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Which laptop to buy for 50 000 UAH / HB

Good things cannot be cheap. Want a top laptop? Have to fork out.

Of course, you can buy a laptop and much more expensive. Many top-end configurations cost 70–80 thousand UAH. Some solutions confidently exceeded for 100 thousand UAH.

However, we will not go to extremes.

In order to buy a laptop that costs like a car, albeit a used one, you still need to have good reason. Well, for example, to be a top video blogger who mounts videos on airplanes and trains. Or a gamer who makes a lot of money on streams.

In most cases, an ordinary person does not need to spend such an impressive amount of money on a regular working tool, such as a laptop.

Consider the models that are matched to the psychological barrier of $ 2 thousand.

For that kind of money, you get top-end iron, a good build and models of legendary rulers that have proven themselves well for a long time.

So, we choose five laptops within 50 000 UAH.

Asus ZenBook Edition 30

From 46 thousand UAH

13-inch laptop with a chic screen (IPS-matrix, Full HD), Intel Core i7−8565U processor (up to 4.6 GHz), 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB SSD, discrete graphics card nVidia GeForce MX250 (2 GB). The latter circumstance is rather a pleasant bonus, since this is not a very productive video card, you still can’t play games much.

The laptop weighs only 1.2 kg and comes immediately with Windows 10 Home 64bit on board.

And here is the branded leather upholstery of the top cover and touchpad, which is another screen – a specific thing, but many users are already used to it.

The battery life is no more than 5-6 hours with an average load, but for most users this is more than enough.

A stylish and powerful laptop that is definitely worth the money. The best price for it is here.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

From 46 thousand UAH

Unlike the previous model, which is more fashionable, this laptop was created for people who think purely rationally.

The laptop weighs only 1.09 kg. At the same time, it has a 14-inch screen with IPS-matrix (Full HD).

Inside – Intel Core i5−8265U processor (up to 3.9 GHz), 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD. There is no discrete video here. But there is Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

Another trump card of this thin and light laptop with a 14-inch screen – battery life. X1 Carbon runs quietly for 8-10 hours with heavy use.

This is an excellent solution for work on the road. Here is a link with a nice price.

Apple MacBook Pro 13

From 46 thousand UAH

13 inch firmware ”with a touchbar – probably the best portable laptop in the world at the moment. Well, of course, if you are not a hardcore Windows fan.

MacBook Pro weighs 1.3 kg, made of solid aluminum, has a wildly comfortable touchpad, nice keyboard (although fans are unhappy that the keys sometimes stick), a functional touchbar instead of a trivial series of function keys, a fingerprint scanner and an impressive battery life (from 10 hours).

Depending on your configuration, you may get an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD (this is around 45 thousand UAH) or i7, 16 GB and 512 GB, respectively (significantly stepping over 50 thousand UAH).

Here you can ask the price and choose a decent option.

Dell Inspiron G5 15

From 49 thousand UAH

And if portability is not the main thing for you, you should take a closer look at productive Fifteen. “

For example, the Inspiron G5 is an impressive laptop weighing 2.68 kg. It has a 15.6-inch screen with an IPS matrix (Full HD) with a frequency of 144 Hz. Gamers will appreciate, as they say.

Inside – Intel Core i7−9750H (4.5 GHz), 16 GB of RAM and an impressive pair of drives – 1 TB hard drive for files and 256 GB SSD for system and applications.

And gamers will enjoy the discrete graphics card nVidia GeForce RTX 2060 (6 GB). On board Windows 10 Home 64bit.

Autonomy is not bad here – 2-3 hours of operation with active loading, but the power is enough for almost any task, including video editing and modern games.

Here is a good price for the Inspiron G5.

Acer Predator Triton 500

From 49 thousand UAH

Another one tag ”with similar parameters. Only the processor is simpler here (Intel Core i5-8300H, 4.0 GHz) and a second drive is missing (there is only 256 GB SSD).

The video card is the same – nVidia GeForce RTX 2060 (6 GB), and the same 16 GB of RAM.

Similar screen – 15.6 inches, IPS matrix (Full HD) with a frequency of 144 Hz. But the screen is dull. Pre-installed Windows 10 Home.

But it weighs predator “from Acer significantly less – only 2 kg. What for such a fancy 15-inch laptop is not so much.

Here is the link, ask the price.×150/1c33991915bf1e4f334057833f2f8b15.jpeg

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