Website icons (favicons) not updating in Safari on Mac: how to fix it?

The ability to see site icons in Safari greatly simplifies tabbed interactions. After all, using favicons, you can quickly determine the required tab by simply looking at the icon. You can do the same in the list of bookmarks and in the history. As soon as this opportunity appeared, many people immediately began to use it. But have you noticed that sometimes site icons are missing or displayed incorrectly? In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to update website icons in Safari on Mac.

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How to remove cache of site icons in Safari

If you are experiencing the appearance of incorrect icons, it may be due to the display of icons from other sites. A good solution in such a situation would be to clear the cache and restart the browser.

1. Close Safari and exit the application.

2. Using Finder, click Transition Go to folder … on the menu bar.

3. Enter ~ / Library / Safari / Favicon Cache / in the pop-up window and click Go to

Website icons (favicons) not updating in Safari on Mac: how to fix it?

4. Select all items in the cache folder and move them to the trash. You can select everything with the keyboard shortcut ⌘Cmd + A and then drag it to the trash can or right click on the selection and select “Move to cart”

Website icons (favicons) not updating in Safari on Mac: how to fix it?

5. Empty or remove these items from the Trash.

6. Open Safari.

The Safari Icon Cache folder will rebuild when you visit websites. And you will need to visit the sites (refresh pages) you saved earlier for the icons to appear. But those that were displayed incorrectly or were missing should be displayed correctly.

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Alternative option

If you prefer to try another option, and this one seems difficult to you, there is another way to fix the problem. True, he does not promise guaranteed assistance.

Open the website with the wrong icon in a private Safari window. You can easily do this by right-clicking Safari in the Dock and choosing “New private window“Or by choosing File New private window on the menu bar.

Website icons (favicons) not updating in Safari on Mac: how to fix it?

Open the website you want in a private window, and when you return to the same page in the regular Safari tab, the icon may be correct.

This option comes from the Apple Community Forum. This method does not work for all users, but you can try it.

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How to enable the display of icons (favicons) in Safari

As a reminder, to enable icons in Safari on Mac, follow these simple steps:

1. With Safari running and open, click Safari Settings … on the menu bar.

2. Go to the panel “Tabs“.

3. Check the box “Display website icons in tabs“To enable the icons.

Website icons (favicons) not updating in Safari on Mac: how to fix it?

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We hope you can solve the problem using one of the methods we suggested: resetting the Safari icon cache or opening the site in a private window.

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