Why is the iPhone charging slowly, and how to fix it?

Why is the iPhone charging slowly, and how to fix it? All Apple NEWS

Your smartphone is capable of much – but only if it is charged. Unfortunately, over time, mobile devices charge more slowly. But why?

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To get started, let’s figure out how recharging technology works. The battery contains two electrodes – one positive and one negative. Between them is an electrolyte-soaked separator-separator. During use, lithium ions are embedded in the crystal lattice of a special material – graphite or silicon oxide and form a chemical bond. When charging, ions are built into the crystal lattice and thereby accumulate charge on one electrode, and when discharged, they are returned to another electrode.

In non-rechargeable batteries, these chemical reactions occur only once; in rechargeable lithium-ion (smartphones are equipped with these batteries), the chemical processes are “reversible”. Therefore, recharging allows the battery to absorb energy.

There are two ways to charge your smartphone: wired and wireless. Below you will find the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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Fast Charging: Pros and Cons

Like any other consumer electronics device, smartphones always come with a recharge cable. Until recently, they practically did not change – for almost ten years, non-Apple devices have been recharged from USB cables with support for USB 3.0. Apple has always gone its own way – the “apple” iPhone smartphone from 2007 to 2012 had a proprietary 30-pin connector, and from 2012 to the present, again, the proprietary Lightning.

How to distinguish an original Lightning cable from a fake

The “fast charging” technology allows you to charge mobile devices much faster, but this often requires support for a new (and yet not yet “popular”) USB Type-C connector. Today, this technology is used in Android devices and in the latest iPhone models. True, in the case of Apple, you will have to spend money on fast recharging – the Cupertinians still put old charges in boxes for the iPhone 11 (not counting the 11 Pro), iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone X. The iPhone fast charging kit is not cheap: the Apple USB-C / Lightning cable for 1,590 rubles and a power adapter with a power of 18 or 30 W, 2,990 rubles and 4,490 rubles, respectively. But 50% of the charge can be obtained in just 30 minutes.

Quick charge

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Wired Charging: Pros and Cons

The main advantage of wired charging is its effectiveness (compared to wireless) and the fact that any person on Earth is familiar with this principle.

Remax cable

As you might guess, the main disadvantage of wired charging is the need to connect a cable. They must be at hand (otherwise it will not work), they break and fail. Finally, most often it’s just unpleasant to look at them.

frayed lightning cable

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Wireless Charging: Pros and Cons

Wireless recharging of mobile devices in recent years has become increasingly popular – because it has obvious advantages compared to the wired method. True, the restrictions here are also very, very serious.


You no longer need to look for a cable and spend time (and nerves!) To connect it to your gadget. You just put the smartphone on a special stand – and you’re done! This is one of those little things that you get used to very quickly, and then it is very difficult to refuse.

Car Wireless Chargers for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Wireless charging can also save a lot of money in the long run – you don’t have to spend money on replacing broken cables (which is especially true in the case of Lightning cables for recharging the iPhone).

Finally, many current wireless charging models can charge multiple devices at once.



Even in 2018, six years after Qi debuted in the mass market, wireless charging still charges mobile devices more slowly and not as efficiently as wired. In fairness, today it does not play a big role – a modern smartphone is quite capable of holding out without recharging until the evening. The main thing here is not to forget to put the smartphone on a special “mat” or stand.

Also, wireless charging generates additional heat, which can lead to overheating of your device. It is recommended that you buy only certified chargers.

In addition, wireless charging is most often not included in the smartphone’s basic package (unless you get a special offer). And the purchase of appropriate equipment will cost almost the same amount as the “special kit” for quickly charging the iPhone.

Finally, wireless charging is not exactly wireless charging :). Judge for yourself – because you still find yourself tied to a power outlet. And the wire in the “wireless charging – smartphone” circuit is still there :).

Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

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So, 5 reasons for slow charging your smartphone:

1. Low-quality accessories

The most common cause is a damaged (or defective) cable, as well as a weak source of energy. Not surprisingly, USB cables have a difficult fate, especially where there are a lot of users. They are bent, crushed by the wheels of a chair, kept in places with a large temperature difference and so on.

So, if it seems to you that your gadget is charging slower, first check the cable and / or change the adapter (the charger itself).

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2. USB charging on computer (except for new Macs)

Also, users often recharge smartphones from a USB port on a computer. This is a convenient but not always good solution. After all, a Lightning cable is essentially not a charger, but only an intermediary between charging and the device. Here the role is played by the age of the PC, and whether the ports on other devices are used at the same time. Other things being equal, it is always better to choose a “direct” power source, i.e. through the adapter and from the outlet 220 V.

However, it should be noted that starting in 2017, Apple computers received an additional mode of increasing the current strength in the USB connector, which is just designed to recharge devices. In this case, instead of the standard 500 mA for USB 2.0 or 900 mA for USB 3.0, a current of 1100 mA is supplied, for USB 3.1 it is 1600 mA. Moreover, the iPhone in sleep mode, connected to the Mac USB port, will receive a current of as much as 2100 mA (in detail).

hidden features of Mac ports

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3. Port problems

Cable is not the only source of problems when it comes to slow charging your smartphone. It is possible that the main culprit is the port from which power is supplied. Inspect it for corrosion or foreign objects.

Yes, this is clearly not the reason why your device is slowly charging – but this problem is still worth solving, otherwise soon your gadget will not charge at all, neither quickly nor slowly.

To find the source of the problems, unplug the computer, and then use a flashlight, a magnet, and a wooden (or plastic) toothpick to remove all unnecessary items. But do not overdo it – otherwise you can damage components that are important for the job.

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3. Background applications

It also makes sense to check the smartphone for the work of “gluttonous” applications (including fraudulent). Both Android and iOS have corresponding tools. On the “android”, you should study the information on battery usage in the corresponding section of the menu (Settings → Battery) On iOS devices, open Settingsselect Battery and check out the apps that consume the most battery power. If an unfamiliar program “works” there, delete it and see if your smartphone charges faster.

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4. A worn battery or other hardware malfunction

If the previous tips didn’t help – well, it’s quite possible that the battery that has run out of time or another problem with the hardware is “to blame”.

At the end of 2017, it turned out that Apple deliberately underestimates the performance of “tired” batteries in older iPhone models. The Cupertinos did this because such gadgets became unstable – in particular, they constantly turned off at peak (maximum) load. Solving the problem, as users found out even before Apple officially announced the problem, is very simple – just replace the battery with a new one.

slowdown iPhone on iOS

We talked about how to disable forced deceleration on the iPhone and check the battery status in this article.

Why is the life of lithium-ion batteries relatively short (1-2 years)? The features of the technology do not allow reloading them without loss of capacity only a certain number of times – after 500 recharges this indicator will decrease by 15-20% from the initial value, after 3-4 years – by 50%.

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5. Do not use the device while charging

If you like to actively use gadgets while recharging, you will not let it charge as fast as it should be in “calm” conditions. Set aside the device, or better yet, activate Airplane Mode

IPhone Airplane Mode

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