What Photoshop can do for iPhone: features of free Adobe Photoshop applications (Express, Fix and Mix) for iOS

There are many useful photo editors for correcting photos on iOS devices. Today’s review will focus on three free apps – Adobe Photoshop Express, Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix. All three editors have functionality specific for certain purposes, but some of the possibilities overlap. To use premium functionality, you need an Adobe Creative Cloud account.

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Photo editing: Adobe Photoshop Express

If you want a simple free editor to apply effects and filters, check out Adobe Photoshop Express. The program offers the following features:

  • The basics: Cropping, aligning and changing the orientation of the image;
  • Shine: Correction of exposure, contrast, color, shadows, white balance and black in photos. Auto white balance function helps you adjust the balance;
  • Colour: Adjustment of temperature, hue, brightness and saturation;
  • Removing haze from a photo: This feature is only available to subscribers with an Adobe Creative Cloud plan;

Photoshop for iPhone

  • Details: Sharpness correction. For Adobe Creative Cloud account holders, the ability to reduce light levels and remove color noise is available;
  • Correction of red and light eyes;
  • Ability to add text: This functionality is only available to Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers. It allows you to add text to pictures using presets.
  • Photo Frames: Add your own personal style to your photos with a variety of frames and frames;
  • Removing stains;
  • Filters: 45 filters are available, allowing you to quickly edit pictures, including portraits and photographs of wildlife;
  • Supports RAW and TIFF formats;

Photoshop for iPhone

  • Collage: Automatically create collages from edited images. It is possible to add stickers, borders and backgrounds;
  • Social media: Ability to post photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and WhatsApp;
  • Ability to add watermarks to images;
  • Integration with Creative Cloud: You can save photos to your Creative Cloud account.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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Deep Retouching: Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix gives you the ability to deeply retouch and restore images right on your iPad or iPhone. Requires an Adobe Creative Cloud account.

  • Basic editing: You can adjust contrast, exposure, temperature, saturation, shadows and brightness;
  • Recovery: Correct defects, including “red eye” and remove unnecessary elements in the photo;

Photoshop for iPhone

  • Smoothing: Use paint to smooth or sharpen images of faces, landscapes, and more. You can adjust the brush size, hardness, or opacity. All changes can be undone if desired;
  • Lighten and darken: Drag your finger across the area of ​​the photo to add or remove light sources on areas of the image;
  • Liquify: A powerful tool for changing facial features;

Photoshop for iPhone

  • Defocusing: Blur the details in the photo to draw attention to the main theme;
  • Saving and sharing: Save finished photos to your Creative Cloud or Lightroom library and share your work on Instagram, Facebook, Behance, or send retouched images to Photoshop CC for further editing.

Download Adobe Photoshop Fix for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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Share your creativity on social media: Photoshop Mix

You will also need a free Creative Cloud account to use the photo editor. The program is perfect for users who like to share the results of their work on social networks.

  • Add text: Add text to your photos using a wide range of fonts;

Photoshop for iPhone

  • Combine photos: Combine photos to create new, interesting images. You can cut the background from one shot and add it to another, or use the tool to combine two images;

Photoshop for iPhone

  • Removal: With the help of the proposed tool, remove unwanted objects from the photo;
  • The basics: Adjust color and contrast, use preset filters.

Download Adobe Photoshop Mix for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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