Windows computer freezes? Hotkeys to help solve the problem

Sometimes a Windows computer may suddenly freeze while it is running. This behavior of the system is frankly disappointing. There are many reasons for this, most often users simply overload the computer, putting up with the loss of data. However, there are a couple of little-known keyboard shortcuts that can help you deal with one of the common causes of computer freezes.

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We’ll share a new and useful keyboard shortcut that you probably don’t know about. And then we will discuss a few more quick options for resuming the “frozen” computer.

Computer screen stuck on Windows 8 or Windows 10 – try a little-known keyboard shortcut to fix the problem

It turns out that Windows allows you to use a standard keyboard shortcut to restart the video driver. You can use it at any time by pressing the combination Win + Ctrl + Shift + B

As soon as you do this, the computer screen will darken for a moment and a beep will sound. This is how the computer reacts when the video driver is reset. In a second or two, the picture on the monitor will return to its previous state. Since this action only affects the system graphics driver, all open applications will remain in the same location. No data will be lost.

Many users have probably paid attention to the video problems that arise after the next Windows 10 update. Win + Ctrl + Shift + B just allows you to fix the problem. Sometimes it can occur when a laptop wakes up from sleep with external monitors connected.

This combination only works on Windows 8 or 10, so Windows 7 users will have to look for another solution. However, the method will work regardless of what graphics drivers are installed on the system. Settings from Nvidia, AMD and even Intel integrated graphics can be reset.

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Classic hotkeys for frozen applications in Windows

Depending on the reason for the hang, this combination may or may not solve the problem. If your graphics driver freezes, restarting it should allow you to continue working without restarting your computer.

But if that doesn’t work, try pressing Alt + Tab to switch to another program. It did not help? Try then Ctrl + Shift + Escto open the Task Manager. It will be possible to unload any unresponsive programs from memory.

If none of these methods work, click Ctrl + Alt + Del… If Windows is not responding after a while, you need to turn off the computer by holding the power button for a few seconds. This is tantamount to unplugging the power plug, but this is the only remaining way to avoid system freeze.

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