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UNIWA AK007: a pen phone with a camera and two SIM cards for $ 21

A rather unusual thing is for sale on AliExpress, oh which you must know phone in in the form of a UNIWA AK007 pen!

What it is

FROM it’s a regular pen, just a little thicker, and she even knows how to write. Moreover in comes with several interchangeable rods with in ink.

However on actually it’s also phone: on the case has physical buttons and tiny color display. By the way, there is support for several languages, in including Russian and English.

FROM using such miracle gadget can call and send messages. The phone book holds 500 contacts. Somehow way inside the case fit the battery, two slots at once SIM card and even a TF slot memory cards up to 32 GB The amount of internal memory 128 MB

Also at phone pens there is a radio, player, bluetooth, voice recorder and camera with resolution 0.08 Mp A another function magic voice: when you to someone call the phone itself will change your voice.

Removable battery capacity 300 mAh Claimed battery life in standby time 80 hours. Charges the device via a USB cable.

The casing is made of plastic. Its sizes are 137 on 21 mm

How many?

Such a miracle of technology is worth AliExpress only $ 21.40. On the the choice is black, red and silver coloring.

Source: AliExpress

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