Useful free macOS apps not found on the Mac App Store

Recently, the trend for the appearance of open source programs for Mac has intensified. Among the emerging software there is no shortage of quality options. The names of VLC, Firefox, LibreOffice, and Handbrake are constantly heard. We suggest you check out some of the other popular and free Mac apps you might need. You will be surprised at how useful these programs are.

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Note: Since the applications in this collection are open source, a message may appear during installation:

“The program cannot be opened because its author is an unidentified developer.”

We talked about how to get around the standard macOS protection process in this article.

IINA – Modern Audio and Video Player for Mac

IIna - player for macOS

Under this name hides a modern audio and video player for Mac. The program has a modern design, it supports Force Touch and Touch Bar technologies, as well as the “picture in picture” function. When you open a video, all clips from the same folder are automatically added to the playlist. When listening to an audiobook or podcast, the program allows you to quickly navigate between MP3 sections. There is support for playing online streams and YouTube playlists.

The application interface is minimalistic. There are buttons for playing, selecting the music mode, list, picture in picture and settings. An existing OpenSubtitles account allows you to automatically upload subtitles to movies.

IIna - player for macOS

The program allows you to configure numerous parameters: themes, interface, audio / video playback, subtitle appearance, key bindings.

Download IINA for Mac

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Cyberduck – FTP client with cloud storage support

Cyberduck - FTP client with cloud storage support

Cyberduck is an FTP client for Mac. It allows you to connect to file servers, view and manage content located in SFTP, WebDAV, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, etc. With its interface, Cyberduck resembles a regular browser, simulating its classic navigation and sorting functions as well.

In structure mode, it’s convenient to work with numerous branched folders. The quick view function allows you to find out the contents of a file without downloading it directly. The program can create bookmarks using simple drag and drop items. She keeps a history of visiting servers.

Cyberduck - FTP client with cloud storage support

Downloading files is a simple procedure, it is carried out in one step. Just drag and drop bookmarks into the Finder and put the files in bookmarks for download. Cyberduck makes it possible to synchronize local directories with a remote server. There is Russian localization.

Download Cyberduck for Mac

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Cryptomator – file encryption in the cloud

One of the important features of Cyberduck is the integration of the program with Cryptomator. This service can create directories in the cloud storage and encrypt them, like the files inside, using AES-256 encryption keys. Information placed there will be securely and transparently encoded.

It was:

Cryptomator - file encryption in the cloud

It became:

Cryptomator - file encryption in the cloud

This makes it possible to avoid the introduction of backdoors from third parties and ensure the safety of their data located in the clouds. The application itself is very simple. You only need to create your own repository, enter a name and password for it.

Cryptomator - file encryption in the cloud

Download Cryptomator for Mac

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Skim PDF Reader – Advanced PDF Viewer for Mac

Skim PDF Reader - Advanced PDF Viewer for Mac

MacOS application View supports working with PDF and images. However, the free alternative, Skim PDF Reader, turned out to be much better. This program has built-in support for AppleScript, LaTeX, BibDesk, and more. In the left part of the main window, you can view thumbnails of pages or their table of contents. And on the right side there is a notes panel, which displays all the annotations you created.

An interesting feature of Skim is the “reading pane.” It allows you to focus on the material being studied. The content panel has received powerful search functionality. It is possible to highlight the search results on all pages and group them according to the density on the sheet.

Skim PDF Reader - Advanced PDF Viewer for Mac

If you are working with an impressive book of hundreds of pages, you can split the document into two PDFs or make its reference picture. Using thumbnails or a table of contents, the book can be viewed faster. And all notes or annotations can be exported to a text file.

Download Skim PDF Reader for Mac

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BibDesk – Bibliographic Manager for Mac

BibDesk - Bibliographic Manager for Mac

To select and correctly execute a bibliography is not an easy task. With its implementation, it is easy to make mistakes during formatting. In this situation, BibDesk for macOS will come to the rescue, which is designed to manage bibliographies and links when writing essays and articles. It can also be used to organize and maintain a library of documents in PDF and other formats.

The bibliographic manager BibDesk has improved support for UTF encodings, allows you to expand the bib format with new fields, and allows you to add your plugins. It does not contain bibliographic styles, but it easily integrates with LaTeX basic styles. It naturally imports / export functions in plain text, RTF, HTML, RSS and such bibliographic formats as BibTeX, RIS, EndNote. This BM makes it possible to link articles from a personal computer to your own bibliography.

BibDesk - Bibliographic Manager for Mac

Using the application is easy. Build your library of articles on Google Scholar, ACM, arXiv, JSTOR, Springer Link, and other specialized resources. For each publication, a citation key is needed, suggesting details: type of article, year, author, etc. Just copy this key, as BibDesk will automatically receive all the details.

You can drag a PDF file into the program window and fill in the information fields for it. The application allows you to export bibliographic information in the following formats: BibTeX, XML, HTML and others. Or you can simply copy data from the application and then paste it into your documents.

Download BibDesk for Mac

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SelfControl – adding sites to the blacklist on macOS for a while

SelfControl - add sites to the

There are many sites on the Internet that drag us in with something interesting and take away our valuable time. In the fight against them, this application will help. An unwanted website must be added to the blacklist window. Using the slider, you can set the boundaries of the time block for it, at least 15 minutes. It remains to press Start, enter your password and the lock mode starts.

SelfControl - add sites to the

The program allows you to create a “white list” for the desired sites.

SelfControl - add sites to the

Download SelfControl for Mac

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Katana – screenshot manager for Mac

Katana - screenshot manager for Mac

This simple utility allows you to create screenshots directly from the menu bar. It is possible to form a screenshot using hot keys. Then the application uploads the image to the image hosting. Several options are available, including Imgur and Pomf. If the link seems long, then it can be shortened – copy this URL and press a different combination of “hot keys”.

Katana - screenshot manager for Mac

Download Katana for Mac

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Kap – a screen recording (screencast) program on macOS

Kap - a screen recording (screencast) program on macOS

The QuickTime Player application allows you to record the status of the Mac screen, but the functionality of this solution is limited. An excellent alternative is the Kap program. It is located in the menu bar, which makes access to it convenient.

The menu of cropping tools contains six preset presets, including for formats 1: 1, 4: 3, 16: 9 and others. But you can manually add custom values ​​or just capture the entire application window. The program provides useful recommendations for this. Kap can also record mouse movements.

Kap - a screen recording (screencast) program on macOS

And with a microphone connected to the computer, it is possible to add your voice to the recording. Recorded videos can be exported in various formats: GIF, MP4, WebM and APNG.

Download Kap for Mac

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SlowQuitApps – a utility that prevents accidental closure of an active application on Mac

SlowQuitApps - a utility that prevents accidental closure of an active application on Mac

Most Mac users know that the keyboard shortcut Command (⌘) + W allows you to close a window or tab, and clicking Command (⌘) + Q closes the application itself. Here are just the keys W and Q are located nearby, so it’s easy to mistakenly close the program.

This small utility after pressing combination Command (⌘) + Q forms a slight delay. In this way, accidental pressing is avoided. After entering a combination Command (⌘) + Q A superimposed countdown timer will appear above the current window. The action is suspended until it is completed. The user himself can choose the delay time, increasing it from one second, to, for example, three. To do this, you need to enter the command in the Terminal:

defaults write com.dteoh.SlowQuitApps delay -int 3000

Download SlowQuitApps for Mac

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MarkText – cross-platform text formatting application

MarkText - cross-platform text formatting application

This simple text formatting application is cross-platform. It supports CommonMark and GitHub Flavored Markdown markup standards. The application has all the typical functions for its family, including support for light and dark themes. There is a standard preview window that replaces the syntax characters with their correct form in formatted mode.

MarkText - cross-platform text formatting application

The program has various modes that help you focus on writing articles or code. MarkText has an autocomplete function for creating pairs of brackets, supports emoticons and MathJax. You can export your draft to HTML or PDF.

MarkText - cross-platform text formatting application

Download MarkText for Mac

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CotEditor – text or code editor

CotEditor - text or code editor

This program is a simple text or code editor. CotEditor has a clear and understandable interface. The program quickly allows you to finish lines, understands various encodings of files, supports the color scheme of syntax. CotEditor boasts support for almost 60 programming languages, which makes it possible to select the desired coloring of the text as necessary.

CotEditor - text or code editor

The integrated Info sidebar provides detailed information about the text being processed: its encoding, number of characters, and more. CotEditor supports regular expressions, has powerful functionality for searching and replacing text. This is usually found only in paid editors.

CotEditor - text or code editor

The working window can be divided into two halves, which makes it possible to place help information in one of the parts when working in the second window. The application will be very convenient for working with large amounts of text information.

Download CotEditor for Mac

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KeePassXC – Password Manager for Mac

KeePassXC - Password Manager for Mac

For Windows, there is a popular password manager – KeePass. But for macOS, the application version did not appear. But for this OS there is a good alternative – KeePassXC. This is the best way to use a similar solution on your Mac.

KeePassXC - Password Manager for Mac

The program uses the KDBX data format to store passwords. This allows you to share information with KeePass applications without any compatibility issues. KeePassXC integrates perfectly with any browser. Using a combination of hot keys, the field with the name and password is autocompleted. The program makes it possible to group passwords, as well as generate them, to create long and reliable combinations.

KeePassXC - Password Manager for Mac

With default settings, after 30 seconds of downtime, the application will be blocked, but this interval can be completely fixed. And when copying the password, the clipboard will be cleared after 10 seconds for security reasons.

KeePassXC - Password Manager for Mac

Download KeePassXC for Mac

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Sloth – An Advanced Analog to System Monitoring on Mac

Sloth - An Advanced Analog to System Monitoring on Mac

Experienced Mac users must have come across an annoying message about the busyness of a file, process, or port. For example, you won’t be able to unmount the disk, as some files are used on it. This type of error is hard to fix.

The lsof Terminal command lists all open files, processes, directories, devices, and other resources on your device. However, using this command is not easy. But the Sloth program working on its basis displays information in a convenient form.

Sloth - An Advanced Analog to System Monitoring on Mac

Sloth has a graphical interface built on top of Isof and has additional useful features. You can filter the output of information, delete the process initiated by the user, display information about the file, and much more. This makes it easier to check which applications use which files and sockets.

Download Sloth for Mac

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Fluor – conveniently configure function keys (F1, F2, etc.) on a Mac

Fluor - conveniently configure function keys (F1, F2, etc.) on a Mac

The standard Apple keyboard at the top has a number of function keys (this does not apply to MacBook Pro models with a touch panel). These buttons have a dual function: in addition to explicit use for changing the screen brightness and sound volume, they also act as standard function keys. For this, their behavior is distinguished by the Fn modifier key.

Fluor allows you to change the function key behavior for each application. She finds the active application and for him in the background changes the assignment of keys. The first label in the form of a circle means the default action, the icon in the form of the sun is responsible for the keyboard shortcuts, and the last option “fn” is designed to work with standard function keys (F1, F2, etc.)

Download Fluor for Mac

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Karabiner-Elements – remapping any keys on a Mac

Karabiner-Elements - remapping any keys on a Mac

This application allows you to reconfigure the entire keyboard. The user gets the opportunity to reassign function keys or create complex combinations of hot keys. For those who have to constantly switch between Windows and macOS, this application will help to create a uniform interface.

Karabiner-Elements - remapping any keys on a Mac

Some rules for working with the program can be downloaded, which will make it possible to understand all the features of Karabiner-Elements. For example, users can attach complex scripts to one function key, and assign completely different functions to multimedia keys. Using the application, you can configure profiles and create rules for input devices.

Download Karabiner-Elements for Mac

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Not only paid apps for macOS should be considered for effective work. Open source programs sometimes allow you to implement effective and innovative solutions. Among the free applications, you can certainly find an option suitable for your purposes.

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