When There Was No YouTube: Apple’s 12 Best Print Ads Companies of Yesterday

Apple has a reputation for having some of the best ads in the world. Apple knows not only how to create unique products for consumers, but also how to sell them to customers better than any other company on the planet. Apple has had some incredible advertisements over the past four decades.

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Some of them have penetrated the hearts of consumers, while others were actually terrible. We’ve looked at some of the best advertisements over the years and decided these 12 are the best of all time.

One of Apple’s earliest advertisements, “Simplicity Is Ultimate Sophistication,” showed that Apple was actually using minimalism in its advertising campaigns. The company moved away from this style a few years later, but soon, in the late 90s, they returned to it again. We think this is one of the best examples of simplicity that Apple has used.

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Sometimes Apple created really bad ads like this one. Yes, we see an Apple computer and a child happily playing video games. But the computer is in a strange position, so that the child has to reach out in order to reach the keyboard, which is located on the opposite side of the monitor. Also, we see an unpleasant-looking seller who stands behind the child and for some reason gives him a massage. This is terrible. This ad was created in the early 80s and all bad ads followed.

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It is difficult to say which Think Different print ad campaign is the best, but Muhammad Ali has the advantage because he is Great. Think Different had a lot of simple advertisements that helped refine and rebuild the Apple brand following the return of Steve Jobs.

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The future was felt in the direction of the Newton platform, but Apple killed the MessagePad 200 very soon after its birth.

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The Macintosh was the first computer to make the PC easy to use. We love how this ad reflects the way Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh to us by taking it out of the bag and showing the world what it can do.

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The Power Mac G4 Cube was not commercially successful, but it looked very attractive, and Apple had some great promotional print posters for it, like this one.

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The Apple IIc was one of the sleekest, smallest computers on the planet. See how cute he looks in this ad compared to IIe. Would you like to grab him, hug him tightly and go to bed with him?

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There was a lot of gossip during the iMac presentation. People thought the case looked silly and was just a publicity stunt. Apple’s ads helped convince the iMac that it was more than just a funny-looking computer and that it should be taken seriously.

Any advertisement in which a naked person hides parts of his body with a computer is a victory for us. By playing with the Apple concept, you can say that Apple is more than just a computer if you go back to the days of Adam and Eve. This idea was considered smart and fun.

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The iBook advertisements struck the perfect balance to show that this computer was serious enough for professionals, while also having the fun style that made it so successful.

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In one of the advertising series, Apple used the characteristic features of historical figures such as Henry Ford, Thomas Jefferson, and others, and asked users what would happen if these great people had access to a computer.

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