Why the battery of iPhone and iPad can not be discharged “to zero” and how to properly charge iOS devices

Apple smartphones (perhaps, with the exception of the Plus version) are not the most “long-playing” devices in the world, so the iPhone owner cannot be surprised by an emergency shutdown due to a discharged battery. It would seem that this – “passed out” and “passed out” … In fact, we are slowly but surely killing our gadget.

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Why? Business Insider experts remind: the iPhone uses a lithium-polymer battery. It is characterized by the presence of a strictly defined number of full charge cycles, after achieving this, the battery capacity decreases markedly. The full charge cycle begins when the battery reaches 100%, and ends when the charge level drops to zero. It is enough to charge the iPhone 500 times (for a more or less active user it will take a year or a little more) – and the battery will lose 20% of its ability to store energy.

When the battery is completely discharged, there is a risk that the battery will go into a “deep discharge” state and, as a result, will lose the ability to hold a charge. Another potential threat is much more serious – the risk of a short circuit increases.

Prolonged charging of the iPhone for many hours (for example, at night) is also not the best choice. In this case, over time, the battery capacity gradually decreases (partly due to overheating). Of course, modern smartphones have protection against such problems, but

a) you have to pay for it by reducing the working time;

b) in your life, you’ve probably at least once heard about the iPhone exploding somewhere. Technology, even the most intelligent, also sometimes fails. 🙂

Output? He is simple. If you want your iPhone to “hold the battery” for as long as possible – do not charge it to 100% and do not discharge it “to zero”.

Experts advise to keep the charge in the range from 80 to 20%.

To do this, it makes sense to invest a little money in buying an external battery (review of the best models).

External batteries (Power Bank) for iPhone and iPad: an overview of the best options

And how do you, friends, charge / discharge your iPhone (iPad)?

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