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Ubisoft cured Rainbow Six Siege operatives: major fixes in balance and gameplay

Following a major update for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisoft developers also released a large patch for Rainbow Six Siege.

What is known

The changes affected the gameplay, interface, performance and operatives. The latter received not so much corrections in the balance as “treatment” for bugs that players found after the last update.

Most of all changes were newcomers Yana (Iana) and Oryx (Oryx). So, Ubisoft fixed a bug when the hologram of Yana was displayed even after destruction or did not respond to the Mute jammer. Also fixed bugs due to which Yana could not launch a hologram if there were Gu (Lesion) mines in front of her.

Oryx got a bug fix, due to which, when the wall was destroyed by a jerk, the surface remained untouched, and the operative himself received damage. In addition, sometimes players lost control of a fighter when they tried to climb to the top through the hatch – this problem was also removed.

Full list of changes for operatives:


  • Fixed – If the operative installed a curtain shield, when aiming, sound effects were not reproduced correctly.


  • Fixed – An operative standing very close to the armored panel could destroy it with any explosive device.


  • Fixed – The area of ​​impact of the ESh shield was slightly increased.


  • Fixed – If an operative was seriously injured when launching Yokai, then he couldn’t activate the second drone.


  • Fixed – After a shot from Evil Eye, the sound of overheating did not play.


  • Fixed – Under certain circumstances, an operative could instantly destroy a hatch using Suri.


  • Fixed – The “Rock” shield hit area has been slightly increased.


  • Fixed – If an operative got up from a lying position with the active HEL, the sight marker was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed – With active HEL, the weapon continued to display in aiming mode.


  • Fixed – In some cases, when playing a repeat of the end of a round, the camera did not move after activating a special device.
  • FIXED – Sometimes, after destroying / disabling a hologram, an operative could observe what was happening outside the map.
  • Fixed – The hologram was displayed even if it was destroyed immediately after activation.
  • Fixed – If the user left the game while managing the hologram, the operative model continued to be displayed.
  • Fixed – In the third-person viewing mode, when the hologram was activated, it was turned in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed – The hologram displayed a weapon that was excellent about what the operative used.
  • Fixed – When using the hologram, the visual effects of taking damage from the explosion were displayed.
  • Fixed – The operative continued to control the hologram, even if Mute installed a jammer nearby.
  • Fixed – The operative could not launch the hologram if there were Gu (Lesion) mines in front of it.


  • Fixed – Traces scanned by an operative were not displayed on the death video replay.
  • Fixed – The video of the death did not display the traces of the killed enemy, scanned by the operative.
  • Fixed – The operative could scan two tracks of the same enemy without waiting for the device to reboot.


  • Fixed – When fired from a CSRX 300, the hatch did not collapse if the bullet hit only one of the panels.


  • Fixed – The operative pulling out the “Gu” needle could not use the shield.


  • Fixed – When using the “Spear” jerk at some points and under certain circumstances, the damage and the effect of shell shock could be different.
  • Fixed – If the operative punched a reinforced wall located next to the destructible, then he received damage, but the surface was not destroyed.
  • Fixed – Sometimes players lost control of an operative if he tried to climb into the hatch, and at that moment the Airjab (Nomad) charge worked.
  • Fixed – Operatives falling under the influence of the “Spear” jerk or Airjab (Nomad) charge could use melee strikes.


  • Fixed – The Sledgehammer did not destroy the hatch if the operative hit the edge of this surface.
  • Fixed – The operative continued to reload the weapon, even if he interrupted this process in order to get the Sledgehammer.


  • Fixed – If an operative with a shield walked / ran, shock grenade models incorrectly interacted with defense models.

For more information about changes in the environment and user interface, see the official website of the game.

For players who want to know more:

For those who want to know more:


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