of the device in terms of evolution – the battery. Indeed, almost all the main … Read more

The Mooseman “Human” game for iPhone and iPad – atmospheric adventure based on legends and myths of ancient peoples

Developers of indie projects do their best to stand out from the crowd – some try to combine incongruous genres, others turn to cinematography, and some create games like The Mooseman (literally translated “Human voice”). Download the game The Mooseman “Human” for iPhone and iPad (App Store) The Mooseman is the brainchild of two developers … Read more

Yankai’s Triangle – a bright and unusual puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

Yankai’s Triangle is an extraordinary and extremely bright puzzle from Kenny Sun studio, in which players have to collect jigsaw puzzles from triangles. The game has an interesting graphic design using all shades of the rainbow and a huge number of levels, differing in both complexity and color saturation. Download Yankai’s Triangle for iPhone and … Read more

The main causes of anxiety in humans

It’s no secret that the life of a modern person is filled with stress. From time to time, each of us suddenly begins to feel a kind of anxiety. And we ourselves do not understand where it came from. It seems that something unexpected is about to happen, or we have overlooked something. Most often, … Read more

HoPiKo game for iPhone and iPad – popular platformer in 8-bit style

“HoPiKo“- the popular” 8-bit “platformer from the studio Laser Dog. The plot is uncomplicated – the Nanobite virus breaks free, which poses a threat to the entire virtual reality. In order to protect the world from danger, the main character enters the game. Download HoPiKo for iPhone and iPad (App Store) Its task is to … Read more

How to disable autosave Photos and Videos in Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram on iPhone

It is not often these days that you meet an active user who does not have an icon of any messenger or VoIP client on the smartphone’s desktop. Indeed, programs such as Viber, Telegram or Whatsapp not only diversify communication between people, but also help to significantly save on cellular services. ♥ BY THEME: Why … Read more

How to remove scratches and restore shine to the steel frame of iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro

IPhone models of recent years are a real work of art. The solid display on the front and the sleek glass over the metal panel on the back give the feel of a true premium device that no other smartphone can match. However, the steel bezels of the flagship iPhones look chic when you first … Read more

How to post a photo or video to Instagram on iPhone directly from the Photos app

With iOS and iPadOS options Share this in the “Photos” application, users Instagram can easily post photos and videos without launching the main application. ♥ BY THEME: How to view on Instagram all the photos you “like”. How to post a photo or video to Instagram on iPhone directly from the Photos app In order … Read more

Back to Bed for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is a uniquely designed 3D puzzle game

A game Back to Bed (Back to Bed) by Bedtime Digital Games is a 3D indie puzzle game that is completely free of ads and in-game purchases. Download Back to Bed for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV (App Store) At the same time, the application has a truly unique design with recognizable surreal … Read more

What is the bottom section, why the legs are chicken, not chicken, and what is the bast hut made of: words from fairy tales, the origin of which you might not know

Who among us in childhood did not like fairy tales? After all, it was so pleasant, especially falling asleep, to plunge into a world full of magic, heroes and villains. The narrative flowed in a soft, continuous river, in which unusual, but bright words were encountered. They helped to create the feeling of something unusual. … Read more

How to add a separator to the Dock on macOS to separate groups of themed apps

Want to better organize the Dock on your Mac – for example, separate office applications from, for example, instant messengers? It makes sense to do this not only logically (by placing icons next to each other), but also visually – by separating them from other applications with free space. How to do it? We will … Read more

Microphone icon on the iPhone keyboard: How to remove / enable

Despite the fact that modern iPhones come with a fairly large screen, it is not uncommon for many users to accidentally press the microphone button while typing quickly on the virtual keyboard of the smartphone. This problem is especially true for those with thick fingers, or using an iPhone with a small display. ♥ BY … Read more

Famous quotes of Steve Jobs | Apple

Steve Jobs’s wit was expressed not only in his products, but also in his statements, which, apparently, will be remembered for centuries. Here is a list of the most effective and memorable statements by the creator of Apple, spoken throughout his entire tenure as CEO of the company: ♥ BY THEME: The largest video archive … Read more

Journey game review for iPhone and iPad

Thatgamecompany studio under the auspices of the Annapurna Interactive publishing house at one time managed to surprise a lot with the game Flower. She became a fresh breath, built on our emotions. The team’s next project, Journey, turned out to be no less interesting. Download Journey for iPhone and iPad (App Store) In Journey, the … Read more

Ideal weight for women and men: how to determine with medical formulas: 5 methods

Ideal weight is often referred to as the one you had at the age of 18. And then we can try to save it. But over the next 15-20 years, people usually deviate significantly from the ideal. Is it worth it to make sacrifices and be sure to return to the previous parameters? The realization … Read more

Online project (task) management software for Mac (macOS)

Projects can take on a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as can the management tools used by project managers. You can search for the optimal software for the purpose of purchasing it later, but this software is often very expensive. Moreover, it is difficult to know before buying whether this project management tool is … Read more

How to customize the Finder toolbar on Mac (macOS)

Many Mac applications have a toolbar, a gray bar at the top of the screen with various buttons and a search bar. A similar panel is available in Safari, Mail, iWork applications (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), and the system’s Finder file manager. The buttons located on it provide quick access to the most frequently used program … Read more