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Xiaomi (Huami) Amazfit GTS review: cool inexpensive smart watches with Apple Watch design and up to 46 days of battery life

Today wearable electronics has ceased to be a chip of athletes and active people. Bracelets and smart watches have become stylish accessories that look beautiful and successfully fulfill their main tasks.

Huami is a manufacturer of the popular Amazfit smart watches and fitness bracelets Xiaomi Mi Band, is widely known in the domestic market of wearable devices.

The company is focused on creating biometric devices and working with data on user activity. Huami gained real success and worldwide recognition through the launch of its popular Amazfit Bip Fitness Bracelet.

In 2019, Huami introduced the Amazfit GTS “smart” watch, which we will discuss further.

Video review Amazfit GTS


Amazfit GTS Specifications

Amazfit gts

Dimensions: 36 × 43 × 9.4 mm, weight – 24.8 g.

Display: 1.65-inch diagonal with a resolution of 348 × 442 pixels, touch, AMOLED with Gorilla Glass 3 protection and an oleophobic coating.

Case materials: Aviation aluminum alloy and polymer material. Band Material Silicone

Battery: 220 mAh, charging time – 2 hours, average usage time – 14 days in active use mode, 46 days – in watch mode. Charging magnetic type.

Coordinate determination: GPS / GLONASS.

Sensors: Optical PPG biological tracking, 6-axis acceleration, 3-axis geomagnetic, air pressure, ambient light.

Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0

Compatibility: Android from version 5.0, iOS from version 10.

Monitoring: physical activity, heart rate, exercise, sleep.

Sensors: heart rate tracking, accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, light sensor, barometer.

Water resistant: up to 5 atmospheres, up to 50 meters (swimming, diving) only in fresh water.

Other: NFC, speaker and microphone are absent, there is vibration.

Amazfit GTS Package Contents

Amazfit GTS Package Contents

In a nice-looking box made of thick cardboard, in addition to the watch itself, there is a cradle for charging them, a strap and instructions in several languages, including Russian.

Amazfit GTS Box

Amazfit GTS Design

The manufacturer suggests choosing one of six color options for the watch with the selected strap color – blue, golden, pink, gray, gray / red, black.

Amazfit GTS Colors

The complete silicone strap is soft and pleasant to the touch, easy to fasten. The strap length is 120/87 mm.
The width of the strap is 20 mm.

At first glance, the Amazfit GTS is very much like the Apple Watch Series 5, but talking about directly copying the “apple” clock is still not worth it.

Amazfit GTS received a rectangular aluminum body with beveled corners. The inside of the watch is made of hypoallergenic hard plastic. There is a heart rate sensor and a contact group for charging.

Amazfit GTS Heart Rate Sensor

In the middle of the right side is a round button-wheel. Pressing it wakes up the watch and returns it to the dial mode, you can configure the reaction to a long press: show the weather, notifications, timer, count the pulse. Head rotation is not provided, like the Apple Watch, and there is no side button either.

Amazfit GTS Screen

Review Xiaomi (Huami) Amazfit GTS

The display of the device helps to fall in love with it. It is quite large for this class. High resolution makes the image and text clear – read notifications conveniently. This AMOLED display has 100% NTSC coverage. The screen remains readable even in direct sunlight, not to mention the darkness. It is appropriate to automatically adjust the brightness. The large size of the touch screen helps you to precisely follow the menu items.

The main control of the Amazfit GTS is carried out by swipes and a touch of the screen.

Horizontal swipes scroll through the main screens: hours, pulse, steps.

Vertical downward gesture Command centre with buttons for flashlight, screen brightness, screen lock and mode Do not disturb.

A vertical gesture from the bottom up opens a menu with various parameters, including:

  • condition displays the current user activity (the number of steps taken, calories spent, etc.),
  • Pai – Personal Activity Analysis (Personal Activity Intelligence) – measuring the user’s physical activity based on heart rate and collected data (number of steps, pulse, height, age, weight).
  • Heart rate – activation of the pulse measurement sensor and viewing statistics;
  • Sport – The choice of training regimen, including: running outdoors, walking, cycling on the street, running indoors, cycling indoors, swimming in open water, swimming in the pool, elliptical trainer, mountain climbing, trail running, skiing skiing, free (strength training);
  • Activities – screen history of recent workouts;
  • Weather – weather forecast;
  • Music – a music player that allows you to control playback;
  • Notifications – view available notifications;
  • Alarm clock – Set and change existing alarms;
  • Reminders – View available reminders;
  • Yet – this section contains gadgets: Compass, Stopwatch, Countdown, Hiccup phone;
  • Settings – the section contains options that allow you to change: the watch dials, the time the screen automatically locks, the action of the scroll button with a long press, the function parameters Always on displayas well as system actions: Restart, Off and Reinstall.

To return to the level above, you need to carry out a gesture from left to right.

Like the latest Apple Watch models, the Amazfit GTS also received a mode Always on display, which is presented in the form of two types of dial: digital and dial. Using mode Always on display significantly reduce the autonomy of the device, up to 5-6 days.

Amazfit GTS Software

Using a watch involves installing the official Amazfit application on a smartphone with both Android (link) and iOS (link). Some settings are only here and can be set. At the same time, the “apple” version of the application is fully functional and works quite correctly.

When you turn it on for the first time, the screen displays a QR code that you must scan in the Amazfit application. This procedure allows you to pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth. If desired, you can create a pair and manually.

Amazfit GTS tuning

It is on the smartphone that you can change and add new dials created by other users for the wrist device, because they are preinstalled on the Amazfit GTS with only a few pieces.

Amazfit GTS dial settings

You can install themes from third-party applications that are easy to find on Google Play.

In addition, if desired, there is the possibility of creating your own dials, for example, with a declaration of love to a girl.

Review Xiaomi (Huami) Amazfit GTS

This design of watches Amazfit GTS will be an original gift for the new year, February 14 or birthday.

Amazfit GTS as a gift

The application configures the behavior of the clock for various kinds of events: notifications, alarms, screen unlocks.

Amazfit GTS Settings

Amazfit GTS Settings

Here you can set a goal for future classes and see your statistics for previous days: sleep quality, steps, heart function.

Amazfit GTS Sleep Quality Statistics

Amazfit GTS Activity Statistics

The application has quite a few menus; they allow you to fine-tune Amazfit GTS and its desktops according to the needs of the owner.

The operating system of the watch itself is closedinstalling third-party applications not provided.

Amazfit GTS Features

The main purpose of such devices is to display not only time, but also useful information: call notifications and messages from various smartphone applications, the number of steps taken, weather forecasts, the name of the track played by the smartphone.

Amazfit GTS Pedometer

Amazfit GTS - heart rate measurement

Modern smart bracelets can boast similar functionality. Amazfit GTS is capable of more.

There are additional advanced modules that allow the watch to determine cardinal points and altitude, to measure atmospheric pressure. The watch is able to track and remember the route during the trip, working with satellites instead of a smartphone.

The default Amazfit GTS main screen is a modular (or analog) information dial that displays widgets with important information in the center of the screen (weather, heart rate, or reminder screen).

Amazfit GTS Home Screen

Widgets can be changed and added – on the dial you can display a stopwatch, alarm clock, charge indicator and any other of about 20 available functions.

Widgets for Amazfit GTS

Setting widgets in Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTS not only takes steps, but also tracks activity, automatically identifying the sport.

Amazfit GTS workout

True, auto-detection works with a large error, so for the correct recording of activity, you should select it manually. During training, the watch not only monitors your speed and distance traveled, but also calculates calories burned.

Training with Amazfit GTSTraining with Amazfit GTS

Swimming Training with Amazfit GTS

Activity leads to the accrual of points and the issuance of virtual awards, in addition, it is also proposed to share the results on social networks. All this clearly motivates to stop the lazy lifestyle.

Amazfit GTS workout

Amazfit GTS Activity Statistics

The pulse is measured quite accurately, which is quite enough for fitness classes. There are measurements of this indicator throughout the day. But the function of calculating the pressure is absent for most countries – the developers consider it too inaccurate and implemented only by medical devices.

An important functionality of such devices is reading notifications. A simple function in Amazfit GTS has not been developed – it is impossible to respond to notifications, as well as communicate in voice using the watch. You can only see the incoming call.

Amazfit GTS Settings

Autonomy Amazfit GTS (how much the battery holds)

Autonomy Amazfit GTS (how much the battery holds)

Battery life is greatly affected by device usage scenarios. On average, you can talk about 14 days of the device’s operation in the regime of three workouts per week for 45 minutes with GPS on, 15 minutes of daily screen work, 150 push notifications on the screen, 30 wrist lifts to view the time and 5 minutes for other operations every day.

If you leave tracking enabled, the watch will be able to remain active for up to 25 hours.

Autonomy Amazfit GTS (how much the battery holds)

In the mode of only showing time (100 screen views) Amazfit GTS can work up to 46 days. This is a very impressive indicator, comparable to the Amazfit Bip, but there is a transflective screen that is noticeably inferior to the perception of AMOLED.

Water Resistant Amazfit GTS

Water Resistant Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTS watches are waterproof at a depth of 50 meters, and the water should not be salty (sea, ocean). The manufacturer guarantees the full performance of the watch in the event of splashes, rain or snow, while swimming in fresh water, as well as taking a cold shower. At the same time, the clock not allowed use during scuba diving, high-speed water sports, as well as diving.

The most important thing you need to know about the Amazfit GTS

  • Amazfit GTS price is 3 times cheaper than Apple Watch Series 5;
  • Very beautiful design, reminiscent of an Apple watch. The device is available in six colors.
  • The average operating time of a watch from one charge is 14 days;
  • You can activate the screen by raising your wrist or by pressing the wheel button.
  • The watch is waterproof, you can swim and take a shower.
  • Bright AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 1.65 inches, a resolution of 348 × 442 pixels.
  • Third-party applications cannot be installed. Most of the settings are available in Amazfit applications on a smartphone.
  • The pulse measurement is quite accurate for all sports, except swimming training.
  • No speaker or microphone. Vibration is present.

Amazfit gts price and where to buy

The price of an Amazfit GTS watch is from 8,000 to 10,000 rubles ($ 130 – $ 160) depending on the region of sales.

Buy Amazfit GTS in Russia

Buy amazfit gts on AliExpress with free shipping


Xiaomi, in the face of its sub-brand Huami, continues to actively develop the wearable electronics segment. Smart watches Amazfit GTS received most of the functionality of the older model, GTR, but at the same time a new form, reminiscent of something Apple Watch. Pleasantly surprised by the battery life and the magnificent screen, and software flaws are not so critical as to spoil the impression of the device. Today, Amazfit GTS looks like the best option on the market in terms of price / quality ratio.

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