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Why is advertising always on the iPhone and iPad at the same time?

Apple loves tradition. One of them is to place the same time on advertising materials about their iPhone and iPad: 9 hours 41 minutes in the morning. Why? The point, of course, is not that the smartphone and tablet have any problems with updating the clock. And then what?

In the frozen universe of the iPhone, iPad and Mac – at least as Apple imagines it is – it’s always the same time, 9:41. On this date, all of Apple. Everything came together in numbers – history, design, a special love for “meaningful” marketing.

Why is advertising always on the iPhone and iPad at the same time?

Why is advertising always on the iPhone and iPad at the same time?

It all started in January 2007, at the legendary presentation of Steve Jobs in San Francisco. Apple CEO entered the scene at 9 a.m. local time. After 35 minutes, Steve said:

“This is the day I have been waiting for two and a half years.”

He went on to talk about the causes of global change in our lives:

“Every time a revolutionary product comes and changes everything.”

Then Steve said:

“Apple is about to reinvent the phone today.”

An image of the very first iPhone appeared on the big screen behind him. The clock was 9:42 a.m..

Steve Jobs unveils the very first iPhone

This time also appeared on the presentations of subsequent iPhones. The idea was clear – at the same time they showed the “progenitor” of all Apple smartphones. So Apple created traditions (and people like traditions and rituals very much), created “continuity of generations”.

Ex-Apple employee Scott Forstal says:

“We will organize the presentation of a new product so that its grand opening takes place approximately 40 minutes after the start of the event. When a large picture of the product appears on the screen, we want the time on the screen to be close to the time indicated on the watches of those present in the audience. For iPhone, we made 42 minutes. It turned out that we calculated everything quite accurately, so for iPad we did 41 minutes. That’s the whole secret of the mystical time. ”

time on iPhone and iPad

That’s right: 9:42 was first changed to 9:41 in 2010, when Steve showed off another significant product – the iPad. In the iPhone, the “two” also changed to a “unity” – apparently, Apple decided to unify the time for all of its gadgets. It is a pity – it turns out that the iPhone has lost a piece of its history. However, this hardly made him a weaker gadget. Rather, the opposite.

At the same time, the Apple Watch, depicted on the Apple website, always flaunts the time 10:09. Probably, it was at this time that the watch was first shown at a presentation in 2014.

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