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Unique amber disc accidentally found in Danish Museum / HB

February 14, 22:04

Tsey material also available in Ukrainian

A unique amber disc accidentally found in a Danish museum

Danish scientists discovered a unique artifact in one of the funeral urns that have been in the Viborg Museum since 2009.

Only at the end of 2019, a whole decade after their discovery, the urns were given for a detailed study, including computer tomography.

When scanning, fragments of bone were found in both urns, the remains of cremation, which archaeologists had expected to find. But there was something unexpected in one of the urns: a small object that looked like a small hockey puck.

Scientists cleaned the urn, opened it and took it away the puck ”on the study. At first, the artifact looked inconspicuous, but as soon as it was cleared, archaeologists saw that it was an extremely rare Bronze Age amber object known as the solar disk. This is the first Bronze Age solar disk discovery in Denmark.

A piece of amber has a small diameter of 3 cm and a thickness of 0.9 cm, but it was very valuable both because of the amber material and because of the very fine processing. When the disk is lit from behind, it glows red with concentric circles of cells that look like a dahlia. He was not burned at the stake with a teenager whose remains were in the urn; the disc was placed in the urn after cremation.

Amber was a valuable commodity in the north during the Bronze Age. It was a symbol of the sun, a manifestation of solar power and light. An expensive amber disk may have been added to the burial as an indicator of social status and / or as a religious appeal to the gods so that the spirit of the deceased went to the afterlife in the protective arms of the sun.

It is also just incredibly beautiful.×150/d37d121af0546c23ff92055eb3337377.jpeg

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