Why You Have Too Few Friends: 11 Reasons

Do you have a feeling that there is no one to talk to heart to heart? Do you receive congratulations on your birthday only from automatic mailings? It seems that you somehow imperceptibly lost your friends. What’s wrong? Explains psychologist and psychotherapist Amy Morin.

1. You are constantly complaining

As soon as you meet an acquaintance, you immediately begin to pour out your soul: work has got out, there is no money, life is so unfair … And so on and so forth. Whiners annoy everyone – that’s why people don’t want to spend time with you. Try to be a more positive person and find other interesting topics of conversation.

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2. You forget about friends when starting a new relationship

Girl / boyfriend is, of course, great. But no one in the world likes it when you “score” on him – and your friends are no exception. Sooner or later, they will simply forget about you. Try to find a balance between your personal life and your friendships.

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3. You are too selfish

Friendship assumes that you not only take something, but also give something in return (believe me, this is so, even if you do not feel it). If you always do only what you want, when you want, even the best friend cannot take it forever.

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4. You are not interested in the lives of your friends

If you are too lazy to be aware of how your friends live, sooner or later they will turn their backs on you – someone else’s indifference upsets everyone and always. Show your interest – after all, these are people who care about you!

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5. You have only problems

If you offend other people, do not know how to keep secrets, or deliberately provoke a person, many will eventually decide that communicating with you is more expensive for themselves.

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6. You constantly count

Who should pay the bill today, who should call first this time … Believe me – this “mathematics” has nothing to do with friendship. People don’t like robots. Don’t try to get it right – focus on communication.

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7. You are jealous

If you feel jealous when your friend buys a new car / gets promoted at work / starts a new relationship, it will almost certainly lead to problems – jealousy is very difficult to hide, sooner or later you will give yourself away. It is very important to celebrate their successes with friends and truly enjoy them.

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8. You expect too much from your friends.

If you think that your buddies should always be in touch and fulfill any of your requests, we have bad news. In real life, friends sometimes hurt your feelings and disappoint you. There is nothing to be done – it happens, we are all imperfect. Forgive them and you will feel much better.

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9. You gossip

If you endlessly discuss someone, sooner or later people will decide (guess?) That you wash the bones for them. To avoid this, do not speak negatively about others and do not spread rumors, and also show the interlocutor that you can be trusted with any information, because you are a “grave”.

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10. You’re going overboard

Pinning up your buddies is quite normal. But it’s no secret that sometimes people – unnoticed for themselves – cross the line and begin to say and do things that are frankly offensive to the interlocutor, which are no longer perceived as a joke. Respect the feelings of others and build healthy relationships with them.

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11. You don’t go anywhere

It is possible that the absence of friends takes place not because you have an unimportant character, but because you just sit at home and do not meet anyone. Find yourself a company with your interests, sign up for some classes – and the problem will eventually be solved by itself.

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